ISIS Member Gets Impaled with Dud Rocket

Check that shit out. The story is he was struck with this projectile, only it imbedded itself in his shoulder without detonating. I don’t know how something like that could have hit him without tearing his entire arm off so I call on all of our Best Gore weapons specialists to help identify the projectile. … Continue reading “ISIS Member Gets Impaled with Dud Rocket”

Man Stabbed with Glass from Lamp Causes Evisceration

This happened in Brazil. The subject was stabbed with a shard from a broken lamp. The puncture caused evisceration of the large intestine and lesion of the jejunum (portion of the small intestine). That looks like a giant earth worm. Fucking gross. Seeing as how this is Brazil, we all know that either the stabbing … Continue reading “Man Stabbed with Glass from Lamp Causes Evisceration”

Surinamese Cops In No Hurry to Take Wounded Bandit to Hospital

Best Gore member mac-enik explains what is going on in this video” Three bandits got caught trying to break into a house. The police arrived quickly. While trying to flee the crime scene, the bandits fired a few shotgun rounds at the cops. The police fired back and hit one of them. His 2 comrades … Continue reading “Surinamese Cops In No Hurry to Take Wounded Bandit to Hospital”

Elevator Attempts to Eat Man’s Hand (Images Pre and Post Surgery)

Mizoram, India. It has been well established on Best Gore that elevators are not your friends. In fact, they continually confirm my suspicions that they are, in fact, an intelligent mechanical race of aliens who have hidden themselves in buildings as a means to study us. However, every now and then their curiosity gets the … Continue reading “Elevator Attempts to Eat Man’s Hand (Images Pre and Post Surgery)”

Man Loses Both Hands and Eyesight to IED Explosion

In Samarra, Iraq, a man was severely injured when an IED he was apparently planting, exploded in his face. The explosion amputated both of his hands, and burned his face, destroying his eyesight. As he speaks, the injured man says he was forced to plant IEDs by ISIS who had kidnapped his son, and threatened … Continue reading “Man Loses Both Hands and Eyesight to IED Explosion”

Thai Struck by Train, Brain Ejected

A Thai man was struck and killed by a train in Yala Province, Thailand. The circumstances of the death are under investigation, suicide and “suicide” have not been ruled out. Leg shattered, leaving bone fragments along the track and the big meaty pinkish whitish store house for all our experiences has been mostly ejected from … Continue reading “Thai Struck by Train, Brain Ejected”

Pit Bull Shreds Forearm, Fractures Bone

This is what the most misunderstood dog in the world can do to skin and muscle and bone within a matter of seconds. Subject here suffered severe trauma to the muscle and tendons as well as having his ulna and tibia fractured. The circumstances of the attack have not been released so it’s possible that … Continue reading “Pit Bull Shreds Forearm, Fractures Bone”

Best Gore Member Relieves the Pressure

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to us by Best Gore member, BrianMoserDaSilva. A man with a history with the self mutilative arts, who recently took up the blade once again. You have the floor, Brian. Recently I’ve been experiencing a lot of pressure so to relieve it I’ve took up an … Continue reading “Best Gore Member Relieves the Pressure”

Carotid Artery Damaged from Gunshot

This is an external carotid artery laceration caused by a gunshot. Part of the external artery must be excised and is ligated, with internal and common carotid artery being clamped off during procedure. The missing tissue is replaced with what is known as reversed saphenous vein graft which looks like little earth worm coming out … Continue reading “Carotid Artery Damaged from Gunshot”

Failed Attempt to Reattach Severed Hand

Case here is a male subject whose hand was severed in some kind of workplace place accident. The hand was salvageable and brought into emergency with the injured man. Surgeons attempted to reattach the hand but it was ultimately rejected due to both arterial and venous thrombosis (clot). The glove-like skin of subject’s hand already … Continue reading “Failed Attempt to Reattach Severed Hand”