Carotid Artery Damaged from Gunshot

This is an external carotid artery laceration caused by a gunshot. Part of the external artery must be excised and is ligated, with internal and common carotid artery being clamped off during procedure. The missing tissue is replaced with what is known as reversed saphenous vein graft which looks like little earth worm coming out … Continue reading “Carotid Artery Damaged from Gunshot”

Failed Attempt to Reattach Severed Hand

Case here is a male subject whose hand was severed in some kind of workplace place accident. The hand was salvageable and brought into emergency with the injured man. Surgeons attempted to reattach the hand but it was ultimately rejected due to both arterial and venous thrombosis (clot). The glove-like skin of subject’s hand already … Continue reading “Failed Attempt to Reattach Severed Hand”

Dominican Woman Has Large Sore on Head with Maggots Crawling Inside

A woman from Dominican Republic has a large, open sore on her head with maggot crawling all over it. She is visibly distressed, experiences pain and probably can’t think rationally anymore, seeing how the maggots are chewing into her brain. I’m not a doctor, but I can’t see how there could be much anyone could … Continue reading “Dominican Woman Has Large Sore on Head with Maggots Crawling Inside”

Thief Shot in Mouth After Trying to Rob Off Duty Policeman

In Brazil, a thief tried to rob a wrong person and paid the price for it. Unbeknown to the thief was the fact that his chosen victim was an off duty policeman carrying a concealed weapon. Officer discharged his weapon at the thief, and shot him in the mouth. The video shows the thief in … Continue reading “Thief Shot in Mouth After Trying to Rob Off Duty Policeman”

Thai Has His Neck Ripped Open in Accident at Landfill

Landfill in Yala, District 9. A man is apparently hit by a tractor moving trash through the landfill. The victim suffered a rip in his neck, though it’s unclear whether that was the cause of death. He may have been struck and then rolled over. The driver stopped and remained at the scene to speak … Continue reading “Thai Has His Neck Ripped Open in Accident at Landfill”

Liver Injury with Bile Leakage

Severe liver injury resulted in a rupture which caused bile to leak. This is problematic as bile aids in digestion and can lead to further complications unrelated to the initial injury. Also, where the bile leaks from is also a factor in recovery. It must be resectioned and repaired, and here, it is.

Liver Reduced to Meatloaf by Gunshot

It is the weekend, and many of you SOB’s will no doubt be celebrating the ending of the work week by hitting the bars and clubs and drinking the night away. Killing your liver in a relatively fun way. So let’s drink to this liver, destroyed by gunshot blast. Looks like meatloaf they are pulling … Continue reading “Liver Reduced to Meatloaf by Gunshot”

Leg Impalement with Injury to Femoral Artery

Subject suffered femur fracture and additional leg injuries from the result of an impalement on a metal bar. The femur fracturing also resulted in a superficial injury of the femoral artery. You see the tourniquet closing off blood flow from the artery, but there is still massive blood loss. He will probably not walk normally … Continue reading “Leg Impalement with Injury to Femoral Artery”

Gunshot to the Nuts

Every feminazi’s wet dream. Unspecified caliber gunshot to the testicle with scrotum and thigh injuries sustained. An Orchidectomy is the unfortunate result of the subject’s trauma. He and his tiny penis live to fuck another day.

Repairing Stab Wound to Chest and Left Ventricle Injury

The following images depict a Median sternotomy (sternum is incised and then cracked open to reach heart) on subject who suffered stab injury to left chest, which in turn, caused a left ventricular laceration. The victim survives, lives to Gore another day. Fascinating procedure and good quality images. Enjoy.