Ugly Knee Injury Due to Motorcycle Accident in Thailand

Best Gore member manonmk had a motorcycle accident about a week ago while on vacation in Thailand, and provided pictures of the knee injury with the following commentary: Hello! I had a motorcycle incident about a week ago, and I thought about this website to help me get through the pain and reassure me that … Continue reading “Ugly Knee Injury Due to Motorcycle Accident in Thailand”

Shrapnel Lodges in Eyebrow of Full-Term Foetus

I don’t understand bringing children into the world in the middle of a war zone. That any children have been born in Syria in the last three years is a reflection of the poor decision making of their parents in spawning new life into such an environment. I’m not saying not to root, my little … Continue reading “Shrapnel Lodges in Eyebrow of Full-Term Foetus”

Almost Thief Gets a Warm Welcome from Residents

Nice lynching here, courtesy of Brazilian residents. A would be thief got more than he bargained for. Honestly, Brazilians should know what the fuck happens to thieves and rapists in that country. I don’t even live there and I can tell you with a straight face if I ever went there, I sure as hell … Continue reading “Almost Thief Gets a Warm Welcome from Residents”

Hand Completely Destroyed by Fireworks

A man got his right hand completely destroyed by fireworks. There isn’t much left to salvage on those bare bones and tendons. But at least it’s the right hand. For what it’s worth, he can still give himself a stranger. I like the peaceful, unrushed atmosphere in the hospital room. A distant chatter goes on … Continue reading “Hand Completely Destroyed by Fireworks”

Nasty Leg Rip Care of Go-Cart Crash

Men can’t help but take risks and prove their physical prowess. It is part of our genetic coding to impress each other and any women who choose to watch. We also get off on the adrenalin and competitive thrill many activities illicit. That isn’t to say women don’t do the same thing, or that some … Continue reading “Nasty Leg Rip Care of Go-Cart Crash”

Man Survives Shotgun Blast to Face

All I know about this video is that the young man took a blast from a 12 gauge shotgun to the face, and survived it. Facial trauma is without a doubt severe, but vital organs, especially the brain, don’t seem to have been affected, so the fact that he survived is not surprising. He’ll be … Continue reading “Man Survives Shotgun Blast to Face”

Colon Injury in 5 Year Old Caused by Air Gun Pellet

Cool image here of a five year old boy from San Juan, Puerto Rico who was shot in the stomach with an air gun. The pellet penetrated is colon and caused some damage requiring surgery. You can see the entry wound in the skin and the lesion caused by the pellet after it hit the … Continue reading “Colon Injury in 5 Year Old Caused by Air Gun Pellet”

Nail to the Forehead Fired from Nail Gun

Hey, boys and gores, ever wonder what a nail gun could actually do to you? Well, wonder no more. Sadly, only a single image, but they say a picture is worth a thousand words. A mans forehead was penetrated by a nail after an accident involving a nail gun. Look how far that shit punched … Continue reading “Nail to the Forehead Fired from Nail Gun”

Cheating Husband Gets His Dick and Balls Cut Off by Wife

Santo Angelo, state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. A woman found out that her husband was cheating on her and well, she did what every woman has thought about doing at one point or another. Cut his dick and balls off. Straight up cut his shit off. We see pre and post op, and … Continue reading “Cheating Husband Gets His Dick and Balls Cut Off by Wife”

Face Stomped by Bull (Before and After)

I’m sure you’ve all seen this type of thing before; when a rodeo bull rider gets thrown and then the bulls hoof comes right down on the man’s head. Some people have been killed by the force of these kicks delivered by these huge animals. Everyone from rodeo clowns to to bull riders to handlers, … Continue reading “Face Stomped by Bull (Before and After)”