Nail to the Forehead Fired from Nail Gun

Hey, boys and gores, ever wonder what a nail gun could actually do to you? Well, wonder no more. Sadly, only a single image, but they say a picture is worth a thousand words. A mans forehead was penetrated by a nail after an accident involving a nail gun. Look how far that shit punched … Continue reading “Nail to the Forehead Fired from Nail Gun”

Cheating Husband Gets His Dick and Balls Cut Off by Wife

Santo Angelo, state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. A woman found out that her husband was cheating on her and well, she did what every woman has thought about doing at one point or another. Cut his dick and balls off. Straight up cut his shit off. We see pre and post op, and … Continue reading “Cheating Husband Gets His Dick and Balls Cut Off by Wife”

Face Stomped by Bull (Before and After)

I’m sure you’ve all seen this type of thing before; when a rodeo bull rider gets thrown and then the bulls hoof comes right down on the man’s head. Some people have been killed by the force of these kicks delivered by these huge animals. Everyone from rodeo clowns to to bull riders to handlers, … Continue reading “Face Stomped by Bull (Before and After)”

Man’s Heel Ripped Apart – AKA Fred Flintstone at the End of Work Week

Haha, yeah. This is what I imagine Fred Flintstone’s feet would have looked like at the end of the work week in a realistic scenario of using your bare feet to operate a vehicle on the road. No info on what happened here, but it is pretty devastating to say the least.

Chainsaw to the Face

Hey guys, Obli here once again. Today I ave a nasty injury delivered to a mouth, courtesy of a chainsaw. If you ever wanted to know what these beasts can do without even going Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, you can see it now as this guy was just nicked by the blade. Alternate title; “Herpes – … Continue reading “Chainsaw to the Face”

5 Year Old Boy Stabbed 30 Times by Step Mother

Horrific video here shows the aftermath of a savage knife attack on a five year old boy by his step mother. The young boy was stabbed at least thirty times but managed to escape the death sentence passed onto him by the evil bitch. The reasoning for this? Well, the step mom had recently been … Continue reading “5 Year Old Boy Stabbed 30 Times by Step Mother”

Girl Brutally Beaten and Slashed by a Group of Women in Ecuador

In Guayaquil, Ecuador, several women ganged up on one girl outside a salsa club in Zona Rosa, and beat her until she was a bloody mess. The attackers smacked the victim brutally in the head with a high heel shoe, and when her ass crack flashed, they sliced her cheeks with a blade. The aggressors … Continue reading “Girl Brutally Beaten and Slashed by a Group of Women in Ecuador”

Gunshot to Right Lung (Surgery)

Small set here showing surgery on a man who had been shot in the chest, through the middle lobe of the right lung. Also caused a cardiac injury as well with the bullet passing through and hitting the atrium. Entry wound and exit wound are shown post op, sutures. Pretty interesting stuff.

Chinese Man Has Hand Ripped Apart by Accidental Firework Explosion

Video out of China showing a man who had an accident letting off fireworks, leaving him with a mangled stub. I don’t have much information on it except that the man, M Siwan, had his left hand ripped apart, while also suffering injuries to his eyes, right hand, chest, abdomen and knee. People in China … Continue reading “Chinese Man Has Hand Ripped Apart by Accidental Firework Explosion”

Brazilian Gets His Leg Removed in Brutal Accident

Aftermath of a brutal motorcycle accident in Teotônio Vilela, state of Alagoas, Brazil in which the man involved lost most of his leg. Looks like a relatively clean cut but still left a mess of a foot underneath him. We have our obligatory Brazilian death cheer team who no doubt feel cheated that the poor … Continue reading “Brazilian Gets His Leg Removed in Brutal Accident”