Merry Christmas 2016

This is my first Christmas I get to spent with the Best Gore community since freeing myself from Canada. It’s exciting. In four months since taking over Best Gore, both the website and myself have gone through a number of challenges. Updating Best Gore Out of Dominica’s Rain Forest My first three months I spent … Continue reading “Merry Christmas 2016”

Video of Anis Amri Pledging Allegiance to ISIS Before Berlin Attack

Islamic State’s Amaq Agency released the video of Berlin Christmas Market attacker Anis Amri of Tunisia, pledging allegiance to the Islamic State leader prior to the attack. Conveniently, Anis Amri was killed in Milan, Italy, putting to bed yet another “terrorist attack” without the supposed terrorist answering questions about who his collaborators were, who trained … Continue reading “Video of Anis Amri Pledging Allegiance to ISIS Before Berlin Attack”

Photos and Videos of Overjoyed Syrians Celebrating Liberation of Aleppo

I was sent these pictures of the ongoing celebrations of the historic victory by the Syrian and Russian forces from the University of Aleppo by a Best Gore friend, and decided to share them with you all because… well, because no mainstream network will show them to you, so it’s up to the independent journalists … Continue reading “Photos and Videos of Overjoyed Syrians Celebrating Liberation of Aleppo”

People Staging Fake Footage of Wounded Aleppo Children Arrested in Egypt

This story should come as no surprise to anyone reading Best Gore, unless you’re an unfixable sheeple, a “thank you for your service” bleating moron, or a Jew. Either way, this is in an essence why you should turn off your TV, and opt out of whatever other source of mainstream press you are subscribed … Continue reading “People Staging Fake Footage of Wounded Aleppo Children Arrested in Egypt”

Alternative Website for Those Who Don’t Care for My Commentary

If you like the content on Best Gore, but don’t particularly care for my commentary, there’s an alternative website for you to consider: is the official provider of video streaming and hosting services for Best Gore, and has been self maintained by yours truly since before my re-emergence. You can view videos that … Continue reading “Alternative Website for Those Who Don’t Care for My Commentary”

DDoS Attack on Best Gore – September 22, 2016

The above is a screenshot from CloudFlare – our CDN provider, who also proxies traffic to the website. The spike you can see at the end of the graph is the attack that targeted out website and took it down for 3 hours. The attack is still ongoing, but traffic is now filtered through … Continue reading “DDoS Attack on Best Gore – September 22, 2016”

Attack Recovery, Forums Compromised

Last night, our server was a target of a massive multi-source attack that took the site down for over 8 hours. We have much of the attack mitigated, though the attack still continues in various degrees. The primary targets were the website’s forums, which continue getting hammered. The database tables that serve forum threads and … Continue reading “Attack Recovery, Forums Compromised”

Best Gore Threatened with DDoS Attack

We have been anonymously threatened with a DDoS attack by some cock sucker who tried to extort us for money at the same time. This is nothing new, as Best Gore has been targeted with DDoS attacks dozens of times in the past. Some lasted several hours, other lasted days. Either way, not only will … Continue reading “Best Gore Threatened with DDoS Attack”

Best Gore 3.1 – Forums

After our recent update introducing redesigned activity streams and a new feature allowing for editing of comments, we’re back after an overnighter to finish a major addition to the site – forums. But more about it after the important reminder: Spammers Now that the website has several avenues for members’ expression, it has become easier … Continue reading “Best Gore 3.1 – Forums”

The Answer to 1984 is 1933

On this remarkable day, we at Best Gore wish to commemorate the man who sacrificed everything to show the world that there is a better way into the future than Judeo-Bolshevist tyranny under the faux label of democracy. Adolf Hitler is gone, but will never be forgotten! Für Hitler, für Freiheit, Für Arbeit und Brot. … Continue reading “The Answer to 1984 is 1933”