Open Post #34 – Freemasonry

Most people remain unaware of Freemasonry and how heavily involved the Fraternity is in history. Some of your friends probably are ‘brothers’ themselves. In one short and sweet sentence: Freemasonry, in the broadest sense, is a fraternity not kept in secret but has secrets. I guess the same thing applies to all other organizations, no … Continue reading “Open Post #34 – Freemasonry”

Best Gore 3.1 – Forums

After our recent update introducing redesigned activity streams and a new feature allowing for editing of comments, we’re back after an overnighter to finish a major addition to the site – forums. But more about it after the important reminder: Spammers Now that the website has several avenues for members’ expression, it has become easier … Continue reading “Best Gore 3.1 – Forums”

The Answer to 1984 is 1933

On this remarkable day, we at Best Gore wish to commemorate the man who sacrificed everything to show the world that there is a better way into the future than Judeo-Bolshevist tyranny under the faux label of democracy. Adolf Hitler is gone, but will never be forgotten! Für Hitler, für Freiheit, Für Arbeit und Brot. … Continue reading “The Answer to 1984 is 1933”

Best Gore v3.0.1

Today we have released the latest set of updates to the website we’ve been working hard on since the switch to the responsive design. There have been many changes and improvements done, but the most notable are the complete redesign of the profile and activity stream pages, and the ability to edit comments. The profile … Continue reading “Best Gore v3.0.1”

Best Gore v3.0 – Update 1

Even though some considered Mark’s move to plead guilty to thought crimes in Canada questionable, fact is that the plea untied Mark from years of legal battle, and freed him to get quickly involved with Best Gore again. Granted, he’s still in Canada where having opinions that don’t match those of the majority is a … Continue reading “Best Gore v3.0 – Update 1”

Person in Skeleton Mask Caught on CCTV in Detroit with Dead Missing Woman?

Unleash your inner detective. Best Gore member brandonczar sent us this photo from his hometown of Detroit. The photo is a screenshot from an ATM CCTV camera, and depicts a person in a skeleton mask sitting inside a vehicle belonging to a missing woman, and using the missing woman’s bank card to withdraw money. The … Continue reading “Person in Skeleton Mask Caught on CCTV in Detroit with Dead Missing Woman?”

Caribbean Land Whales Argue About Stinky Pussy

It’s been a stressful couple of days here. I could go for a nice, relaxing massage, about half and hour should do. You know? I know you do. Alas, virtual fingers just don’t cut it, so instead lets have a kick back and a laugh for a little bit. I have here rare footage of … Continue reading “Caribbean Land Whales Argue About Stinky Pussy”

Two Race-Mixing Whores Get Into Revealing Cat Fight

This video is dedicated to all the virgins of Best Gore. This is as close to pussy as you’ll ever get! Haha. I have a doozy for you here. All too often we see a certain demographic portrayed in our cat fight videos. Today, I present the lighter side. A white cat fight which has … Continue reading “Two Race-Mixing Whores Get Into Revealing Cat Fight”

Syrian Rebels Blow Themselves Up Instead of Their Target

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the Hellfire Cannon Fail! Pretty old video here, but I had actually never seen it before so I figured some of you hadn’t either. I’m saying right here that this is old video, back to at least May this year. So I better not see any comments complaining … Continue reading “Syrian Rebels Blow Themselves Up Instead of Their Target”

Stop Taking Photo Me! – Big Mama Gets Primeval

Ladies and gentlemen…if your eyes could puke, they would. Words cannot accurately describe the event which you are about to witness. I’ve tried to set the scene, but it simply must be seen to be believed. A huge, naked Jamaican woman, most likely high on marijuana, is having an argument with her younger boyfriend in … Continue reading “Stop Taking Photo Me! – Big Mama Gets Primeval”