The Caption This Photo Contest #46


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Caption this butthurt photo if you can. Best Caption: Am I gay? Am I straight? I just dont know I’m still on the fence with that one! – spiceyballs Runners-up: Shoud have gone to Specsavers. – SamDJ I don’t always … Continue reading

The Caption This Photo Contest #41

Impaled Pole Head

Speared by metal pole. Caption it if you can.

Best Caption:

Every zombie’s favorite treat… Brain Slurpee! – Joe112358


Looks like the forehead seal was installed properly. – drccoco

Mary had a little lamb
It’s fleece was white and frilly
She used to throw it in the air
And catch it by the willy – Crazeone

Gots me some bling – Graugeist

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The Caption This Photo Contest #39

WTF Lumpy Skin Chap

I got to give you guys uber props for latest Caption Contest. So many incredibly awesome caption I had incredibly hard time narrowing them down to a few. Great job ya’ll. Now see if you can caption this sexy chap.

Best Caption:

This is the hardest, ” WHERE’S WALDO,” ever ! – Graugeist


Today on Extreme Hoarding : Testicles – BostonJeffrey

This sure beats the hell out of “WHACK A MOLE” – Graugeist

balls to you bro, balls to you. – sigmazxcs

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The Caption This Photo Contest #38

I'm Cut, Wanna See?

Do you still think your sex life sucks?

Caption this one if you can ;)

Best Caption:

For God’s sake woman – it’s only CALLED a blow job. You don’t really blow! – billyboy


warning: turn off the hydraulic penis pump if you feel sleepy – cut

boy the fuck this man does makes charlie sheen a priest – anarchal

This is not the balloon animal you would want to give to your kids. – Butters

so THATS what happens when you swallow a watermelon seed! – chrisashe96

Then Bubba said: “Hey watch me light this here rocket outta my shorts.” – Graugeist

You think YOU’RE blue-balled? Ya. Try being Mormon. – DaJoka

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The Caption This Photo Contest #37

Drill Tit

Last Caption This Photo Contest had some amazing replies so I had to do an extended edition of runners-up and still was short on space. See how you can do with this one.

Best Caption:

Have you got the drill of things, darling? – dangerous thoughts


These damn Japanese sex dolls always come with a few missing parts! – THATSBRUTAL

We used to have the most boring sex life. Then wee started doing meth, and all that changed. – BubbaZinetti

Black & Decker. The toughest tools, for the toughest bitches – DiabolicalDamsel

WOW …. She looked really ” BORED” ! Actually…she does doesn’t she? – MedEx

The new way to motor boat – Butters

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