How To Catch a Marlin Fish By Jumping on It From a Helicopter

These guys act like it’s real, but I somehow doubt it. Imagine you circle around on a helicopter until you see a marlin fish close to the surface so you can jump on it. And as it turns out, the underwater cameraman is right at the same spot, turn exactly the right way to film you doing that. Must be easy to navigate with all that camera gear underwater, isn’t it?

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Cute Squirrel Munching on Banana

I wanna try something different on Best Gore. This website is full of death and blood, I thought it wouldn’t be out of line if there was a Chill Out section with videos that can take your mind off watching people dead or dying. Everything else will remain the way it is. Best Gore will continue delivering daily dose of “Best Gore” found on the web. But there will also be a section where hopefully hate will not take over, where we can all chill out and enjoy something positive.

Chill Out Videos section will feature videos that are cool for whatever reason. That could mean something really cute, or interesting, or really funny, or whatever seems to be a worthwhile sequence of moving pictures. Let’s see if it does well, if it shows up being bullshit, we’re just gonna get rid of it and pretend it never happen. What do you think?

PS – for the time being, I’m trying to modify the site so these videos are kept separately from gore. Bear with me while I’m messing around with this.