Two Russian Police Officers Viciously Stabbed by Drunk While Being Taken Into Custody

Dash cam video from Russia. Two officers; Lieutenant Alexander Lyamkin and his partner, Roman Polnikov, stopped a drunk man on the street and took him into custody. They never put handcuffs on him. Seconds later, the man reaches into his pocket and produces a long bladed knife which he quickly plunges into the driver’s neck … Continue reading “Two Russian Police Officers Viciously Stabbed by Drunk While Being Taken Into Custody”

Douchebag Motorcyclist Attempts to Kick Side Mirror Off Car but Falls

Case of road rage here. Don’t know where it’s from but a biker trying to be hardcore riding up to a vehicle and attempting to kick off the side mirror has a major gravity fail as he loses his balance and falls. From bad ass to on-his-ass. Props to MrsPink for the vid.

Filipino on Bicycle Nearly Crushed by Truck

I know you looked at that title and saw the words, “nearly crushed”. I know you must be thinking, “Obli, this has to be a typo, right?” But no, my gore fiends, your eyes do not deceive you. When I post traffic accident from South East Asia, you can usually rest assured that it’s going … Continue reading “Filipino on Bicycle Nearly Crushed by Truck”

Dashcam Video Captures the Depravity of Police

I’m scared guys. I really am. I’ve seen a lot of fucked up shit in my time. But ain’t never seen anything like this. American cop from Dover, state of Delaware, USA, caught on his own dashcam dancing and singing to Taylor Swift’s “Shake it off”. Yeah, I had never heard it either but you’re … Continue reading “Dashcam Video Captures the Depravity of Police”

Banned from TV

Here’s 1 hour and 47 minutes of classic gore caught on camera, released in 1998 as Banned from TV (or Banned from Television). There’s no fluff in this shockumentary, just one awesome uncensored footage after another with to the point narration, although some of it contains incorrect information. The movie was directed by Joe Francis … Continue reading “Banned from TV”