Head Exploding Rifle Executions of Females in China

The pictures of three teenage girls who were executed in China on suspicion of murder (thanks Yin for translation) belonged together so I posted them separately. These pictures are also of (mostly) females executed in China by a rifle shot to the head, but they are from a different event(s) so they have their own … Continue reading “Head Exploding Rifle Executions of Females in China”

Execution of Three Chinese Teenage Girls

Pictures of Chinese Executions by Beheading we already have on Best Gore were taken in the early 1900s. Since then, Chinese executioners modernised their arsenal and come mid to late 20th century, they started executing people with a gunshot to the head. What these three teenage girl were accused of is uncertain, but they were … Continue reading “Execution of Three Chinese Teenage Girls”

Los Zetas Murder a Man and Pin a Sign on His Body with Screwdrivers

Los Zetas, one of the most violent Mexican drug trade groups is known for their extraordinary brutality with captured members of rival gangs. This man was one of the unlucky ones and to get their message across, Los Zetas pinned the sign on man’s body with screwdrivers.

Hand in Mouth Execution of Police Informant

Nobody likes the rats and being one in Latin America is a certain death sentence which this man should have known, but if you look at it, this man was basically trying to do the right thing. In the lands overrun by narcos, it takes a great pair of balls to stand up to them … Continue reading “Hand in Mouth Execution of Police Informant”

Executions by Hanging in Iran (photos)

Iran is a hardcore Islamic country. Homosexuality is therefore illegal and punishable by death. People convicted of committing the outrageous crime of being gay face the gallows and there’s no way to talk their way out of it. The “execution by hanging in Iran” pictures posted here are nothing new and many of you have … Continue reading “Executions by Hanging in Iran (photos)”

The Caption This Photo Contest #2

The results of Best Gore’s first “Caption This Photo Contest” are out and we’re back with yet another opportunity for the Best Gore community to make Best Gore your site, not mine! This is the Caption This Photo Contest #2. Wittiest caption will be awarded the crown of bloody guts (imaginary) and an eternal place … Continue reading “The Caption This Photo Contest #2”

Student Protester Shot in the Head by the Police

All I know about the picture is in the title above. The student was part of a protest, an anti riot police came to keep it under control and it got out of it. Sadly, no additional info was provided so if anyone knows where it happened and what kind of protest it was, please … Continue reading “Student Protester Shot in the Head by the Police”

St. Valentine’s Day Massacre Photos

St. Valentine’s Day Massacre was a mass execution orchestrated by Al Capone on the key men of the rival gang from Chicago. The warfare between Al Capone (Scarface) and George Moran (Bugs) was ongoing and well known to the Chicago police but when the authorities arrived at the crime scene of what would be forever … Continue reading “St. Valentine’s Day Massacre Photos”

Video of Porn Actor Stephen Clancy Hill Falling Off Cliff After Stand-off

Stephen Clancy Hill aka Steve Driver was a d-list porn actor whose porn career was going to shit after he was fired by an adult video production company Ultima DVD Inc. He didn’t quite like that and responded to it by picking up a katana samurai sword which was on the premises as a movie … Continue reading “Video of Porn Actor Stephen Clancy Hill Falling Off Cliff After Stand-off”

Bound and Mutilated in a Mob Kill

Vintage photo shows a mob style killing of a man who was bound and mutilated. His right leg and left arm were severed, but penis left to hang in there next to that raw flesh. The executioners didn’t even cut him up at the joints so it must have been a slow and painful cleaving … Continue reading “Bound and Mutilated in a Mob Kill”