Popek Rak Undergoes Facial Scarification in London, UK

After having had his eye tattooed, Polish rapper turned MMA fighter Popek Rak underwent pretty intense facial scarification in his new found home in London, UK and as was the case with the eyeball tattoo, it’s all on video. Facial scarifications have a long history, especially in Africa where they’re performed as parts of various … Continue reading “Popek Rak Undergoes Facial Scarification in London, UK”

Video of Polish Rapper Popek Rak Getting an Eye Tattoo

I know what you’re thinking – Polish Rapper? That’s an oxymoron right there. And you know what’s even oxymoronic? Polish Music. If you told me Poles discovered music, I’d have to ask: “When?” Popek Rak is a Polish rapper (lol, I can’t even type something as ludicrous without squirming) turned MMA fighter (lawl, please make … Continue reading “Video of Polish Rapper Popek Rak Getting an Eye Tattoo”

The Caption This Photo Contest #57

In keeping up with the spirit of the BME Pain Olympics, here’s an in-tune caption contest. Your turn, caption this photo if you can. Winners for this edition of the Caption This Photo Contest were chosen by Best Gore member Rotten Stench. Best Caption One hundred and Eighty! Absolutely brilliant shot! Mainline Manny wins the … Continue reading “The Caption This Photo Contest #57”

BME Pain Olympics – Anal Insertions and Saline Injections Edition

As promised in the first BME Pain Olympics video, here’s part 2 of the same series. As with all BMEzing Pain Olympics, it’s a compilation of homemade, self torture and mutilation videos submitted by people who enjoy putting their bodies, and especially their genitalia through a lot of pain. Traditionally, this Pain Olympics video is … Continue reading “BME Pain Olympics – Anal Insertions and Saline Injections Edition”

BME Pain Olympic – the Cock and Balls Torture Compilation Video

BME Pain Olympics is a compilation of homemade self torture and extreme body mods videos. BME, which stands for Body Modification Ezine and is an online magazine dedicated to extreme body modifications (you can find them on bme.com). As Best Gore, Body Modification Ezine was created by a Canadian (Shannon Larratt) and as Shannon Larratt, … Continue reading “BME Pain Olympic – the Cock and Balls Torture Compilation Video”

Estiben Schweinsteiger Shows Off His Scar

You shouldn’t need a gay alert warning cause you should know by now that it was the femoral artery where Estiben Schweinsteiger stabbed himself in live on ooVoo webcam. Naturally, it would be on his inner thigh, very close to pelvic area where the scar would form once the wound has healed. And it looks … Continue reading “Estiben Schweinsteiger Shows Off His Scar”

David Nebreda Self Harm Art and Photography

Born on August 1, 1952 in Madrid, David Nebreda is a Spanish photographer who’s anything but ordinary. At the young age of 19 (which was more than 40 years ago), the Bachelor of Fine Arts graduate David Nebreda was diagnosed with schizophrenia. After the diagnosis, the young man locked himself up in a two bedroom … Continue reading “David Nebreda Self Harm Art and Photography”

Best Gore Inspired Self Inflicted Wounds by Munster

Best Gore has grown from being a hang out spot for people who can’t stand the stooping down-lows of the sheep society into a source of inspiration for the masses. You got wings, so spread them wide and fly. Don’t let the sheep be a tie that holds you down. You are free, so feel … Continue reading “Best Gore Inspired Self Inflicted Wounds by Munster”

Exclusive, Best Gore Inspired Cutter Pictures

Today’s set of photos from the “Best Gore Members Rock” edition is very special in its own way. Photos were submitted by Best Gore member Projectzero who was inspired by photos submitted by other members and wanted to give cutting a try himself to see if it’s of any interest to explore further. Now, before … Continue reading “Exclusive, Best Gore Inspired Cutter Pictures”

Custom Scarification with Process and Aftermath Photos

Today’s photos from the ever growing “Best Gore Members Rock” edition are brought to you by Best Gore member jackdracul. As you’ll be able to see from the photos, jackdracul had custom scarification done on several parts of her body. Photos show both process of scarification and its aftermath, including one photo of removed stripe … Continue reading “Custom Scarification with Process and Aftermath Photos”