Best Gore Inspired Self Inflicted Wounds by Munster

Best Gore has grown from being a hang out spot for people who can’t stand the stooping down-lows of the sheep society into a source of inspiration for the masses. You got wings, so spread them wide and fly. Don’t let the sheep be a tie that holds you down. You are free, so feel … Continue reading “Best Gore Inspired Self Inflicted Wounds by Munster”

Exclusive, Best Gore Inspired Cutter Pictures

Today’s set of photos from the “Best Gore Members Rock” edition is very special in its own way. Photos were submitted by Best Gore member Projectzero who was inspired by photos submitted by other members and wanted to give cutting a try himself to see if it’s of any interest to explore further. Now, before … Continue reading “Exclusive, Best Gore Inspired Cutter Pictures”

Custom Scarification with Process and Aftermath Photos

Today’s photos from the ever growing “Best Gore Members Rock” edition are brought to you by Best Gore member jackdracul. As you’ll be able to see from the photos, jackdracul had custom scarification done on several parts of her body. Photos show both process of scarification and its aftermath, including one photo of removed stripe … Continue reading “Custom Scarification with Process and Aftermath Photos”

Infected Self Harm Cuts

Today’s photos from the ever growing “Best Gore Members Rock” series are from a cutter whose self harm wounds don’t heal very well and remain infected. Here’s her story: All the cuts are of my arm and all are from self harm with a razor. They were all taken after stitches had been removed and … Continue reading “Infected Self Harm Cuts”

Scarification Symbols on Forearm

I don’t know what exactly these symbols mean but I hope they have a pretty good meaning behind them. Why otherwise would somebody go through pain of having them scarified onto their forearm if they didn’t have a meaning? Other than the plus sign, they look like something you could find on a wall of … Continue reading “Scarification Symbols on Forearm”

Exclusive Photos of 18 Years Old Female Cutter from Norway

Today’s edition of “Best Gore Members Rock” is brought to you by new Best Gore member Leppardy0 from Norway. Beautiful country, BTW. Kjeragbolten or Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) are amazing sights to visit. Leppardy0 is an 18 year old girl with lots of cutting experience. Below is her story: I’m pretty new here, or I’m a … Continue reading “Exclusive Photos of 18 Years Old Female Cutter from Norway”

Girl with Self-Harm Wounds by Burning

Best Gore is the only website where you can see graphic photos from private collections of individuals from around the world. This is only possible because “Best Gore Members Rock”. Thanks to the baddest and boldest bunch of kick-assers on the interweb, the “Best Gore Members Rock” collection of exclusive photos is ever-growing. It is … Continue reading “Girl with Self-Harm Wounds by Burning”

27 Year Old Self Harm Cutter Photos

Join me in welcoming new Best Gore member RistKutter3 to the family. RistKutter3 is 27 year old and despite her age, she still enjoys self inflicted cutting. Below is her story: My story? I’m 27 yrs old, far old enough to be passed the stereotypical “emo punk cutter” phase. That always pisses me off anyways. … Continue reading “27 Year Old Self Harm Cutter Photos”

KatieMatie Pokes Metal Into Freshly Cut Wound

Best Gore’s KatieMatie is back with a new set of exclusive pictures and they’re just getting better. This time our Katie poked her freshly cut wound with various pieces of metal but the best thing about these photos is the fact that they look as if they came from a secret stash of a gynaecologist. … Continue reading “KatieMatie Pokes Metal Into Freshly Cut Wound”

Male Cutter (Self Mutilation) Photos

I’m glad boy cutters stepped up to the plate and submitted their self mutilation photos cause girls were big time leading the way in this regard. To level the field and keep the ongoing “Best Gore Members Rock” series at an all time high, new Best Gore member Jelly submitted photos from his private stash, … Continue reading “Male Cutter (Self Mutilation) Photos”