Wart Surgically Removed from Foot

Don’t Look if you have foot fetish… Best Gore member FROSTYLED sent us these photos of his father in law’s foot after surgical wart removal: My father in law had a wart surgically removed from his foot. I took 3 photos because who wants jut one? There is clearly the one big hole from the … Continue reading “Wart Surgically Removed from Foot”

Vaginal Tearing During Childbirth Causes Baby’s Leg to Exit Mother’s Anus

This bizarre case of a rare complication of a vaginal breech delivery was recorded in 2011 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. 29 year old woman went into the first stage of labor normally and progressed without complications. During the second stage, she suffered rectal laceration as the baby’s left foot perforated her rectovaginal septum, causing the … Continue reading “Vaginal Tearing During Childbirth Causes Baby’s Leg to Exit Mother’s Anus”

When Dicks Go Bad

The similarities between a penis and a woman are profound. For example, sometimes they will get in the way, and sometimes they will embarrass you. And of course, whenever you take advice from them it ends in trouble. You always think yours is more attractive than anyone else’s, yet you can’t help glancing at another … Continue reading “When Dicks Go Bad”

Open Heart Surgery On BestGore Member Father45

One day people will look back on the time when open heart surgery was performed in all but the most extreme of cases and marvel at the crudeness of our current surgical techniques. Many procedures have become more sophisticated over time, and heart surgery has similarly moved toward methods which limit the size and invasiveness … Continue reading “Open Heart Surgery On BestGore Member Father45”

The Brain: Very Important Organ, But Fragile And Goey

As an undergrad I was privileged enough to study human anatomy with the benefit of real specimens. I say privileged quite deliberately because bodies used by universities come from donors who knowingly gift their body for dissection and study. Most bodies when received by a university are treated with formaldehyde to preserve the soft tissues. … Continue reading “The Brain: Very Important Organ, But Fragile And Goey”

Surgical Removal of Internal Hemorrhoids by Strangulation

Being a surgeons comes with all kinds of perks. Some are exciting, like removal of dildos from tights assholes of young women, some not so much – like poking around some guy’s asshole to remove his hemorrhoids. I was told that surgical removal of hemorrhoids by strangulation is rare, but it is sometimes performed. The … Continue reading “Surgical Removal of Internal Hemorrhoids by Strangulation”

Original Siamese Twins Eng And Chang Bunker

Have you ever considered or wondered where the term Siamese Twins came from? I can’t say I had ever given it a thought. It was just one of those terms that I took to be descriptive but with no inherent meaning. Until recently when I stumbled on the above picture. Although conjoined twins have existed … Continue reading “Original Siamese Twins Eng And Chang Bunker”

Babies Turned to Stone Inside Their Mother

Tragedies happen every day. But the death of a child must surely rank among the worst events a person could ever endure. It is a loss both personal in the emotional heartbreak, but also offensive to the instinctual design of all creatures to pass on their genetic material for future generations. Our brain is programmed … Continue reading “Babies Turned to Stone Inside Their Mother”

Surgical Removal of Dildo Buried Deep in the Rectum of Woman

An emergency hospital worker who provided us with this video says that this type of “emergency” is more common than most people realize. He’s from Brazil, so at minimum we can assume that it’s common in Brazil. He was a little more diplomatic about the video and said it depicted the removal of a foreign … Continue reading “Surgical Removal of Dildo Buried Deep in the Rectum of Woman”

Body Anomalies – It Can Happen To Any of Us

I often find myself questioning my own existance, the purpose (if there’s any) of life, why i’m here, how did all of this came to be, why I am the way I am, why do certain things like behaviors, tendencies, diseases, exist but I have to admit that the more I think the more questions … Continue reading “Body Anomalies – It Can Happen To Any of Us”