Wimpy Kid Gets Splinter Removed from Leg

Kids these days – they still know how to play and get splinted in their extremities? I thought all they knew was how to play Nintendo, and… that’s about that. Running around, exploring and playing Cowboys and Indians seems so uncool nowadays. Kid in the video somehow managed to get a large splinter embedded in … Continue reading “Wimpy Kid Gets Splinter Removed from Leg”

Chinese Man Gets Hand Grafted Onto Foot Before Reattachment

I have here another severed hand reattachment. However, this time, there is an interesting twist to the procedure. 25 year old Xiao Wei lost his hand in a spinning blade in an accident at work but the injury to his arm was too severe to attempt reattachment right away so what they did was graft … Continue reading “Chinese Man Gets Hand Grafted Onto Foot Before Reattachment”

Woman Near Death with Huge, Infected Tumor

From Vietnam. A woman covered in tumors to the point of deformity has developed a severe infection in a huge tumor growing from her side. Doctors try to open it and clean it as best they can but Jesus fucking Christ, this woman is already dead, her brain just hasn’t gotten the message yet. The … Continue reading “Woman Near Death with Huge, Infected Tumor”

Autopsy of Girl Who was Raped and Strangled

The video which you are about to see shows an underage girl undergoing an autopsy. I am going to “squash the beef” before it even starts: This is not classified as child pornography by any state, local, federal or international agency. These types of autopsies are preformed daily and are legally recorded for educational reasons … Continue reading “Autopsy of Girl Who was Raped and Strangled”

Surgical Reattachment of Severed Hand

Hey guys, got something pretty cool here. Because I know you wanna see the good shit. And your pal Obli is gonna show you the good shit. Because I love you crazy bastards. Ever wonder how they go about reattaching a severed hand? I know I have. So here is pretty much a step by … Continue reading “Surgical Reattachment of Severed Hand”

Man with Destroyed Face in Surgery

What’s up guys? Today is July 4th holiday for the Americans, so why not start things off with a bang? I believe this is from Brazil, but don’t quote me on that (you’d think I’d be fluent in Brazilian Portuguese by this point). I have no info on the man prior to the surgery so … Continue reading “Man with Destroyed Face in Surgery”

Colombian Child Put Into Pin/Rod Brace for His Leg

Not really anything in the way of gore, but medical shit always interests me and this one is, indeed, interesting. I don’t speak Colombian so I have very little to go on, but from what I can ascertain, this medieval-looking torture device is actually a pin/rod brace (albeit a very crude one) used to set … Continue reading “Colombian Child Put Into Pin/Rod Brace for His Leg”

Man Stabbed in the Ass in Bangalore, Nurses Try Not to Laugh

A man was the victim of a bizarre stabbing in Bangalore (Bengaluru) capital of Karnataka, India. He was taken to the medical college there. So not only this guy gonna be sitting on a doughnut for the forseeable future, but he had to be rolled passed all those young student nurses who are trying so … Continue reading “Man Stabbed in the Ass in Bangalore, Nurses Try Not to Laugh”

Video of Maggots Being Pulled From a Penis

It’s the weekend, why not start things off with some nasty ass shit. Unfortunately, there is no back story on this so how this happened is anyone’s guess. Maybe something similar to this. Hell, maybe she was the one who did this to him. Either way, this is sick. Not necessarily the maggots, but the … Continue reading “Video of Maggots Being Pulled From a Penis”

Disturbing Video of Late Term Abortion

This video is from an unspecified area of Africa. A woman looks like she is giving birth until we see that she is just participating in what is know as the partial birth abortion. Where a woman literally starts birthing baby through induction and then the doctor comes in, cuts the infants neck, partially severing … Continue reading “Disturbing Video of Late Term Abortion”