Severely Malnourished Syrian Youth

Years of occupation by foreign taxpayers sponsored terrorists have left the most vulnerable Syrians in a desperate state. Whereas before the invasion most Syrians were doing just fine, the ongoing aggression that keeps the country at war turned their lives upside down, and plunges them ever deeper into bottomless misery. Video below was filmed in … Continue reading “Severely Malnourished Syrian Youth”

Man with Rotting Tissue on Upper Back and Shoulders Due to Severe Infection

Here’s a video of a guy with nasty, necrotic lesions on his upper back and shoulders. The lesions are deep, and filled with pus, making the man look like his upper body is rotting away while he’s still alive. There are also maggots in the lesions, enjoying a nice swim in the warm goo. I … Continue reading “Man with Rotting Tissue on Upper Back and Shoulders Due to Severe Infection”

Eye Cancer Takes on Horrifying Life of Its Own

Just a single image here, but it’s a doozy. Jesus Christ that is some freaky shit. Looks like some kind of alien mutant birthed from that poor sap’s eye socket. In actuality, it’s a tumor on steroids. I can’t imagine the dude is still alive…or is he? I imagine it would have started pushing into … Continue reading “Eye Cancer Takes on Horrifying Life of Its Own”

The Definition of Lousy

As soon as I began research for this article I started scratching and fidgeting at the repulsion of these disgusting parasites. We play host to a multitude of passengers who live on, in and off us, from bacteria to demodex. And really, for the most part, what you can’t see doesn’t hurt you. But lice … Continue reading “The Definition of Lousy”

Japanese Woman Almost Rogered by Brake Pedal

A 22 year old female (yes they are her labia in the X-Ray) was in a motor vehicle accident in Japan and received a penetrative injury into the abdominal cavity via her inner left thigh. The penetrating object was the brake pedal and this may go some way to determining the cause of the accident. … Continue reading “Japanese Woman Almost Rogered by Brake Pedal”

Russian Man Operates on Himself After Hurting His Leg While Hiking in Mountains

While hiking in the mountains in winter, a Russian man fell and hurt his leg. A collection of blood (hematoma) started to build up around his shin, causing his lower leg to swell up, hurt, and limit his mobility. He knew it would be impossible to descend the mountain without performing field surgery, so he … Continue reading “Russian Man Operates on Himself After Hurting His Leg While Hiking in Mountains”

Severe Finger Trauma Requires Amputation

I don’t have any background info about this video. It appears to show a person who suffered finger trauma, which flip flop wearing medics determined was severe enough to warrant an amputation. By the looks of it, the finger’s bone structure was damaged beyond repair, so there may not have been many other options beyond … Continue reading “Severe Finger Trauma Requires Amputation”

Pharmacist Faints During Armed Robbery

A female pharmacist fainted and fell to the ground as a pair of armed robbers threatened her and her colleague with weapons. Even after she collapsed, the robbers continued on with the assault, intimidating the male pharmacist and robbing him off personal possessions, having not found sufficient amount in the till. What a pair of … Continue reading “Pharmacist Faints During Armed Robbery”

Medics Flip Through Intestines of Person on Operating Table

This video is from a conflict zone in the Middle East, though I’m not sure from where exactly. I’m guessing Syria, though. It shows a person with opened abdomen on an operating table, and medics flipping through his bloody intestines. It is possible that they are dealing with a gunshot wound, although it’s not very … Continue reading “Medics Flip Through Intestines of Person on Operating Table”

Hydrophobia in Man Infected with Rabies

People infected with furious form of rabies (as opposed to paralytic rabies) often exhibit hydrophobia – fear of water. Symptoms include difficulty swallowing, panic when attempting to drink, and inability to quench thirst. Typical side effect of not being able to swallow is the accumulation of saliva that exhibits itself as foaming at the mouth. … Continue reading “Hydrophobia in Man Infected with Rabies”