Collection of Photos by General Surgeon at Bangalore Medical College

Best Gore member speak english or die provided us with these exclusive photos taken for us by his friend’s sister who is a general surgeon at Bangalore medical college in India. Lots of juicy looking stuff to see there. Thanks a lot speak english or die for this great collection.

Video of Scrotum Abscess Drainage in India

Video from India shows a doctor surgically draining scrotum abscess. The procedure almost looks like something you would do at home with disposable razors. Handle on that scalpel must have fallen off or something… The patient’s testes looked painfully swollen and remain swollen after drainage. Doctor fingered the excision to scrape out all available abscess … Continue reading “Video of Scrotum Abscess Drainage in India”

Aborted Human Foetuses Discarded in Omsk Landfill

Hospital waste including aborted human foetuses, and possible still-births and miscarriages were discovered, at a land-fill site, by a local Omsk resident, Malugin Michael. The material was dumped in the standard yellow heavy duty plastic sacks marked ‘Package for the collection and disposal of human waste’. The site was, apparently, littered with used syringes, needles, … Continue reading “Aborted Human Foetuses Discarded in Omsk Landfill”

Fistula-In-Ano Corrective Surgery

Anal Fistula also known as Fistula-In-Ano is an extra anal opening that gets formed in the skin near the anus. The fistula will remain in place for as long as localized collection of pus (abscess) that drains through it continued to form. Some 30-50% of perianal abscesses result in the development of Fistula-In-Ano. Patients with … Continue reading “Fistula-In-Ano Corrective Surgery”

Man Has Eyes and Head Wounds Full of Crawling Maggots

I don’t know the background story about this video, but the visuals are pretty creepy. A man laid naked on a hospital bed has maggots crawling all over the old wounds on his head and inside his eye sockets. The eyelids are closed so it’s hard to tell if the eyeballs are still OK, but … Continue reading “Man Has Eyes and Head Wounds Full of Crawling Maggots”

Turkish Guy Seals Wounds on Hand with Super Glue

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member some1orno1 who’s from Turkey and recently had a little accident that left him with injured hand and he decided to seal it with a super glue. In his own words: After getting shit face drunk, I somehow managed to get … Continue reading “Turkish Guy Seals Wounds on Hand with Super Glue”

Young Amputee Gets Cast Removed Two Weeks After Below Knee Amputation

This young girl had a below knee amputation and had the video of her cast removal filmed 2 weeks after the operation. The girl has a YouTube account with the nick AmputeeOT. I have no doubt that amputation is a major change to a person’s body as it results in permanent disfigurement. Sharing the path … Continue reading “Young Amputee Gets Cast Removed Two Weeks After Below Knee Amputation”

Corneal Transplantation Video

Corneal Transplantation is a microsurgical operation performed by ophthalmologists during which the damaged area of the cornea is replaced with the graft from a transplant donor. The cornea is the transparent part of the eye that covers the iris, pupil and anterior chamber. Transplant can significantly improve vision in corneas affected by a disease and … Continue reading “Corneal Transplantation Video”

Trepanation in Child – Surgical Opening of Skull

Trepanation is a surgical procedure that involves making a hole in the skull in order to improve the brain. There is archeological evidence that the practice of trepanation has been around since at least the Stone Age, which makes it the oldest known surgery. Many modern surgeons consider trepanation to be some a superstitious or … Continue reading “Trepanation in Child – Surgical Opening of Skull”

Young Woman Stabbed in the Neck, Almost Decapitated

Unidentified young woman, approximately 20 to 25 years old was found dead inside a white Chevrolet Trail Blazer on a Mexico – Cuautla federal highway near Ixtapaluca in Distrito Federal, Mexico. The woman was stabbed in the neck with so much fury, the stabbing almost decapitated her. She was found after a passing highway patrol … Continue reading “Young Woman Stabbed in the Neck, Almost Decapitated”