Modern Art – Man Presented on the Slab with Head Resting on Stomach

Here I present what could be considered modern art. Nearly everyone has a curiosity for the morbid and macabre nature of the human condition. Even the Libtard sheep, although they never admit it. Everyone wants to see just what we are “made of”, what happens to us after horrific traumas that pussy ass Libtardia refuse … Continue reading “Modern Art – Man Presented on the Slab with Head Resting on Stomach”

Live To Air Arm Wrestle Ends In Loud Snap

I remember fondly the days of arm wrestling my friends at high school while waiting for slow, fat and emotionally drained teachers to arrive at our classrooms from their lunch room. Our macho tussles of benign futility were a precursor to the inevitable war of wills within the walls of our dilapidated dojo, where students … Continue reading “Live To Air Arm Wrestle Ends In Loud Snap”

Elevator Attempts to Eat Man’s Hand (Images Pre and Post Surgery)

Mizoram, India. It has been well established on Best Gore that elevators are not your friends. In fact, they continually confirm my suspicions that they are, in fact, an intelligent mechanical race of aliens who have hidden themselves in buildings as a means to study us. However, every now and then their curiosity gets the … Continue reading “Elevator Attempts to Eat Man’s Hand (Images Pre and Post Surgery)”

Pit Bull Shreds Forearm, Fractures Bone

This is what the most misunderstood dog in the world can do to skin and muscle and bone within a matter of seconds. Subject here suffered severe trauma to the muscle and tendons as well as having his ulna and tibia fractured. The circumstances of the attack have not been released so it’s possible that … Continue reading “Pit Bull Shreds Forearm, Fractures Bone”

Carotid Artery Damaged from Gunshot

This is an external carotid artery laceration caused by a gunshot. Part of the external artery must be excised and is ligated, with internal and common carotid artery being clamped off during procedure. The missing tissue is replaced with what is known as reversed saphenous vein graft which looks like little earth worm coming out … Continue reading “Carotid Artery Damaged from Gunshot”

Failed Attempt to Reattach Severed Hand

Case here is a male subject whose hand was severed in some kind of workplace place accident. The hand was salvageable and brought into emergency with the injured man. Surgeons attempted to reattach the hand but it was ultimately rejected due to both arterial and venous thrombosis (clot). The glove-like skin of subject’s hand already … Continue reading “Failed Attempt to Reattach Severed Hand”

Thai Boy with Severe Case of Cancer in His Head

The Thai boy in the video has his face severely deformed with a bad case of cancer in his head. He probably can’t see much, if anything at all, given how the tumor literally consumed his eyeballs. Good thing Thai language sounds like whining, cause even though he can’t properly speak, he can whine and … Continue reading “Thai Boy with Severe Case of Cancer in His Head”

Liver Injury with Bile Leakage

Severe liver injury resulted in a rupture which caused bile to leak. This is problematic as bile aids in digestion and can lead to further complications unrelated to the initial injury. Also, where the bile leaks from is also a factor in recovery. It must be resectioned and repaired, and here, it is.

Liver Reduced to Meatloaf by Gunshot

It is the weekend, and many of you SOB’s will no doubt be celebrating the ending of the work week by hitting the bars and clubs and drinking the night away. Killing your liver in a relatively fun way. So let’s drink to this liver, destroyed by gunshot blast. Looks like meatloaf they are pulling … Continue reading “Liver Reduced to Meatloaf by Gunshot”

Leg Impalement with Injury to Femoral Artery

Subject suffered femur fracture and additional leg injuries from the result of an impalement on a metal bar. The femur fracturing also resulted in a superficial injury of the femoral artery. You see the tourniquet closing off blood flow from the artery, but there is still massive blood loss. He will probably not walk normally … Continue reading “Leg Impalement with Injury to Femoral Artery”