A Patient’s Cellulitis Has Gory Results

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member Enigmatikpoop, who happens to have a couple photos of some gruesome cellulitis in his friend’s foot. Cellulitis is actually a rather common form of bacterial infection that affects the dermis and the soft layers of tissue underneath. Characteristics include swelling … Continue reading “A Patient’s Cellulitis Has Gory Results”

Circular Saw Injuries

There is great satisfaction in taking formless pieces of timber and creating something useful and beautiful. Or so I’m told. Companies like Ryobi, Bosch and Metabo have made life a lot easier by designing and manufacturing a range of power tools to get the job done faster and with far less personal exertion. Most power … Continue reading “Circular Saw Injuries”

Pilonidal Sinus Caused by an Ingrown Hair

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member Manchesterboy, who has a story and picture gallery involving his brother which he would like to share: Hello, I’m a big fan of bestgore.com and so thought I’d make contribution. My younger brother has had a piniul sinus (gaping hole … Continue reading “Pilonidal Sinus Caused by an Ingrown Hair”

The Mütter Museum of Philadelphia

Today is the perfect opportunity for me to talk about one of the coolest places I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting: The Mütter Museum of Philadelphia, state of Pennsylvania, United States. Halloween is basically Christmas for this gore fiend so this is going to be one of two Halloween presents I am giving to … Continue reading “The Mütter Museum of Philadelphia”

Improperly Disposed of Fetuses Discovered in a Landfill

We haven’t seen anything from Argentina in quite some time, but today they delivered unto us a pretty nice fail. 52 year old Alicio Soria of Villa Angela, Chaco Province, Argentina discovered the bodies of six fetuses in a landfill. The tiny babies were wrapped up in a plastic bag along with syringes, cotton swabs, … Continue reading “Improperly Disposed of Fetuses Discovered in a Landfill”

Candiru – Vampire of the Amazon

I’m sure by now many of you have heard the horror stories about the fish in the Amazon river that swims up your urethra and latches itself inside with it’s spikes, sucking your blood and causing excruciating agony. This creature has a name. It is the Candiru, a tiny catfish native to South America. I … Continue reading “Candiru – Vampire of the Amazon”

Progeria – Before Their Time

Now this has to be one of the saddest fucking things I have ever seen. Progeria, derived from a Greek word meaning “prematurely old”, is a crippling and fatal disease that literally causes children and teenagers to die of old age. There are a few kinds of Progeria but the most common is Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria … Continue reading “Progeria – Before Their Time”

Heart Transplant Surgery – Good Quality Video

There is already a heart transplant surgery video on Best Gore, but this one is newer so picture clarity is better and resolution is higher. Today I learned that an important member of a heart transplant team is a perfusionist. The perfusionist is an expert who operates the heart-lung machine. Before the surgery begins, doctors … Continue reading “Heart Transplant Surgery – Good Quality Video”

Cherubism – Facing Life Disfigured

Greetings. In this article I’m going to cover a condition known as Cherubism which affects children and causes moderate to severe overgrowth of the jaw and cheeks, often leading to extreme disfigurement. But before I get started, a little history on the name. The word itself is a bit of a mistake, a common one, … Continue reading “Cherubism – Facing Life Disfigured”

Surgeons Remove Steak Knife Blade from Chest of Stabbed Man

A South African man was stabbed in the chest with a steak knife, but while the knife was whole when it went in, only the handle came out. The video below shows surgeons removing the blade that was stuck inside him. Best Gore member Vetkop provided an interesting insight as to the possible backstory: I … Continue reading “Surgeons Remove Steak Knife Blade from Chest of Stabbed Man”