Bloater Being Prepped for Autopsy

Cool video from South East Asia shows a jolly green bloater being prepped for autopsy after being pulled from the water. Got some fly action going on. They’re all like, “we found him first!”. Wiping down his face and rotting genitals while he’s on the slab, not exactly a job I would envy… Looks like … Continue reading “Bloater Being Prepped for Autopsy”

The Caption This Photo Contest # 82

Mad props to Best Gore member, BenjaminLuckyTroubleMaker, for finding this gem. Caption it if you can… Best Caption We’re gonna need a bigger boat. – Joe112358 Runners-up Fuck dental floss!… Do you gotta shoelace? – Gnat 4 out of 5 dentists recommend chewing trident gum…..with arsenic! – Hematochezia When you’re high on meth and craving … Continue reading “The Caption This Photo Contest # 82”

Thai Bloater Pulled From Under House

From Thailand, we are presented with a bloated greenie! Haven’t seen one of these old boys in a bit, always a treat. No info on it other than what you see. A man died under a house and wasn’t discovered until he had swollen up and really started making a stink of things. There is … Continue reading “Thai Bloater Pulled From Under House”

Two Women and Girl are Killed, Plus A Dozen Injured in Lightning Strike in India

This incident dates back to October, 2015. Two women and a fourteen-year-old girl were killed after being struck by lightning while working in the cotton fields in Avusalonipally village in Utkoor mandal district, India. The three victims have been identified as Parvathamma, age 30; Manemma, age 20; and Shanthamma, age 14. Twelve other women were … Continue reading “Two Women and Girl are Killed, Plus A Dozen Injured in Lightning Strike in India”

Wrinkly Rotten Tattooed Thai Washes Up on Beach

Hey guys, we haven’t had a floater or a bloater in a little while, so I got you both rolled into one! Bloated corpse was left floating in the ocean for at least twenty days when finally washing ashore, looking like a chicken wearing a sumo thong. Stranded corpse! Head, limbs missing … dead for … Continue reading “Wrinkly Rotten Tattooed Thai Washes Up on Beach”

Behold! An Israeli Cyclops

ISIS, take a good look at the demon you’ve sold your souls to. But in all seriousness, it is actually being tauted as some kind of Jewish Anti Christ, because you know, religious people. Trust me, I’m face-palming as hard as I can. Here in Reality this is simply an Israeli child born with a … Continue reading “Behold! An Israeli Cyclops”

Earth Opens Up and Swallows Some Chinese People

Damn, looks like Mother Nature took it upon herself to handle China’s over population problem. Video shows a crowd of pedestrians on the street minding their own business when suddenly, without warning, the earth literally opens up and swallows a number of them. Right down the gullet of the Sarlacc! Star Wars reference for my … Continue reading “Earth Opens Up and Swallows Some Chinese People”

Man Found Dead Next to Car After Running Out of Fuel in Saudi Desert

A man was found dead beside his vehicle after he had run out of fuel and water in the desert somewhere in Saudi Arabia. He was reported missing on the 25 of June. I am not sure what date he was found, but long enough to look like a piece of jerky. Props to Best … Continue reading “Man Found Dead Next to Car After Running Out of Fuel in Saudi Desert”

Powerful Tornado Crosses Motorway Near Venice in Italy

On July 8, 2015, parts of northeastern Italy were hit by a powerful tornado, which at its strongest reached rating 4 on the Fujita–Pearson scale (F4 tornado). A Polish couple traveling through Italy filmed the tornado on their dashcam, just as it crossed the A4 motorway outside Venice. At the time, the tornado was in … Continue reading “Powerful Tornado Crosses Motorway Near Venice in Italy”

Super Skinny Thai Man Found Dead and Stiff as a Board

Damn, those eyes look freaky as hell. No info on this one, I’m afraid. But seeing as how there is no sign of external injury and given the emaciated nature of the subject, I would not be wrong to conclude that he was perhaps a homeless drug addict. He sure is dirty enough for the … Continue reading “Super Skinny Thai Man Found Dead and Stiff as a Board”