Man Found Dead Next to Car After Running Out of Fuel in Saudi Desert

A man was found dead beside his vehicle after he had run out of fuel and water in the desert somewhere in Saudi Arabia. He was reported missing on the 25 of June. I am not sure what date he was found, but long enough to look like a piece of jerky. Props to Best … Continue reading “Man Found Dead Next to Car After Running Out of Fuel in Saudi Desert”

Rotting, Maggot-Riddled Bloater in Thailand

Alright, what’s better than a bloated corpse? A bloated corpse covered in…Maggots!!! Video captures all of the grotesqueries as they unfold. Look at those feet and the toe nails, simply hideous. The peeling, wrinkled skin, sickening. And the maggots, maggots, maggots between her thighs. Unknown what happened although it is possible it’s a suicide. Pictures … Continue reading “Rotting, Maggot-Riddled Bloater in Thailand”

Woman Near Death with Huge, Infected Tumor

From Vietnam. A woman covered in tumors to the point of deformity has developed a severe infection in a huge tumor growing from her side. Doctors try to open it and clean it as best they can but Jesus fucking Christ, this woman is already dead, her brain just hasn’t gotten the message yet. The … Continue reading “Woman Near Death with Huge, Infected Tumor”

Powerful Tornado Crosses Motorway Near Venice in Italy

On July 8, 2015, parts of northeastern Italy were hit by a powerful tornado, which at its strongest reached rating 4 on the Fujita–Pearson scale (F4 tornado). A Polish couple traveling through Italy filmed the tornado on their dashcam, just as it crossed the A4 motorway outside Venice. At the time, the tornado was in … Continue reading “Powerful Tornado Crosses Motorway Near Venice in Italy”

Super Skinny Thai Man Found Dead and Stiff as a Board

Damn, those eyes look freaky as hell. No info on this one, I’m afraid. But seeing as how there is no sign of external injury and given the emaciated nature of the subject, I would not be wrong to conclude that he was perhaps a homeless drug addict. He sure is dirty enough for the … Continue reading “Super Skinny Thai Man Found Dead and Stiff as a Board”

Green Meanie Bathing in Maggots

The Thai suicide is more than a little suspect this time around as we definite signs of violence in the room this bloated monstrosity died in. Two guitars, blue speedo underwear, smashed furniture, a room in disarray, pointers and a green, hulked-out body wearing a fine layer of maggots. It’s Thailand as only Best Gore … Continue reading “Green Meanie Bathing in Maggots”

Time Lapse Video of Decaying Pig

Old video but it’s new to me and has not been posted here before so there are undoubtedly others here who have not had an opportunity to see this type of thing. Decomposition is one of the most fascinating processes in my opinion. Amazing what simple bacteria, no longer confined to mere digestion, will do … Continue reading “Time Lapse Video of Decaying Pig”

Woman Gives Birth to Alien-Like Mutant Creature

This is one of those videos that have to be seen to believe. Words can’t possibly describe the bizarreness of the alien-like mutant creature that was just given birth to by a human female. At around 0:48 there is a close up of the creature’s head. You can discern mouth, nose and eyes. The extremity … Continue reading “Woman Gives Birth to Alien-Like Mutant Creature”

Nightmarish Bloated Female in Bed

How would you like to roll over in bed and come face to face with this shit? I’d probably never sleep again. No real info on the dead woman other than it happened in “District 6”, take that as you will. Hard to rule out foul play but it does seem to jive more along … Continue reading “Nightmarish Bloated Female in Bed”

Bloated Floater Complete with Hideously Swollen Tongue and Death Boner

Nothing in the way of background info on this guy but he was found floating in a river and when he made it back to dry land, he has suffered what appeared to be a gunshot wound to the abdomen. Likely he was shot and then dumped into the river. My god, that face. One … Continue reading “Bloated Floater Complete with Hideously Swollen Tongue and Death Boner”