Motorcyclist Sandwiched Between Two Semi Trucks in Panama

Video from San Miguelito in Panama City, Panama shows the aftermath of a traffic accident involving two semi trucks. Between the crashed trucks, is a sandwiched motorcyclist who died on the scene. There is also an injured woman on the road, to whom the medics administer CPR in an attempt to revive her. The news … Continue reading “Motorcyclist Sandwiched Between Two Semi Trucks in Panama”

Fatal Wreck in Thailand Results in Half Head Decapitation

Two vehicle crash in Yi-ngo District, Thailand left at least two people dead, one of whom had the top portion of their head separated from the rest and sent sailing into the grass. Wasn’t quite sure if it was a man or a woman at first, but it seems to have a man’s arm and … Continue reading “Fatal Wreck in Thailand Results in Half Head Decapitation”

Two Female Drivers Meet on the Same Road, Predictable Happens

When I say “predictable happens“, it is to be expected that the female drivers ran into each other doing 5 mph. But that’s not the only thing that should be expected from the situation where two female drivers end up on the same road on which there is nobody else – an immediate claim to … Continue reading “Two Female Drivers Meet on the Same Road, Predictable Happens”

Motorcyclist Smeared and De-Brained by Truck in Indonesia

In Gombong, a city in Kebumen Regency, in Central Java, Indonesia, a motorcyclist was run over by a truck. The video shows the biker smeared on the road, with his brain matter deposited at a distance from the body. The cameraman could have done a better job filming this, but at least it’s not a … Continue reading “Motorcyclist Smeared and De-Brained by Truck in Indonesia”

Drunk on a Bike Equates to Bloodied and Bewildered

Uh-oh. Four on a scooter, what could possibly go wrong? Normally, this many people on a proven unsafe method of transportation would be bad enough, but add the fact that the driver of the scooter was drunk, and you got a whole heap of trouble. The inevitable crash took place in Paranaque Manila, Philippines, on … Continue reading “Drunk on a Bike Equates to Bloodied and Bewildered”

Young Man Suffers Head Crack in Accident in Caruaru

Are we live? Ok, we are back on air after experiencing another bout of “technical difficulties” and I’m taking the opportunity to slip through the gap and deliver some blood to you… Accident in Caruaru in the vicinity of Shopping Difusora left a man with a large crack in his forehead. The victim was identified … Continue reading “Young Man Suffers Head Crack in Accident in Caruaru”

Thai Man Cut in Half in Fatal Crash

Here we have a brutal car wreck in Racha Districy, Chonburi, Thailand where a man, believed to be high and or drunk, crashed at a high rate of speed and cut himself in half. Luckily, it looks like he’s the only one who paid for his irresponsibility. Also, a funny translation: # Collision of two … Continue reading “Thai Man Cut in Half in Fatal Crash”

Cyclist Tries to Beat Train, Train Wins

In Poland, an overconfident bicyclist tried to beat an approaching train on a railway crossing, but severely underestimated his ability to pedal against the train’s speed. The cyclist rode around the boom barrier and right into the train’s path, where he got smacked and bounced into the grass. Apparently, despite the smack, the cyclist survived … Continue reading “Cyclist Tries to Beat Train, Train Wins”

Indonesian Girl with Head Run Over and Crushed

In Indonesia, a young girl was knocked off her motorcycle, and had her head run over by a large vehicle. She wore a cheap helmet, that offered no protection against the weight that went over her skull. Her head was crushed and partially flattened. Thick blood spilled on the road. The videos shows the people … Continue reading “Indonesian Girl with Head Run Over and Crushed”

Motorcyclist Dies Faceplanted in Sticky Blood

I don’t have much background information about this video, but apparently it happened in Brazil. A young motorcyclist wearing proper motorcycle gear – that is flip flops and cheap plastic helmet – somehow crashed and headbutted the road. His helmet disintegrated on impact, leaving only a ring around his neck. Without proper protection, his face … Continue reading “Motorcyclist Dies Faceplanted in Sticky Blood”