Ear of Maize Removed by Doctors From a Person’s Anus

We’ve seen doctors remove all kinds of things from people’s rectal openings over the years at Best Gore. They range from inanimate objects like yuca roots, through dildos of all sizes, all the way to animate organisms like live lungfish. But this is the first time I’ve seen an ear of maize up there. It … Continue reading “Ear of Maize Removed by Doctors From a Person’s Anus”

Man Needs Emergency Surgery to Remove Large Yuca Root from His Anus

Also known as Cassava in English, Yuca is a plant that grows large, edible roots packed with carbohydrates. And as we’ve seen at Best Gore on many an occasion, people will stick the wickedest things up their anuses. In San José, Costa Rica, a man was taken to the San Juan de Dios Hospital for … Continue reading “Man Needs Emergency Surgery to Remove Large Yuca Root from His Anus”

Doctor Assisted Removal of Dildo from Rectal Opening

We’ve seen this before – doctor’s intervention needed to remove a dildo that got swallowed by the rectal opening. It happens to both men and women. And it never gets old. In the video below, doctors used sheets so it’s difficult to tell whether the patient is a male or female. But a woman who … Continue reading “Doctor Assisted Removal of Dildo from Rectal Opening”

Sexual Fetishist Chokes His Penis with Wire, Needs Surgeon to Remove It

Of all the… Nevermind! Sexual fetishist tied wire around the base of the shaft of his penis – whatever that’s supposed to do. After a while, his johnson swelled up and needed doctor intervention to remove the wire. Video below shows surgeons struggling to cut the wire as penis remains swollen and turns black.

Guy Drags Naked Girl Forcibly Into Apartment

Panty creamer video for the day is brought to you by… I don’t know… Thailand? If the video doesn’t pop your boner, something is wrong with you. It’s a CCTV footage from an apartment building. It shows a guy trying to drag a young woman into an apartment by force. She resists, and as they … Continue reading “Guy Drags Naked Girl Forcibly Into Apartment”

Passed Out Drunk Gets Lucky – Doggy Style

When you’re so drunk you pass out on the side of a road, your chances of getting lucky are pretty miserable. But sometimes luck finds you, and gets you actions right where you dropped. Thus is went for the dude in our video, who got lucky doggy style, only he was on the receiving end, … Continue reading “Passed Out Drunk Gets Lucky – Doggy Style”

Penile Adhesion Photo

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member Ollie Only, who had been circumcised and skin on his penis adhered to the glans of the penis, forming what’s known as penile adhesion. In his own words: This here is my penile skin adhesion. It’s very uncommon and I … Continue reading “Penile Adhesion Photo”

The Caption This Photo Contest #83

Well…Caption this photo if you can. Also, we’d like to wish a very happy birthday to a Best Gore OG. Brokeback, this one’s for you. BEST CAPTION: When she says she can’t deep throat but you try anyway – ms g0rem8 RUNNERS UP: This is what happens when you go through puberty wanking to rap … Continue reading “The Caption This Photo Contest #83”

Wasted Guy Takes Dump Next To Car, Car Drives Away

Never a dull moment in Brazil… A wasted-out-of-his-dear-mind guy pulled down his pants in the middle of the street, squatted next to a parked car and laid a cluster of stinky shit on the road. Driver of the car then drove away, tipping the shitter off balance. That made him fall on his back, and … Continue reading “Wasted Guy Takes Dump Next To Car, Car Drives Away”

MMA Fighter Shits Himself Before Losing to TKO

Just before the referee ended the MMA fight by TKO in favor of his opponent, the fighter pooped his pants. You can see the shit was in his pants when he was grabbed by the neck and flipped over. He probably didn’t realize he shat himself until after he noticed all the gooey slime dripping … Continue reading “MMA Fighter Shits Himself Before Losing to TKO”