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I swear Doctor, I fell on this penis shaped object and it accidentally went in my butt.

Seemingly intent on outdoing anything Westerns can do, the Chinese need to take even anal penetration to new levels of harrowing.

Allegedly, and no, I’m not willing to rule out sexual perversion, A construction worker in Anhui Province China fell two metres off scaffolding onto a reinforcing bar standing upright from setting concrete below. Going along with the official story, the man was cut free by co-workers who then rushed him to hospital. No word on whether his co-workers were a Policeman, Indian, Cowboy, Sailor, Biker, etc.

The bar pierced through his abdomen before finishing its journey just below the skin and over some ribs under his left pectoral. An injury he surprisingly survived albeit without his dignity.

Thank you my little Asian friend. You made me grimace which is an expression I thought was long lost to me.

Damn, I Said Damn! End of Bar Visible Under Skin Hard to Believe He Survived ]]> 71
Steak, Sport, Sex And Crazy Cat Ladies: The Art Of Love Tue, 09 Dec 2014 12:32:34 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Steak, Sport, Sex And Crazy Cat Ladies: The Art Of Love

A man is a complex creature. He has opinions, concepts, and ideals. He is a provider, protector and peacemaker. He is contradictory but always predictable and is an eternal slave to his urge to sow his demon seed.

So what makes a perfect woman for the average man? Is there such a thing as true love? A soul mate? Kindred spirits?

True love is more than goo-goo eyes and coy smiles. It is more than sexual favours in a theatre or agreeing to going to the theatre in the first place.

True love is wanting to make the other person happy whatever the personal cost, but never taking advantage when it is reciprocated.

Expressing true love for a man is different for a woman, and this is where meeting needs is different to giving what you need. For a man, the expression of true love is when a woman meets the three Ss: Steak, Sport and Sex.

For the male readers this needs no explanation. You are nodding at the moment while the ladies are currently shrugging their shoulders wondering if we could really be that shallow. The answer is of course yes. But the lack of depth is a good thing, it makes it very easy for you to make your man feel like a king. Give him his hunter’s prize of a juicy, bleeding steak every night, let him watch his favourite game and enjoy his sexual appetite for three mind blowing minutes of debauchery a week. It is a small price to pay for a happy, contented man.

And ladies, never ever, ever make a man choose between one of the Ss. That is not a test of love, that is your ego and heinous manipulation at work. No real man will stand for it.

Guys, every king must have his queen. And every queen needs her prerogative. Prerogative isn’t only the realm of Virgin Queens. It belongs to all of them. Worst of all you don’t only need to respect it in someone you love, it is best to respect it in all women.

Expressing your true love for a woman (that meets her needs) can be remembered by using the three Ps. Show her patience, show her pride and for God’s sake, respect the period.

The menstrual cycle is the manifestation of a woman’s inner feline. Three weeks out of four she is an alley cat. A creature who prowls, preens or purrs depending on her whims or fancies. The other week she is the crazy cat lady, filled with hate and vitriol, is unpredictable, unkempt and a little terrifying.

Regardless of which week you are in, remember: be patient with her and always show her the pride she desires and deserves. After all, not only is she likely much better looking than you and of course far more intelligent (just nod, stupid) but she could possibly do far better for herself and is likely settling for you on the basis that you show her pride and patience in the first place.

A man’s task in keeping his woman feeling like a queen is much tougher than that of a woman in reverse. However, with a little effort and a little luck, it can be done. You’re up to it guys.

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Alleged Rapist Brutally Violated in Brazilian Prison Mon, 08 Dec 2014 05:56:01 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Alleged Rapist Brutally Violated in Brazilian Prison

I tend to think the alleged rapist in this video is the same inmate who got his balls crushed in the previous video. The events probably happened on the same day, but the videos leaked out of the prison separately.

In this video, the alleged rapist, whose ass cheek is black and blue from previous beating, and whose balls are bleeding after they were crushed, is sexually violated by inmates with a stick (broken broom stick, perhaps?).

Brazil is a pussy whipped country. A video like that makes you wonder if he was just falsely accused of rape and automatically found guilty because in pussy whipped countries, a woman always receives preferential treatment so all it would take is for one to say he raped her, and ta da… he’s in jail for rape, getting sexually violated because other inmates, conditioned by life in the pussy whipped country, would take him for the ultimate low life.

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Guy Has Light Bulb Removed from His Rectum by Doctors Mon, 01 Dec 2014 21:02:58 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Guy Has Light Bulb Removed from His Rectum by Doctors

That people like to stick large objects up their asses, which then get stuck up there cause their ass just sucks the whole thing in, has been documented extensively at Best Gore. From large dildos (also in women), to live fishes – we’ve seen it all.

Now here’s something different – a light bulb up a man’s rectum. Doctors went pretty medieval on that man’s anus, which appears prolapsed and bloody, but they got it out. Unfortunately, they also use it as a cool photo op.

The patient was a 60 year old male. It happened in Faislabad, Pakistan.

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Brazilian Prison Justice Dished Out on a Man Who Raped and Killed His 1 Year, 8 Month Old Step Son Thu, 13 Nov 2014 11:13:45 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Brazilian Prison Justice Dished Out on a Man Who Raped and Killed His 1 Year, 8 Month Old Step Son

A Brazilian Jujitsu instructor by the name of Daryell Dickson Menenzes Xavier turned himself into authorities on charges of sexual assault, abuse and murder of his 1 year, 8 month old step son. He appeared with his lawyer in Taguatinga, state of Brasilia, Brazil, where he was held for thirty days to await trial.

The incident occurred when the child was left alone with Xavier, who called the mother to report that her son was having seizures after falling. The child was taken to the hospital, where he died two days later. During the course of investigation, namely autopsy, it was established that the child had suffered blunt force trauma as well as having an anal fissure common with forced penetration.

Xavier was taken to Taguatinga prison and put into general population. It wasn’t long until word of his atrocious act spread among the inmates and a group of twenty men attacked and took turns raping Xavier. Guards possibly turned a blind eye to the event, as I don’t see how a twenty man gang rape could go unnoticed. After the fact, when guards saw all the blood on the back of his uniform, he was taken to prison hospital and had his ass stitched back together. Afterwards…get this, he was put right back in general population and was promptly raped again. Not as badly this time but it seems that he’s spending the rest of his time before trial in a hospital bed.

Many thanks to Best Gore members happygorelucky, SrbijaBgd and Infected Banana for the hookup.

Strange Wounds, Watermark Looks Like a Tattoo Blood Stains from His Bleeding Ass Xavier with His Step Son Woman Wants to Date a Badass, Her Son Paid the Price

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Russian Exhibitionist Standing Naked in the Median Shot At with Airsoft Gun from Car Sun, 28 Sep 2014 07:52:27 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Russian Exhibitionist Standing Naked in the Median Shot At with Airsoft Gun from Car

It just wouldn’t quite be Russia without some weirdness happening there.

This video shows an apparent exhibitionist standing naked in the median strip between opposing lanes of traffic on a divided highway at night. Don’t ask me why someone would walk all the way to a busy road and take all their clothes off just to stand there and stare at the shocked faces of the passing drivers, cause I really don’t know.

Obviously, the people filming the video took big time objection to his dangling penis and clenching ass crack, and decided to ruin his sexy moment. They took what I presume to be an airsoft gun (non-lethal sport gun used in games similar to paintball) and shot at the naked man from their car. Although non lethal, getting shot with those pellets hurts like a bitch, especially if you wear no clothes to soften the hits.

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Alleged Rapist Gets His Balls Crushed by Inmates in Brazilian Prison Thu, 18 Sep 2014 04:11:18 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Alleged Rapist Gets His Balls Crushed by Inmates in Brazilian Prison

Brazil is too pussy whipped to worry about bullies, assassins or robbers not hesitating to snuff out a life for a few bucks. Instead they’re all about getting even with the alleged perpetrators of the most falsified crime in existence.

That life in Brazilian prisons is out of fucking control has been documented extensively at Best Gore. So it’s only natural that an alleged rapist would get beat up and have his testicles crushed beyond repair while in prison there.

Nevertheless, by mutilating the man’s testicles, the inmates lowered themselves to the level of a Jew.

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Man and Woman Are Enjoying a Sweet Sexy Time Together, But Then… Wed, 10 Sep 2014 04:05:30 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Man and Woman Are Enjoying a Sweet Sexy Time Together, But Then...

I won’t spoil the video up front for you, but that is one sure way to go from a raging hard-on, to not wanting to have anything to do with sex for a week.

Everything went so well for that couple. They were having themselves a sweet, sexy time, but then… How inconsiderate it was to totally ruin a perfectly good rear mount like that.

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Caught on CCTV – Chubby Shares Erotic Moments with a Motorcycle Tue, 08 Jul 2014 22:38:19 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Caught on CCTV - Chubby Shares Erotic Moments with a Motorcycle

Let me start this post by saying how hard it is for me to find the words to express how awful I feel about what happened to Brazil today in Belo Horizonte. The most humiliating defeat in the history of Brazilian football happens during the semi finals of the FIFA World Cup held in Brazil. I can’t imagine how it must feel for Brazilians to have witnessed this unfathomable fiasco. It’s as if someone replaced Team Brazil with Team Never-Seen-A-Footbal-Match-In-My-Life overnight.

Congratulations to Germany, though. I’m sure beer pours by the tankloads through the pipes in every German pub right now. And what a boost in confidence for the upcoming finals. Whoever ends up facing Germany in the Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, will be standing against the team that just beat Brazil 7:1. That match will have been half won by Germany before it starts.

Best Gore <3 Brazil, so in the spirit of solidarity with our Brazilian friends, I'm gonna retract into a corner and mourn. But to make things more bearable, here's a CCTV video of a chubby sharing a few intimate moments with a motorcycle. The hilarity is so outlandish, I can't even tell if it's a man or a woman.

Props to Best Gore member Another Brazilian for the video:

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Cock Ashtray – Penis Torture with Cigarettes and More Tue, 01 Jul 2014 02:19:19 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Cock Ashtray - Penis Torture with Cigarettes and More

Warning: Shit is about to get weird.

Now, I’m no stranger to the dark, disturbing and downright fucked-up nature of the human condition, so you know when I get a hold of something that has me grinding my fucking teeth and holding my balls, I have to do everything in my power to gross y’all the fuck out with it, too.

Our intelligence and capacity for imagination is seemingly infinite, and in comparison to any other creature walking the earth today, we are veritable gods. However, this is both a blessing and a curse. For you see, with our capacity for exploration beyond the bounds of our mere animal programming, things can get…well, a little out of hand. We’ve seen plenty of examples of what the human brain can cause people to do to each other, now we see what it can cause a man to do to himself.

I wont bore you with a long monologue, these pictures speak for themselves.

Dick Hole Held Down and Forced Open with Wires Casually Flicking Ash onto His Own Dick Foreskin Stretched into Forming a Box Around the Glans Caption this Photo Gripping and Pulling of the Smoking Penis with Metal Clips Flaccid Penis with Cigarette Hanging from the Head Burning the Pubic Region with a Lighter Not Exactly Man Scaping Singed Pubic Hair and Flesh Balls Bound While Ashes Rain Down Ashes Fall Directly into the Dick Hole Snubbing it Out on the Glans Penis Tied Upright to Stick while Cigarette is Inserted Into Head Butts and Match Sticks Forced into Dick Hole Abused Penis Rests on Swollen Ashen Balls Shaft and Glans Distorted by Clothes Pins Shaft, Balls and Head Tied Down with Rope Squeezing the Glans Very Tightly with Clothes Pins Long Ash Teases the Anus Ashes Fallen onto the Anus Ass Cheeks Spread Wide as More Ash is Applied Dropping Ash into Rectum Speculum Holds Anus Open to Catch All the Ash Speculum Plays its Part in Forming the Anal Ashtray Fluid Injected into the Butt with Two Syringes Needles Strategically Invading Over Bound Testicles Close Up of Needles being Inserted into the Rectum Penis Forced Down with Tightly Wrapped Rope Head of Penis Swelling from Injection Entire Penis is Bound Tight with Black Thread Foreskin Stretched with Clips Extreme Foreskin Distortion with Clips Foreskin Folded Up to Hold Ashes and Butts Penis is Held Tight with Stick while Hot Cherry is Applied to the Glans the Torture Continues Hot Ash Held on the Sensitive Head Speculum Holds Rectum Open Wide while Cigarette Smolders Ashing into the Widely Opened Rectum Cigarettes Snuffed out Deep inside Rectum Glans Covered in Ash Close Up of a Cigarette Sticking Out of the Dick Hole Spreading Open the Dick Hole to Show the Burns Foreskin Wrapped Around Cigarette Butt Cock Stuffed in Tube with Match Sticks and Butts Metal Wire Holds Down the Foreskin while Ashes and Cigarette Butts Blanket it

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