Iraqi Infants Suffer Birth Defects from Depleted Uranium Used During Gulf War


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The Gulf War, or the Persian Gulf War, involved the Coalition forces of several countries namely: Argentina, Canada, Egypt, France, Italy, Kuwait, Morocco, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Syria, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and United States, ganging up … Continue reading

Many Civilians Killed in Airstrikes in Tal Afar, Iraq


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I have here images released from ISIS which show the devastating results of air strikes in Tal Afar, Iraq. The source claims that the attack was carried out by American forces but I don’t have enough information to make that … Continue reading

The Leftovers of War – Skeletonized Bodies on Iraqi Battlefields


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Continuing what appears to be a series on the land invasion of Iraq which kicked off in 2003. Most of the photos presented herein are from 2004. Today, I have a theme. Skeletons. Yes, this post is dedicated to skulls … Continue reading

Thank You for Your Service – Gallery of US Invasion of Iraq, 2004


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Here I have US forces invading…I mean, occupying…I mean, helping Iraq in 2004. We see dead men who were fighting to defend their land and many of whom seem to have been the victim of Uncle Sam’s “Bomb first, ask … Continue reading

Mangled Bodies of Dead Terrorists from Iraq, 2004


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I know a lot of you are nursing hangovers after yesterday’s festivities, so to make your splitting headache even worse, here’s a brutal gallery of mangled cockroach bodies. It’s going back a ways to Iraq in 2004 but well worth … Continue reading

Aftermath of a Battle with ISIS in Northern Iraq


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I have video here which shows the aftermath of a recent battle with ISIS mercenaries in Iraq. This time, the cockroaches were defeated by tribal forces who stood up to the ISIS threat. I suppose they are sort of like … Continue reading

Islamic State in Diyala Release Photos of Iraqi Soldiers Killed, Two Hung by Their Hands


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Best Gore member Baby14 hooked me up with these images depicting Iraqi soldiers and civilians being executed by the Islamic State cockroaches. I particularly love the last photo which is blatant propagandizing to portray IS members as devout Muslims, continuing … Continue reading

ISIL Massacres Members of The Iraqi Security Forces Following Their Surrender


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Mainstream media (MSM) is beginning to report that the ‘nice’ behaviour of Isis/IsiL (I’m sticking with IsiL from this point in) has evaporated and they have resorted to the use of extreme violence in the pacification of the population in … Continue reading

Endless Column of Iraqi Soldiers Captured by ISIS Marched Through Tikrit


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Iraqi government admitted that two entire Iraqi army divisions broke and fled before single ISIS battalion of 800. According to The Times, 90,000 US trained Iraqi troops deserted. US trained? That makes sense. Doing what their puppeteers would do? In … Continue reading

ISIS Advance on Baghdad


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Finally, Washington has begun to wake up to the rapidly deepening crisis in Iraq. Barack Hussein Obama II, the 44th and current President of the United States, who just could not wait to ‘cut and run’ out of Iraq in … Continue reading