Bombing Blast Victims – Collection of Photos

Bombing Blast Victims - Collection of Photos

Collection of photos from Iraq shows bombing victims and desperate effort of emergency medical personnel to patch them up as much as humanly possible. Severed limbs is something you expect to see when there are photos of bomb blast victims, but the one who has his stomach ripped open and guts hanging out got it really shitty. If he’s still alive, I’m assuming the docs will peel off some of the skin from his behind and use it to cover the stomach area.

It looks like most of the victims are children. Bombs don’t discriminate. When one goes off, it matters not whether you’re young or old, female or male, white or black, you’re gonna get ripped to pieces. Must be immense pain to have to endure laying on a gurney skinned to the bone (literally, not metaphorically). Collection of bomb blast photos from Iraq is in a gallery below.

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Severe Leg Trauma – Bloody Pictures from War Camp ER

Bloody Picture of Gruesome Leg Trauma

Doctors recruited to attend to wounded soldiers at war zones get do deal with some of the gnarliest wounds ever. It’s probably a daily occurrence at the war zone ER to have to fix ripped apart limbs or worse. Here’s a collection of photos from war camp ERs specifically focusing on severe leg trauma. One has got to have a stomach of steel if they want to be a doctor.

Gallery of severe leg trauma pictures from (location unknown) war camps is below:

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Jaish Abu Bakr Execution Video of Spies in Eastern Iraq

Night time video with expectedly shitty picture cause it’s so fucking dark shows execution of three spies in Eastern Iraq done by Jaish Abu Bakr soldiers. Executions are carried out with a handgun by firing many shots. Can’t these people aim or do they just like firing many shots? I mean a spy could be executed with a single shot to the head. Why waste bullets when one shot could deliver the result? Or do they really think it adds to the awesomeness of their executions if they empty a cartridge into a victim? If you’re caught in a cross fire against armed enemy, going “Predator” and firing till it clicks empty is understandable. But it’s not like there disarmed, tied up spies are going to do anything before they’re executed. I could never understand that and it’s not just the case of Jaish Abu Bakr, it’s a frequent occurrence nowadays.

Is it me or does it sound like the camera guy says “Stop it” after the execution of the second spy, at 1:26, 1:27?

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Executions – 1995 Documentary (Watch Full Length Feature Film)


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Watch this full feature documentary titled Executions which was filmed in 1995 and delivers exactly what its title suggests – videos of executions. The documentary offers an objective look at death penalty and state sponsored killing throughout different countries around … Continue reading

Ralph Hayles Friendly Fire Incident in Desert Storm, 1991 (full video)


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Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Hayles was commander of an Apache helicopter which fired two Hellfire missiles at friendly vehicles killing two US soldiers and wounding six other. This friendly fire incident took place on February 17, 1991 at about 1am Persian … Continue reading

Ala al Maliki Beheading Video by Ansar al-Sunnah in Iraq

Ala al Maliki Beheading Video by Ansar al-Sunnah in Iraq

An Ala al Maliki beheading video was posted on the internet by Ansar al-Sunnah army, a group linked to al-Qaeda. Ala al Maliki was from Iraq, he was a Shiite. Ansar al-Sunnah accused Ala al Maliki of being a spy for US forces in Iraq and described him as being a rejectionist who belonged to the Sadr movement of radical Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr. In the video, Ala al Maliki is shown speaking words in which he confesses to spying for US forces in Iraq. Whether the confession was sincere or whether he confessed to whatever he was told is not known, however if I was to guess, he was badly beaten prior to this decapitation. The video may not be of high quality, but you can clearly tell he’s got black eyes from previous beating. He was beheaded on October 12, 2004.

Ala al Maliki Beheading Video carried out by the Ansar al-Sunnah Army in Iraq is below. As with all beheading video, exercise caution and do not watch if you are easily offended. This video is shocking and upsetting. Ala al Maliki is seen beheaded on some form of fleece blanket – which is pretty odd as all that spurting blood from his sliced neck would totally ruin the fleece. Despite being tortured, abuse and counting seconds till his own beheading, Ala al Maliki kept himself together, did not show any signs of being too scared and when the beheading started, he did not scream. You can hear the gurgle after his neck was cut, which is normal as he was trying to breath, but his trachea was already severed, so each time lungs attempted to suck in some fresh air, just fresh blood went puoring in.

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Brain Spouts After Gunshot to the Head (Bloody Photos from Iraq)

Brains Flows Out of the Skull of Man Killed by a Gunshot to the Head in Iraq

This man took a bad gunshot to the head. It blasted part of his skull off leaving him dead on the ground with brain and blood flowing down through the dirt. He probably died instantly, before he could suffocate from breathing in his own blood, as it would seem from the photo.

Brain Spouts After Gunshot to the Head in Iraq

This Iraqi man, on the other hand, took a gunshot straight through his head. It didn’t blast half of his skull off, but went right into the brain. He definitely didn’t suffer too long. It looks like a well aimed gunshot, probably from a skilled sniper who hit it right where it counts. Instant severe brain damage = instant death. Both from Iraq, both took it in the head. Bloody pics…

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Suicide Bomber Victim in Iraq Burned to Crisp (photos)

Photo of Suicide Bomber Victim in Iraq Burned to Crisp

This man was way too close when a suicide bomber detonated himself to kill people in Iraq. The explosion burned the man to crisp killing him instantly. Even his intestines appear burned in one of the photos. And I think one of the pictures could be of suicide bomber himself, but not sure. There only appears to be left leg and left arm, the rest of the body is missing. Either this apart got torn away from the rest, that’s why it’s not burnet or there is just some optical illusion that prevents us from seeing his torso and right side limbs.

Suicide Bomber Victim Photo Gallery is below. You can comment on each photo individually. Hotlinking is allowed, but you must retain link to this post.

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Close Up Photo of Leg Completely Ripped off by Woman’s Vagina (18+)

Photo of Young Female Suffering Severe Leg Trauma by her Vagina

Don’t know what exactly happened to this woman, but I think it was a land mine, IED, grenade or some other explosive device that ripped her leg off completely right at her pelvic area. Oddly enough it left vagina in fairly good condition, only somewhat swollen. Severe leg trauma, however she can count herself lucky for not getting any vital organs destroyed. Must have hurt like a bitch. And even if she gets a prostatic leg, she doesn’t have that nothing to attach it to. Nasty accident and pretty decent quality, and decent resolution close up pic. Click on it twice to get to higher resolution image.

Remember, it’s OK to hotlink the image, but you must retain the link to the post.

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