Black Tar Heroin: The Dark End of the Street – Documentary

Black Tar Heroin: The Dark End of the Street - Documentary

Black Tar Heroin: The Dark End of the Street - Documentary

Black Tar Heroin: The Dark End of the Street is a 1999 documentary filmed by Japanese-American Steven Okazaki. It was filmed in the Tenderloin, an area in downtown San Francisco, California, which has a high-crime rate and follows the stories of five young heroin addicts over the course of three years. The documentary highlights just some of the problems that they face – drug-related crimes, prostitution, AIDS and lethal overdoses.

Black tar heroin is a type of opiate narcotic drug, which is produced in Latin America. The kids from the documentary injected the substance constantly, putting themselves at high risk of venous sclerosis, a condition where the blood vessels harden and constrict, making any future injections at the site virtually impossible.

Because black tar heroin destroys veins so fast, users have to inject it subcutaneously (also known as skin popping). However, this method also puts the users at a small risk of HIV infection… surprise surprise, some of the addicts in the film are HIV positive. Another risk that addicts run by skin popping is an increased risk of life-threatening bacterial infections, especially necrotising fasciitis (flesh-eating disease).

Personally, I have never touched any form of drug, and it is extremely unlikely that I will ever do so, so I find it difficult to comprehend why anyone would take drugs in the first place, especially those who already knew the risks and dangers that narcotic drugs pose to our bodies. Although I did not find out the fates of the addicts in the film, supposedly one of the girls, Alice, is now clean and sober and is much happier for it, but one of the other HIV-positive girls may have died after filming, though I do not know the cause, if it’s even true in the first place. Sadly, it’s very likely that the others are still on drugs and struggling with the same demons.

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    1. @hung- Nah. That’s Castro that you’re thinking of. Tenderloin is more getting your ass beat, car stolen, raped, jacked- stuff like that. I’m pretty sure if you’re gay,you’d want to stay the hell away from there. I’ve been through there at night and it’s like something from the movies! Prostitutes that are on one, stumbling across the street, homeless people everywhere, garbage fires- etc. You can find anything there! Sex, drugs, drug-addicts galore, AIDS, your stolen car- lol. Fuck around over there and come out just holding your steering wheel! Good luck if you call the cops for help too. In certain spots where the projects are- they won’t even come! Night time is when the freaks come out. It really gets live!

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  2. Well if you live where I live and have a drug problem plus facing drug charges with the out come of doing time in jail for criminal activity you got the option of doing the time or going to a rehab to get clean. The rehab gets money from the goverment to your save you from your addiction and jail. What would you do? Just saying what is the answer to the drug problem.

  3. BTW, thanks ReiKoko for the great post, I have lost many friends to drugs, only one to heroin, but this documentary was very informative. Thanks for picking up the slack for Mark, lol. Great job!

    1. thanks, i actually learned a lot while writing this post, so it was a good experience for me 🙂 i am really sorry to hear that you lost friends. sometimes i wish that there was something more that we could do to prevent substance abuse.

      1. Yeah great post Rei, as a heroin addict with one year sobriety under my belt this post hits close to home for me. I’m really glad it was featured on here to show the true dangers of this drug and what it does to people. Hopefully it’ll lure anyone who watched it away from heroin.

  4. I read this from a guy , posted in 2007: I was at the dog park today in Portland, Oregon and noticed a familiar face. It was none other than Alice, the punk rock girl from the movie! I found it hard to believe that it was really her, so I went up and talked to her and sure enough, it was! I guess she moved here 6 years ago and has been clean ever since! She told me that they were talking about doing a ‘where are they now?’ follow-up, but it never happened.
    This is the 2004 Update:

    1. The sad truth is that most of these people will be dead or worse of than they were when this was filmed. A “where are they now” would be useless since there wouldn’t really be anyone left to interview…I’m sure that’s why it was never made.

  5. I’ve never done drugs, so watching this documentary was an eye opener for me, and I know that they are very addictive, and that many people who use them have had things happen in their lives that have messed them up. Having said that, there were others who seemed to have very supportive families and still got hooked. So i’m wondering what REALLY gets some one hooked on drugs?

    1. @gunkgirl-I think it’s different for everyone. I tried things here and there as a teenager but i never liked not being in control of my actions. Plus i came from a childhood where my Mom was heavily addicted to various drugs. The one that stands out the most was PCP. That shit turned her into a walking demon! I’ve never had fear put in me like i did seeing her like that. I remember hating drugs because of what they did to me and what they allowed to happen to me. I was forced to grow up waaay to quick! I only got into experimenting because my friends did it. Although i liked meth and played around with it for a quick minute- i knew i wanted more in life, so i turned away from it and the people who associated with it. Coming down was no fun either. I think some people just have no tolerance while others do. I think i was lucky to wake the fuck up and know that it was time to stop. People like my Mom, need that constant escape and some become addicted the first time. Drugs fuck up families- plain and simple! I could tell you horror stories of things i witnessed and endured from the age of 5. I’d never do that to my kids. Ever.

      1. @??*~Juicy~*?, thanks for sharing your experiences with drugs and i’m sorry that you had to go through that with your mother. I’ve had things happen to me in my life that have affected me very deeply, but never turned to drugs as an outlet. I think you are right, it’s different for everyone, and teenagers especially have low tolerace of things that are happening around them so they find something to ‘grey’ everything out for a while.

        1. @gunkgirl- Anytime girlie! 🙂 I wouldn’t repeat the experience for anything in this whole wide world, but it sure has made me one aware street smart woman! Who i am is a reflection of where I’ve been and I’m a tough cookie because of it! The new shit out there scares me. Those bath salt shit drug is crazy!! I hope I’m able to steer my kids clear of the crap!

    2. it becomes apart of your life. i was addicted to adderall for 6 months, it got to the point that i was taking 40/60 mg up my nose and i would stay up for 30+ hours at a time before i finally would crash and start the cycle all over because my body CRAVED it. when i finally got off of it, i with drawled and figured out i lost like 15/20 pounds and my right side of my nose is fucked, i have a massive nose cavity now because the addy ate it. i couldn’t imagine getting off H and more power to the people that can, that is a HUGE defeat.

    3. I don’t know. But my dad was hooked on Meth and I lost him when I was 12 because of it. Definitely not good. My mom left him long before though, when I was 1. So I didn’t have to really live with it like Juicy. 🙁 either way drugs are not good for the body or families.

      1. Thanks to all those who shared their ‘drug’ stories. It’s amazing what the human body can stand, but at some point it says enough is enough, but because you become so addicted, you don’t listen to the signals your body is sending you.

        I have a lot of admoration for those who manage to kick the addiction, maybe they can help someone who is struggling to overcome it.

  6. As a junkie I can say that people get addicted for different reasons, Some are depressed and it make you feel better then anything you could ever imagine (short lived) others are the “just partying” type and some just have more money then they know what to do with. After awhile its just “don’t wanna get sick” using an that’s no fun. It’s a terrible thing being a junkie and I went four years sober once but ehh being depressed you just don’t seem to care about some things.

    1. I feel you spank, I started using H three years ago and about half way I started mixing it up with coke and shooting up speedballs and that’s when shit got really crazy. I’ve been sober for about a year now and part of that has to do with the fact that I go to a methadone clinic which I feel saved my life. People do start using for different reasons and many times because of a combination of them all. But curiosity is what seems to be the driving force behind them all. Either way when you start using its the best high on earth. But after a while tolerance builds up you don’t get high anymore and your just using to feel normal and not get sick and thats when you know your really fucked and hooked right. Heroin mixed with Coke withdrawals is the worst physical and mental feelings I’ve experienced in my entire life its worse than any depression worse than any anxiety attack worse than any broken heart and worse than any body illness I’ve ever had…when your going thru withdrawals its like everything I just explained bunchs up and hits you at the same time. It can literally feel like your dying but the worst part of it is that your not dying and your going to continue to feel that way for a couple days more. In the movie “trainspotting” which by the way is one of the best movies you can watch that has to to with heroin use, Sick Boy says it best “heroin has great personality” which is true in the beginning anyway… Herion starts off as the most beautiful woman in the world the girl of your dreams, but in the end it becomes the biggest bitch in the world and ends up feeling more like your mother in law and cheating wife all in rolled into one. In the end you want nothing to do with her but yet you always remember the great times you had in the beginning and your never able to forget that which is why so many users relapse. And like I told Joe every junkie you meet will talk about herion as if it is the absolute best thing in the world but then they’ll turn around and say its the worst thing in the world lol this duality is enough to show you how addictive and horrible herion is…people who have had their entire lives ruined by it will always admire it and condemn at the sane time, very few things in this earth can have that type of effect on a person. Getting clean and staying clean off herion is one of the hardest things to do the heroin loving freak is always in you and living right under the surface no matter how long you’ve been clean. Regardless tho I feel if you can control that junkie freak within you and get clean then anything else you do in life should be a walk in the park, atleast that’s how I choose to look at it…besides there really isn’t any other way to look at it, when your clean you have to always turn every negative into a positive thats just how it goes with being clean off H because once you get hooked on H and live like a junkie for a while you’ll never be the same again not even after you get clean…being normal and achieving normalcy is something that all addicts and ex-addicts talk about. Basically what they mean when they say they wanna be normal is that they want things to be the way they were before they started using H and that won’t ever happen again…people should know that when you use herion your addicted for life and even once you get clean you will always continue to think about heroin.

      1. @spank & @pale
        Good luck with the both of you. Would you agree that this Rollercoaster ride is something that just grips you and won’t let go? Pale, I know you said you’ve been off H for a year now, but even the methadone just controls your life? Or should I just speak for myself? It’s sad that this shit happens to people, I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemies, even the muslims

        1. Listen man methadone isn’t for everyone but if your having trouble staying clean and feel its to hard then you should definitely seriously consider it because nothing is worse than living how your living right now and not knowing where your next fix will come from and getting dope sick. Yes it true methadone gives you worse withdrawal but thats only if you stop taking it at a high dose, methadone clinics will always lower your dose so when your ready to get off methadone it won’t be so bad. Yes you might need to be on methadone for a long time 5 years is the average but some people are on it for the rest of their lives some can be on it for the minimum year and get off with no problem, it all depends on the individual. Yes methadone can become just as addictive as heroin but its alot safer than shooting up. Eventually when you start to consider methadone you have to ask your self if its benefits out weigh the risk of shooting up. For me I would rather be on methadone than shooting up and not knowing where my next high will come from and risk getting sick. I knew it would be to hard to quit for me and that even if I got clean I would be back on H in no time so I chose to go with methadone. With methadone your at least able to regain some normalcy. For one thing you don’t have to worry about getting dope sick or where your next fix will come from. But even that isn’t enough to keep you off herion you have work hard at it the way I look at methadone is as a crutch that helps lead a some what normal life. Eventually if you stay clean and continue with the methadone program and fallow the rules after a while they allow you to have take out which means you go once a week pic up enough methadone for the week and you don’t have to show up till next week. The program does save lives and I really feel like it saved mine. I’ve been clean for a whole year which is the longest and I don’t plan on ever going back down that road heroin has killed friends of mine and destroyed my life which I’ve had to and I still am trying to piece back together again. I wish you luck with getting clean cause it is a bitch but there are things out there that can really help like methadone and suboxon…rehabs help as well but sometimes the temptation is to strong for a short stint in rehab and you need another options, hell I went to county jail for 4 months while I was at my peak of using H and the sickness was so horrible in jail I swore I would never use again, but after couple months of my release I went back to shooting again. Heroin is very hard drug to forget in fact you never will forget about it and it will always be in the back of your mind but the sooner you learn to accept that and learn to live with that the better off you’ll be. And alot of us addicts make the mistake and fool ourselves into believing that once we get clean everything will be alright and our lives will be perfect but they won’t and this is what causes relapses. We’re so use to shooting up and running from our problems that when we get sober the hardest part isn’t staying sober its learning to face problems and deal with everyday shit and live like a normal person. But no matter how much life suck sober it will always be better than when we were stuck using H and that’s for damn sure. Just always know that no matter how desperate you feel right now and how impossible sobriety seems that there are always other options out there that can help you man, so stay strong and be careful.

          1. Mom was killed over heroin my dad died from meth I fucked around n got hooked on H for 5 years I have now been clean for 2 years thanx to able to hold a meaningful job boughy a house 2 new trucks and im marriec with a new little boy methadone works if you want it.its not a wonder drug its still soo hard.methadone stops cravings and withdraws so you can concentrate on recovery.If any one needs to talk or needs help locating a clinic im here

      2. Ain’t that the truth! Good luck with staying sober man it’s damn hard work. The thing that always gets me is when ever I get alittle extra down compared to my regular depression I just go “what the fuck is the point in staying sober if I want to die” then I start and its great then In a week it’s “what the fuck is the point In using if I feel like I’m dyeing” repeat that lol. Methadone I won’t touch because I hear that withdraws from that are worse.

        1. That’s how it goes man but like I said you gotta stay positive and busy, no matter how sick it makes you it won’t ever be worse than being dope sick. and your right aboyt methadone the withdrawals are worse and last way longer, and.also many tines you have to be on methadone for a long time but if yoyr having trouble getting clean then its something that should be considered. As it Is I go once a week and get enough methadone for the whole week but it took me a while to get those take out In the beginning I had to go everyday. Eitherway I had trouble quitting and methadone really helped.

          1. @pale
            Like I said before, I’m sure my words don’t mean much but I am glad that you have had the strength to overcome your addiction. I know you are on methadone and that is okay too. I’m glad that you seem very helpful and positive in regards to this and I hope that you continue to recover fully. I hope that you can one day be as “normal” as you hope. Thank you for sharing.

        2. @Spank, I’m sure my words really don’t mean much but I truly hope that you find something that works for you so that you can feel “normal” again. Maybe talking with Pale could help. Seems as though he has been through it and has some wisdom to provide to you. I have not been in either one of your shoes and I hope never to be. It seems very hard and I don’t think I could be strong enough to come out on top. But I truly hope that you can make it SpankmyMonkey.

      3. @palerider-i just wanted to say that you’ve never written anything that i didn’t think was completely awesome! You have a way of explaining things that is seriously awesome! I can’t relate to you because I’ve never done H, but i do understand you. I understand addiction and the grasp it takes on a person. I always tried to change and fix my mom as a kid. Instead of being raised, loved and cherished- i was busy trying to make someone better, and it was unachievable. I never could understand why i wasn’t worth her changing. I just wanted her to be “normal”. I got to a point in life where i went from loving her and caring, to hating her with the “fuck it” mentality. She’s been clean off and on through her life. But it never lasts. She’s only 50 years old but she’s so old already. She was beautiful, she used to model. Tall, thin, beautiful blue eyes. Such a waste. I have a 9 year old Sister, and i worry for her, but there’s not much that i can do anymore. I commend you for becoming clean and sober! That shit isn’t easy by any means! I wish nothing but the absolute best for you and your continued sobriety! Thank you for sharing. <3

        1. Thanks J I appreciate that, and I’m sorry about what you had to go thru with your mothers addiction. Herion is hard on the user but no where near as hard as it is on the loved ones of the addict. But one thing you have to remember is that no matter how much your mom messed up she wasn’t her self when she was messing up. The sad part for loved ones is that no matter how much you try to change the addict the addict won’t or can’t change either because they’re to far gone or they’re not ready or they don’t have the tools necessary to facilitate that change in other words they may want to change but they Just don’t know how. And the addicts loved ones want more than anything for that change to happen and alot of times they’ll blame themselves or begin to blame the addict because they can’t change but you have to remember if they could them they would’ve have bug its just to hard for them. I grew up with an alcoholic farther so I can relate but in my journey of getting cleaning I realized I can’t change him no matter how bad I want to and I can’t make him change himself I have to just learn to deal with it and take him as he is…and the way I do that is not bt judging him for something he can’t do…in other words if you have an old beat up car that only goes 50mph your not gunna expect that car to go 100mph..your gunna wish that old beat up car could go 100mph but you know it will only go 50mph so you make do. And this is what I’ve applied in not just my relationship with my father but with everyone around me…if I know someone is capable of doing only so much then I don’t expect them to do more than that, I judge them by what I know they can do versus doing what I what them to do…so if my farther is only capable of doing so much then I don’t expect him to do more than that, but I do however expect him to do what I know he can do…you know what I’m saying? You just have to learn to deal with people that way and you’ll find its easier to deal with them. I don’t know you or what you had to go thru with your mother as an addict I can only imagine it wasn’t pleasant but hating her won’t solve anything like you said she’s getting old so you should just except her as she is and try to make the best of it because when she’s gone she won’t be back and you will miss her no matter how you might feel about her now when she’s give you will miss her and its obvious that you love her so just take her as she is and have patience with her and if you don’t wanna do it for her or for yourself do it for your little sister who I’m sure will admire you for it.

          1. @ Spankmymonkey You would try suboxone mate, though I quit without any med. aid, I see now the guys quit with suboxone without any withdrawal symptoms, but you must quit suboxone within a period as well, otherwise it has addiction as well.
            @ Pale rider, Mate I dont like giving advices but as a more experienced sober man (6 years) I can say that “even talking about it will call the evil” please be carefull about this, relapse happens in blink of an eye, take care mate 😉

          2. @Joe
            Congratulations! Six years is a long time! I am very happy and glad that you have gotten yourself clean. I hope that you continue that way. 🙂

          3. @Palerider- You couldn’t be more correct! I’m working on my part with my therapist. My Mom is in Oregon, so we’re not super close, but i too know that life is short and once she’s gone, she’s gone! I hold lots of resentment and neglect issues but I’m trying my hardest to let them go and I’m learning a lot on this journey. I understand that after a certain point, its not the addicts fault. The addiction squeezes the life out them.

          4. Your right about that Joe which is why I try hard to keep it out of sight and out of mind in fact that’s why I skipped watching the video since I’ve already seen it anyway I don’t need to see people using at all, I know I’m strong enough to be in a room with it and not give in but Id rather not put myself in that postion in the first place, talking about the drug especially cocaine for some reason does seem to awake demons, but I also find talking about sobriety seems to put them right back to sleep lol either way man one day I hope to be at my 6 year mark just like you but I know it’ll take some hard work which I don’t mind putting in.

          5. I so wish my daughter could see this-she (rightfully) resents all the years I spent on H while they were growing up but I did my best(at the time),,it’s only recently I have been able to quit-because of a recent jail term-but she hates me for it and I cannot make it right

      4. That was something! Thank you for sharing your experience! I tried a lot of different drugs and i had some problems with cocaine,but i never tried heroin except one time when i was in Amsterdam,but only smoking. I”m very,very glad that i didn”t had to go throught that kind of hell! In the end every drug is shit. And that goes for weed and alchohol too!

  7. I watched this documentary when it first came out when I was around 11. Scared the shit out of me. 8 years later I myself became a black tar injector myself, be it IV or IM. Point I’m trying to say is… Never say never. I actually got done tyeing up about 2 hours ago. 🙁

    1. I saw this video long ago before I start using herion but sadly it wasn’t enough to stop me from using either. One bad habit that we junkies have is that we think we can control herion lol but we can’t and we always find out the hard way. Down here in Texas being so close to Mexico we get alot of Mexican black tar which is pretty good and pure for the most part atleast down here in Texas it is. I did get to try afghan powdered heroin many times and that shit was so strong I over dosed the first time I tried it…I was so use to shooting up entire grams of black tar which is considerd by most to be alot of herion but for me it was just right and got me off good…But just a little bit of that afghan sand shit knocked me on my ass and had me fighting to stay awake and continue breathing deep breaths because I’m sure you know when you OD breathing becomes really hard and shallow and if you dont force your self to breath you won’t…if you fall asleep during an OD you’ll forget to breathe and die. Unlike popular belief when you overdose on herion its not a pleasant feeling that just knocks you out in fact alot of anxiety kicks in and the whole time your fighting falling asleep because if you nod off you might not wake up again, shit sucks…either way it wouldn’t be the last time I had a run in with the afghan sand or over overdosed on H for that matter. In fact when I started doing speedballs I would have what I called mini heart attacks that would make me collapse and I would wake up a day later. Whatever you do man don’t start shooting coke cause its not like herion…if you think things are bad now then adding coke will just make thing 10xs worse trust me, you’ll lose all your money even faster trying to chase the coke high down. I really am glad all that stupid shits behind me now thi. A couple weeks ago a friend of mine that started shooting around the same time I did wasn’t so lucky and died of an OD…of course he would mix xanax and H and sure enough it did him in…when you mix H with xanax its only a matter of time. Either way It could’ve of just as easily been me sleeping six feet under right now. Just be careful man you know what your doing to yourself and from one addict to another it’ll get better but only if you really want it to.

      1. Yeah I agree with you on speedballin it’s fucking nuts, last time I did it was maybe 2 months ago, idk time is so misconstrued from being fucked up 24/7 365… Be it amphetamines, booze, coke, 2cs, h, pcp, ketamine ghb and all the works pretty much. I literally dont know what ive dine in the past week. I lived in Reno for quite a while and sold guns and drugs for the cartel factions down there(I now live in northeastern Nevada). I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had guns pulled on me, and might have became a statistic on this site. I started drinking at the age of 9, up here EVERYONE drinks or drugs, so my life has been pretty hopeless as far as getting my shit together. I also can’t tell ya how many times I’ve woken up on the floor of my bathroom with vomit, blood and other nasty shit everywhere. Slitting my veins open is also a common thing, i wake up all the time with nasty gashes all over my body, yet dont remember doing it. No doubt I hate this lifestyle, but it’s all I know. Just got out of rehab not even more than a month ago and the first thing I did when I got out in salt lake was roamed the street and found some shady dealer for oxy.

        1. Yeah man its hard living especially out there in Nevada a couple freinds of mine are from Vegas and they were living here in Texas and they intro’d me to heroin and that was it from what I here Vegas and all of Nevada is crazy with the H and every other hard drug for that matter, so I wish you luck man, I too was doibg shady shit like crossing drugs and selling guns to support my habit but no matter how much bank I made I always needed more cause the coke and H would eat my money up..either way I’m glad I didn’t get caught cause I did have some close calls but those close calls are what also drove me to get clean…like I said man good luck and don’t get yourself caught up out there.

    1. Most addicts don’t want your sympathy uli…they want your money, sympathy is just a way of getting it…addicts are some of the slickest motherfuckers in the world, if they could apply the skills they use for scoring into doing something positive they would be unstoppable.

      1. @palerider- Again, fuck yea!! I agree 100%- again!!! My Mom was super slick Rick! I remember the scans she’d pull were clever as fuck! Thank God she was a junkie here in the states because she would’ve been lynched anywhere else! I tell ya what. Not everything i learned from her was bad. I am not the most trusting girl in the world but i can smell BS from a few inches away! Common sense was learned fast too! She could manipulate like a pro. No shit on that they just want your money! They don’t give a shit about sympathy. There’s no feelings involved when their that far gone. Its just a shell..

          1. Welcome Chizzle. 🙂

            I wish there was something I could do to help you overcome you addiction. It makes me sad. Not just yours but others in general. My dad you addicted to meth and died from it and my step dad was addicted to come and pain pills and died as well. It breaks my heart that so many of you struggle. I know you probably don’t care to hear it but I wanted to share it. I am a softie deep down. I wish you luck and happiness.

          2. I am right there with you. I could prolly sit down and tell you exactly what you are going and have went thru almost perfectly. Most all of it is textbook for all of us. I have been on 360mg of methadone a day for close to 3 yrs. Not a second goes by I don’t want to get that rush. Gonna be a lifelong thing so be prepared and educated. My experience of survival is what I share with people.

  8. I used my body as a pin cushion for over 20 yrs. Unless you have/or on that side of the fence you just will not understand how powerful and overwhelming it can be to get the next shot before you go into withdrawal. Its no joke! I have seen MANY people go down for the count . I had a standing 8 count twice myself. Longest was 1:10 and I didn’t see the light like people say. I didn’t see or know anything and was pissed when I came back knowing I would be right back at it.

    Alice teaches pole dancing and became a successful “exotic dancer”. The guy who looked similar to a stick with a blonde wig is dead.

  9. What are you talking about that you never touched any form of drug Did you not admit to smoking weed? Weed’s a drug you retard and stop hating on pepole with iphones because if it was not for them you would loose out on some good footage

  10. What are you talking about that you never touched any form of drug Did you not admit to smoking weed? Weed’s a drug you retard and stop hating on people with iphones because if it was not for them you would loose out on some good footage

  11. we don’t get black tar here in the UK but what we do get(afghani dope,heavily cut)is poor quality and you really have no idea what you are taking.Many people IV which is a massive risk but many also smoke(chase the dragon),as I do myself.Sorry-but if you never taken heroin,you have no right to comment on how addicts live their lives-the physical addiction alone is enough to drive you insane-but then you have to deal with the psychological struggle.Any user will tell you they wish they had never started with it-but if people had a little more understanding and allowed them to get the help they need without facing the stigma associated with it,the problem would be far less impacting on society at your level(ie:crime etc).people like to forget how many celebs and intelligent people use heroin-it affects everyone’s life somehow and there ARE effective ways of helping addicts.Many of the addicts featured will also be addicted to crack cocaine-this is a far greater problem and not addressed

  12. I knew a long time ago that the only thing that would sort me out was a good stretch in prison and true enough,that was what did it-but that was only cos I wanted to sort myself out-many girls went through jail and came out twice as bad

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