Bulgaria’s Abandoned Children – BBC Documentary

Bulgaria Abandoned Children - BBC Documentary

Bulgaria has the highest number of physically and mentally disabled children growing up in institutes anywhere in Europe. These children have been abandoned by their families simply because they weren’t like other children. To investigate why there are so many special needs children and how they’re being cared for by the state, a BBC reporter with a team of cameramen went to Bulgaria and this is the result – the documentary titled Bulgaria’s Abandoned Children.

For 9 months, the BBC team stayed in a social house in a remote Bulgarian village of Mogilino that is home to 75 mentally and physically disabled children. These children are classified as non-educable (not capable of learning) so they don’t receive any education and are for the most part confined to their rooms. Lack of normal exercise weakens their bodies so some are unable to move on their own. The facility is equipped with a gym and a swimming pool, but there are no trained staff to help the children use them.

Unfortunately the reporter brought both her feminist bullshit and superiority complex with her to Bulgaria so the rhetoric sounds like it was made by someone with a stick up their arse. And indeed, I felt like stabbing myself in the ear during most of the narrative the host was so full of shit. Her “Oh, look at me, I’m from England. Who the fuck are you being from Bulgaria?” attitude spoils what could have been great insight into the lives of Bulgaria’s Abandoned Children.

Unfortunately this was clearly not her goal so it’s basically a documentary which tries really hard to present former Eastern Bloc in an extremely bad light. It reminded me a lot of Zio documentaries about the Holocaust – full of bullcrap encapsulated with strong rhetoric that strives to hit the soft spots of the viewer in order to make them forget to use the brain and rely entirely on emotions. You could write a psyops manual after watching this doc.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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66 thoughts on “Bulgaria’s Abandoned Children – BBC Documentary”

    1. I know it seems incredibly cold of me, but for as long as I can remember, I’ve always felt the severely mentally disabled should just be left to die, or aborted as children.

      I’ve had mentally unstable family members, who were loved by their parents, etc; but then died a terrible death as is…seemingly wasting years of love, wealth and time on someone who was faced with a certain doom anyway.

      What’s the point? I know most will think, because they’re still people, or for the sake of Humanity, we must care for one another. With all of the depravity enthralling our societies today, there is no hope for humanity, all has been lost; the differences foster care programs, and rehabilitation centers make are insignificant on the grander scale and outlook of things –

      Sorry to say, Survival of the Fittest…
      It’s a cold, and bleak existence; we are The Human Parasites.

      1. I hope you get into an accident and receive a seriously damaging brain injury. You will be eating your words then, you piece of shit. I work at a school for developmentally disabled children and they are more deserving of love and care than anyone else I know. You are disgusting. You are the type of person that should be abandoned and left alone to die. I fucking HATE people like you.

        1. My mother worked in a place like that as well for several years… I’ve visited the school almost every day.I saw them,I’ve talked with them and also saw the deep pain in some eyes! We can’t even imagine the tortures they suffer each day. You may feel like a good person,mainly that you want to help a disabled. Everyone feels pity but mostly you should now that love and empathy is not enough! How can you make sense or just embrace a body that hurts in every damned point? Otherwise u hate us,but i know euthanasy can be a right way to release victims from the torment. Wishing “brain injury” & lonely passing for others?What person are you???

      2. by that logic we should all be aborted as we all face certain doom – death. survival of the fittest? there is no human being better than the other, trying to improve our society along generations wont lead us anywhere. your “archievements” in life are just something to console you that you’re going to die. dont think you’re more worthy than anyone else because it doesnt matter if were rich and had a loving family or a bum after you stop existing forever.

    2. No doubt. I work in group homes and those guys have it 1,000 times better than these poor kids. It’s a damn shame,especially when they are being abused. That sack Of Shit needs hung from his balls!

      1. Horizons did an experiment on several adults to see the effects of total sensory deprivation, after only a few hours the subjects were experiencing auditory and visual hallucinations, bouts of terror and depression, and if left in sensory deprivation for longer than 72 hours they suffer irreversible insanity. That scum sucking whore of a director deserves nothing less

        1. Yeah I’ve seen that horizon episode, they were rocking backwards and forwards, walking from one end of the room to the other constantly as well as having as you say visual hallucinations, fits of paranoia and terror.

          I agree put the director in there and perhaps she might gauge how fucked up she’s made those kids; I mean she didn’t even care…Bitch and what did she complain about that her investment and money was a complete waste…Oh yeah and don’t forget the PC!

    1. I agree. Everything she said really pissed me off. Why the hell did you buy umbrellas for the pool? That really baffled me. She could give two shits about these poor children.

  1. And most White women from the West will go on to adopt, and raise children from Africa, or other non-White parts of the world. Who cares about the White children in need. We’re just a global minority, and a continuously declining demographic in every Country we inhabit. And people wonder why I despise them.

      1. Yes – but there are ‘normal’ White Children in Bulgaria, Romania and other Eastern European Countries, and even Western, Northern and Southern Europe that could use a family to give them a home, but our pathetic, repugnant race-destroying scummy Women would rather look after children from other races and parts of the world, while leaving our children to rot.

        We’re a dying people because of shit like this, and it turns my stomach.

    1. I’d actually rather adopt a eastern european child because of this and other documentary’s (the one about russian children living on the streets for example). I’ve seen this video a while back and it broke my heart seeing these kids, so hungry for attention they just grab on to you when you show the slightest bit of affection. I cried for a good hour after that happened. I could never deal with a mentally challenged child but I’d certainly adopt a healthy child.

  2. That director is not taking responsibility for anything; I would like to give her a good kick up the ass right to timbuck two! Her priorities are in all the wrong places, she blames everyone else besides herself for the state of the children. I hope the staff get to see what she said about them.

    1. colour me perverted but i would totally do didi.
      also that guy that was beating the kids is soooo fucking dumb, people who have learning dis can command un-fucking-real strength, he would litterally get beaten to death, imagine a gorilla smashing a rabbit to pulp

  3. Of course their parents abandon them. Does not surprise me one bit. Bulgarians are nasty people. Here in Italy we call them gypsies. A lot of them mutilate their children’s faces, feet, hands, etc. and put them out on the street to beg.

    1. Come on now, there are lots of gypsies in Bulgaria, but nowhere near the bulgarian population. However, most of those kids look like gypsies. So I’m pretty sure they’ve been abandoned by trash gypsy parents. They have 10-20 children each so one less is not really a problem. To them the only thing bad is they won’t get any financial aid for the kid they abandoned. The mutilation that I know of is to cut someone’s thumb so that person can pick pockets more easily. I’m not sure who told you they cut their kids’ faces or legs off.

      Now, more about the documentary itself. That was horrible. I hadn’t heard of this foster home but I’m sure there’s plenty of similar places.

      The “director” was probably the worst! Wow, can you believe it? She obviously needs a computer the most.

      Of course she is responsible for the things that go around there, especially the people who work there.

      But the problem is the money that this foster home gets from the government (or europe for that matter) is too little and most of it probably goes inside someone’s greasy pockets.

      What’s left of it runs this place. It’s a pity.

      Why didn’t the reporter ask the people who work there how much money they’re being paid?

      It’s easy to judge them when you’re just an observer and you see the kids in the horrific state some of them were.

      Sure it makes for a touching documentary (the reporter might even win an award, who knows?), but taking the kids in her hands or her lap and talking to them, and maybe even the documentary itself won’t change their lives a bit. Everything just goes back to “normal”.

      How could the staff be qualified to do such a demanding job, if they’re being paid shit, and trust me they are?
      You won’t get capable people to work there – there’s no way.

      The director is either, again, being paid a pathetic salary OR she was hired to take care of someone’s interest and not make too much noise. Both of those would explain her being such an idiot about it.

      Take care and don’t be a mentally-challenged orphan in Bulgaria, it seems to suck!

  4. I took a liking to the children that they focused on. They seem very sweet and well mannered. This really broke my heart, though. When Vasky was hurting and crying it really got to me. I hate how something like this exists. These are children just like any other children and they deserve love. Who were their parents to say that just because they were born different they had to be subjected to a life of hell? They did not ask to be here. It’s all so mechanical. No emotion or anything.

  5. This is just heartbreaking, living with disabilities is very stressful on it’s own (I have personal experience with it). adding horrible living conditions on top is beyond wrong. 🙁 Kids your story needs to be heard!! If anyone has connections with anonymous, try to get the word out that this needs to be seen by the world since no major media outlet will tell this story.

  6. I watched this documentary a while back and it was really saddening. Even if the kiddies weren’t mentally disabled, they would surely become so, just by being put in that depressing environment for so long. It really bothers me how women can have children and then throw them away as easily as one would discard a banana peel. If you mate, and don’t want to care for kids, use some rubber. No fetus/child has to pay for his/her mother’s actions.

  7. Sad; I cannot imagine such a bleak, empty and pointless existence just rotting away like that in a room or a bed… get these fucking children outside and walking in the sunlight and give some sodding interaction, no wonder their insane.
    If no-one ever talked them, comforted or even acknowledged their existence they’d go fucking crazy too.
    Although they got the cuddly toys right with ‘6 6 6’… coz it certainly looked like hell to me.

    1. You said it, that rocking is a last ditch internalized longing to be loved, touched, one last effort while insanity takes hold. This is despicable and easily the hardest video on this site to watch.

  8. Oh fuck this documentary makes me mad.
    I was 2 month in mental ward in eastern europe due to suicide tendencies.
    It fucked me up for life.
    Poor kids. Their pain must be much worse.

  9. I was expecting to watch blood and gore when I checked this site today. This documentary grabbed be and never let go. I thought my life was bad. Nothing puts a life in perspective than seeing others have a life worse than yours.

  10. I have profound contempt for the ‘director’, what a piece of shit. Humans pat themselves on the back over their great achievements and advancements, but as long as there are circumstances like this taking place, humans shouldn’t be too quick to claim success.

  11. say what you want about the nazis, they had the right idea whilst dealing with these type of birth defects. “Tortured Souls trapped in a helpless body” I believe they put it. No quality of life;it’s better to just free these poor, innocent children from their, what must be, earthly hell. Life unworthy of life.

  12. MAN O MAN!! Id would LOVE to get my hands on that cocksucker that’s hitting them I would beat him until he pissed his fuckin’ track suit and then beat him some more until I couldn’t lift my arms. That motherfucker should be sliced from head to toe, like those poor, defenseless kids don’t have it bad enough. some “men” deserve to die. Ooooohhhh man I would love just five minutes, five minutes alone with that cunt, mutt fuck. takin it out on them because he’s folding laundry for a living. that fuck I hope everyone in his family gets a slow highly aggressive cancer that eats away their brains and take a decade to die.

  13. Again not to be super-nazi or anything, but it’s so evident! seeing a Nordic/Aryan (I like how spell check capitalizes “Jews” jews but not Aryan!) woman dealing with these mongaloid slavs. If the Germans had pulled through and enighalated them, no one would have missed them. To me it’s like going to the monkey habitat at the zoo and being surprised and appauled that they throw their own shit! it’s in their sub-human nature.

    0post script:
    they are 5 levels ABOVE African/blacks!! so imagine what I think of them!?!

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