Child Prostitution in South Africa

Child Prostitution in South Africa

Child Prostitution in South Africa

Child Prostitution is rife in South Africa. Girls aged 12 to 17 are the most common targets for the gangs that kidnap them from the street. Others who have no other escape, or ways to make money are recruited from the poor South African neighbourhoods. Some of the girls are runaways from abusive home backgrounds, they are addicted to drugs at such a young age and are trapped in a life controlled by pimps. The children are controlled with drugs and alcohol and by keeping them convinced that there is no other way out for them.

The girls that are found by the police give their age as 18 or older. Local police have almost given up chasing the clients as no one wants to give evidence. Instead, social services and police try to pick the children up and take them to safe houses, but the numbers authorities can help is small. Many of the girls they pick up run away and return back to the life of prostitution. A lot of the children are infected by sexual diseases like HIV, many fall pregnant. It is also believed that many missing children may have been taken by child prostitution gangs. There is an estimated 38,000 child prostitutes in South Africa.

The following documentary looks at young drug-addicted girls “working” to be able to afford their next fix. The girls in this gritty video talk about being raped, taking drugs, being abused and harming themselves as if they were just discussing the weather. They don’t get much help, and they don’t expect anyone to care. A very sad life indeed.

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  1. In African culture you can fuck a girl as young as 12 years provided you pay the “marriage fee” to their parents. Most of these young prostitutes has been through alot of shit for them to be found on the streets. This is normal in our societies. AFRICA, HERE WE GO!!!!!

    1. oh, the same shit goes on in saudi arabia,

      80 year old rich guy can pay off dowry to a poor 11 year old girl;s family, take her as his wife, and fuck her silly

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      1. I’m not a feminist, so I’ll put that out there right now. I find it utterly disgusting and behind comprehensible that men would do this to a child. I could care less about someone’s God, someone’s fantasy, etc. An innocent child should never have to endure some sticky, ugly, piece of shit having sex with them! I have Daughters and i would fucking murder any mother fucker that even attempted some shit like that! I realize i don’t come from a place where it goes down exactly like that but i don’t think that matters! Raping women is a totally different story. We’re talking about children here. So before the women haters jump on me, i think I’ve made point of my comment pretty clear. Sick fucks all around and that’s why when it comes to my babies- i trust NO one! Yea, shit happens and i may not prevent every last thing from going down, but I’ll go to my death trying! I get sick thinking about the horrendous crimes committed against innocent children. Real talk.

        1. sorry dude for the reality check but this happens in every country where the government can’t stop drugs from entering their country there is child prostitution its sick and shameful that rich assholes feed on kids or even young adults but nothing can stop it until the drugs are stopped…that’s how pimps control the kids they get them hooked and that’s all it takes

          1. @harkent- i know it goes on here too. You hear more about little children in other countries but I’m no fool- i know shit happensclose to home. Like i said though, i still stand by what i said. I’m a nice, loving person until it comes to my kids, and that’s when someone else emerges! I hope i can prevent them from ending up like these little girls and I’ll never stop!

  2. This goes on all over the world. I watched a program last night about child prostitution here in the USA and the stories were very similar. They need to start going after the men at all levels that make the industry thrive.

      1. untill the government changes its way of doing things nothing will change for example get rid of drugs kids won’t be hooked on drugs and the pimps cannot control the kids ..this is how they keep kids in the prostitution ring high on drugs

    1. I mean much deeper then others, she almost screaming for help. The way she speaking is so painful, you can clearly feel that suffering in her, my hart jump’s in sorrow. Damn.
      Why no one helps them there? Wtf is wrong with authorities there for Christ sake!

  3. this shit is going on in 2013 and there are lazy fucks here in America that say they “can’t get ahead” without a million ways for the gov’t to assist them. How bad would they be bitching if this was thei life?

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