Children of Beslan Tell Their Stories – BBC Documentary

Children of Beslan Tell Their Stories - BBC Documentary

Children of Beslan is a telling documentary by the BBC that explores the Beslan School Hostage Crisis as seen through the eyes of children who were held in that sweltering gym for 3 days with no food or water while Chechen extremists rigged the room with explosives and held guns to their heads. The heartbreaking interviews also uncover the devastating impact this violence had on the children and the town as a whole.

From the first moments of the siege, when children heard gunfire and thought it was the sound of popping balloons, through the horrors of being packed in the overheated gymnasium for 57 hours, to the bloody conclusion of the siege with desperate hostages scrambling over the bodies of their friends in search of safety as bombs suspended from ceilings and taped to walls went off and thousands of bullets flew around them, the confessions of Children of Beslan offer shocking account of terrorists robbing them not only of their family and friends, but also of their innocence.

When one of them explains how they’re not the same funny kids they used to be anymore, how they’re all serious now, like grownups and how they don’t fight the way the kids do – that’s when the real toll of the hostage crisis becomes really evident. The scars that are not visible are left by wounds that hurt the most. This dark shadow will loom over their lives and hunt them for as long as they’re alive.

The town of Beslan is not the same anymore either. Surviving children now study at another school, but parents often accompanying them to school in fear that the terrorists would return. Once cheerful, the people of Beslan hardly celebrate anymore and many hardly come out to socialize like they used to.

It was also cute to hear the children imagining their childhood heroes to come and rescue them. While being held hostage, many children hoped for Harry Potter, a Terminator, or an Iron Man to show up, kill all the terrorists and triumphaly save them all. Children are more likely to embrace that which they see in movies as reality and expect the same to happen in real life.

I’m not entirely convinced it was a good idea on behalf of the documentary makers to take some of the children back to the place where they had spent 3 days of unspeakable terror to relive it for the movie. There is a lot of understandable anger in all of them, which I fear may have a very negative impact on their future lives. The boy who climbs into the loft with an automatic rifle, or the girl who burns a picture of terrorists every day talked as if the sole purpose of the rest of their existence was to take revenge. This could create a vicious circle of both sides constantly plotting to take revenge, leaving the ever growing number of innocent children caught in the crossfire for ever.

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25 thoughts on “Children of Beslan Tell Their Stories – BBC Documentary”

  1. I’m going to play the Devil’s advocate here,

    What these kids went through was no different than what all children go through in any war zone, those who don’t die grow up to despise those who killed their friends and family and in a lot of cases they grow up to join the army or a militia and thus the cycle continues.

    I don’t like the Muslims for obvious reasons however the BBC should have, for the sake of balance and impartiality, also commenced a documentary showing the children of the places we bombed the shit out off for the sake of destabilisation and cheap oil, sorry “liberated”, such as Libya and soon to be Syria.

    I’m pretty sure those children would have similar tales to tell, that’s not to take away from the fact these poor bastards were put through a very shitty experience, I’m just trying to put some perspective on it.

    I therefore have no problem with the inevitable comments stating their hatred for all Muslims after all they are a present and future problem and we deal with the ramifications of their actions on a daily basis however you should also understand that we deal with the ramifications of our own political and business leaders actions, hand in hand with Israel, on a daily basis also.

    When you are surrounded by filth on all sides it is impossible not to get covered in shit, the difference is that we, the average citizen, choose to wipe it off whilst the greedy and perverse choose to swim in it.

    The children of Beslan, the children of Libya, the children of Syria and many more to come are the victims of a world that worships at the altar of power and gain, to the ego maniac these children come under the expression “you have to break a few eggs to make an omelette”, however it is always someone’s else’s loss to suffer, never their own.

    This world is sick and unless we can cut out the cancer it will only get worse.

    1. I agree. Question is, how to extract the cancer? As you described it perfectly – cancer. And we all know how nasty cancer is. Oftentimes incurable.

      In my opinion, footage like this puts in perspective the damage created by terrorist acts on civilians. Not just the death that was instantly caused at the event but also the very long term consequences for the children, relatives, friends, citizens and more.

      It is in fact like cancer, the event is the core of the of the plague, then spreading its destructive arms out to the neighboring tissue causing irreversible damage.

      Worldwide the crimes/terrorism towards not only to children but all civilians, accelerate the deterioration of mankind.

      Anger, frustration and revenge will drive generations to come for an everlasting supply of continuous terror.

      Third world countries simply have no means at all to counter attack this problem and in the western world we’re witnessing things going to shit. Just sitting there with our popcorn on our laps, watching how shit is hitting the fan.

      Sheep moving into the one direction they’re told, not looking left or right what’s happening around them, not grasping the reality beyond their comfort zone.

      Too few can see the wrong in its entirety which has evolved to a monstrous being so big I cannot imagine how to destroy it.

      I say it again, if there’s no pandemic or other world changing event like a hit by meteorite or something, wiping out 99,9% of the population, I can’t see this ever getting better.

      1. Sadly, most will choose not to cut out the cancer because the answer would inevitably be a step backwards.

        Computers, mobile phones, cars, any modern electrical device requires a constant stream of minerals to make and unless they can create a new man made replenishable material that can do the same the worlds business market will always need to find ways to acquire minerals and they will do this through war, violence, exploitation if need be, it?s the same for oil.

        Modern living creates vast profits for our business community and the business community wants this to continue, we, the people, are therefore every bit as guilty because we want processed oil to run our cars with, we want the latest computer equipment, we want to own that nice house, we want to live in luxury, our wants only go to fuel the forceful acquirement of the items in question, supply and demand, they brainwash us into needing such things and therefore they profit from the supply of those things.

        A more simpler existence, happiness with less, is the only way to cut out the cancer, sadly however the ego is a self satisfying entity, it only knows greed and the pursuit of wants, its job is to make us happy, not other people happy, just us, I therefore think it difficult that humanity can just simply live without want.

        Sooner or later anyway the minerals and oil will run out and humanity will either learn to live and survive together or they will wipe each other out in one big power struggle, my money is on the latter.

        An interesting note is the current lack of jobs in the world, the huge unemployment problem, unemployed people are not consumers, how can they be when they have no money, and since we live in a society of consumerism I wonder how the worlds governments will deal with it.

        Our societies are run for profit, unemployed people are only an expense to this system , they take away from profit, so will our governments create more jobs or kill more people, that is the question.

        We live in interesting and very wicked times.

    2. True enough.
      Beslan was a real tragedy, but no different then the US forces droning Pakistani children or children in Iraqi of Afghanistan…

      Most of these conflicts and wars are results of powers and injustices devolving from the era of WWII. I often wonder what would happen if the Roman just genocided the Jews back in 0 B.C.

      1. No idea how the folks here think about the Zeitgeist documentary series but it picked up a topic I think is very important in the fucked up system we live in: Money.

        Yes the human’s natural instinct is wanting more but we also have access to a conscious mind which should function as control mechanism to keep things in balance. Well it does work to an extent already otherwise people would be humping each other 24/7 and not do anything else besides eat.

        Ideally, money should be banned. It drives the most evil powers to insane “wealth” that nobody needs anyway in order to live. However the sheep believe it’s a substitute for something god-like that defines them and their own status within their society.
        In short, a vast majority of people who have money (or who believe they have money: credit cards or other debts) don’t know how to handle it. It’s not serving its original purpose of enabling trade, which is not a problem in itself, but people either create huge debts (bad – self destruction) or they dump it into the bank and remove it from real life circulation creating a shortage or real life cash (also bad). Consequences are that money becomes not more than virtual digits in banks’ databases until the Federal Reserves in any given country “prints” money by dumping a few more digits into select banks to (try to) overcome financial crisis situations.

        So the monetary system disables itself the way it goes at the moment, plus making a lot of people act like idiots over it.

        Mark here is a living example of how one can detach himself from these consumer-driven lifestyles into a real living being free of tie downs.

        Not to take this too far off topic, but my point is that the consumer driven societies we live in require this ill monetary system. In turn, companies are required to compete worldwide for resources to maintain and increase their production and profits to satisfy shareholders etc.

        Exploitation through such companies, the list is endless, including child labor, disregard of human rights, tax evasion, exploitation of a country’s natural resources (oil and others) will lead to these mentioned problems of anger, disrespect and revenge.

        I’m not even going into religion at this point. Obviously that’s even a crazier story.

        Nonetheless, as you said, it’s an interesting time but not because it’s fun to look at but hopefully to see mankind trying to make an effort to turn things around.

        I do have my doubts though…

  2. Funny how the US used to support these savages. It’s for the sake of screwing with the Russians, just like we did in Afghanistan with the Mujahadine, and now with the FSA in Syria. When will we learn that we share the same enemies?

      1. You’re right. I was hoping that after the Boston Marathon bombing some people woke up and after the figured out that Chechnya is not the same as Czechoslovakia they would say “oh look the Cold War is over, lets stop fucking with the Russians and turn our attention to real terrorists” but no, we like fucking ourselves from both ends by supporting our future enemies just so John McCain can fight his imaginary war against the evil commie Russians.

  3. violence begets violence begets violence. this is the way of mankind. this cycle will never end as long as man lives. we are too selfish, too egotistical. sure, we start out innocent, but by teen years we are nothing but violent sex driven animals. all we want is fuck and whatever we believe we deserve.
    we only care about each other during a “trajedy”. I fear many of these children will become the same monsters they once feared.

  4. I watched the first Docu on this a week ago i was very touched by it. I remeber it was on the news back then but never paid much attention to it. And yes a loty of children are being killed or woundet in this world in those war zones. But as far i know these kids lived in a no war zone and went fearless to school. Whats even more sad about this story is that some kids had their first school day at that day when those terrorists came. And the last days no water was provided or foor and a toilet was not allowed anymore either.
    When the first bom went off in that gym, a lot of kids did survive that but then more bombs went off.
    A very sad story RIP.

  5. It was terrible but lets face it:
    *Syrian children go through this and even worse.
    *Indoctrination stuff is evident, ‘… Hoping their tv superheroes would come…’ there is still no hope from the breaking of the chains of enslaved mind.
    *Plot by the zios to further indoctrinate all of you, ask yourself why some terrorist would randomly pick a school.

    Indoctrination: achieved!
    How: emotion!
    ”Once you get ‘their’ emotions… You’ve got them”


  6. Muslim is a dangerous religion. Their rules where siblings will automatically become Muslims & compulsorily turned into Muslim under marriage would mean that the religion can only become bigger, regardless of what it preaches. Worst of all, the extremists & fanatics’ actions of separation or independence create conflict with encumbered population. To avoid this, Muslim should stay or migrate to Muslim countries and no Muslim refugees should be allowed to migrate to non-Muslim countries.

  7. Only fucktard cowards murder children, it doesn’t matter where the children are.
    Those kids shouldn’t have ever been subject to such horrors, I can see why Russia is so disgusted with Chechnya. Now they’ve made a school full of terrorists who were waiting for their opportunity to kill other terrorists. It never ends.
    They may be little but they aren’t children any more. That was stolen from them as well.

  8. does no one realize that this is whats happening, and will continue to happen until we all drop the act that we need revenge and cruelty to get people to understand us? that innocent people are suffering for nothing….of coarse they will be remembered, for losing the most valuable of all, their lives. but what did this really do? it ended in destruction… and now innocent children are to remember being splattered by brains, seeing their own parents and loved ones killed in cold blood. because someone wanted revenge.

  9. Had no idea this even occurred, even though the video has vanished on this thread there is plenty of information online about this event that was easily found via a simple web search. Thread is still important sans video, it prompted me to look into the situation more and even exposed its existence.

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