Conspiracy of Silence – Documentary Exposing Pedophile Rings in High Places

Homosexual Prostitution Inquiry Ensnares VIPs with Reagan and Bush

In 1993, inspired by a book titled The Franklin Scandal by Nick Bryant, a film crew from Yorkshire, UK led by producer Nick Grey and director Tim Tate went to Omaha in Nebraska, USA to make a documentary about an alleged paedophile ring and child trafficking linked to all levels of government. The Conspiracy of Silence was to be aired in May of 1994 on the Discovery Channel in the United Kingdom, but because it exposed the very people who control the media as well as the government, the film was pulled and an all out effort made to have it forever blocked and all copies destroyed.

To the eternal fury of international Jewry (unintentional rhymage), a VHS copy of the documentary’s rough cut was leaked and furnished anonymously to John DeCamp – a decorated Vietnam war veteran and former Nebraska state senator. Even though the copy John DeCamp got was not broadcast grade, he took it to the retired FBI Agent Ted L. Gunderson and questions were being asked.

Because the Conspiracy of Silence exposed people at all levels of the US government, including the highest levels in Washington, DC as well as federal and local law enforcement agencies including the FBI, Secret Service and Justice Department, the efforts of the legislators to have the pedophile ring busted resulted in a number of people dying mysterious deaths. To protect their own who after generations of inbreeding to keep their race “pure” degenerated into faggots, the Jewish media suppressed the information about the Franklin Cover-up and when victims came out to tell their stories, portrayed them as the bad guys.

A lot of the documentary focuses on children from “Boys Town” and talks about characters such as Peter Citron or Larry King, the latter of whom held parties at his Washington mansion on Embassy Row that were attended by top US politicians and congressmen who used children for pedophilia.

This is easily one of the most disturbing documentaries ever made yet I’m pretty sure it barely scratched the surface. Check it out and let me know what you think:

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Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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109 thoughts on “Conspiracy of Silence – Documentary Exposing Pedophile Rings in High Places”

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  1. Laws exist to administer the population, not to control the leaders and therein lies the problem, those who administer the law are, for all purposes and intent, above the law.

    In Britain there was a odd fellow called Jimmy Savile, everybody knew he was a paedophile, the police knew, the media knew, the government knew, the man in the street knew and yet he was never visited by the law and so his crimes went on for fifty years until his death.

    After the funeral it all came out and now the British police are running around arresting any old celebrity that once slapped a woman’s ass in the 1960’s, the reason, so it looks like they are doing their job when in fact we know that they did not and will continue not to do their jobs.

    The reason why he was never arrested or why no media outlet ever printed anything was because he used to arrange paedophile parties for the top social hierarchy, he would deliver the children to parties where all the top police officers, judges, politicians, high government officials and many other high profile and very, very rich and influential sorts.

    Once he died however he could no longer name names and so the truth somewhat came out, the fact that he was a paedophile and that he arranged parties was released but the media remained silent on the cliental side, a lot of money changed hands to hush up those in the know, others were threatened with jail and huge fines for their “lies”.

    This is sadly the way the world works, the rich and influential can do whatever they want, laws and morality do not exist in their world, only pleasure and they have the means to always be able to satisfy any pleasure that they could ever want.

    Laws, just like taxes are for the little people..

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    2. @CityGirl Nah he wasn’t a ped0phile but since most americans are dumb about the subject they call ped0phile anyone that sleeps with someone under the age of 18 because they are so brain washed and paranoid about thinking horny teenagers are saints/children which is not true FACT here’s the chart if you were wondering what he is:

      Infantophilia – ages 0-3 (This would be babies and toddlers we truly live in a sick world huh)

      Pedophilia – ages 4-10 (Most ped0s like these ages most they don’t even care for horny teenagers they go for the children and preteens and to tell the truth there’s a lot of them working in elementary/middle schools which keep raping/harming little girls of course the girls won’t say a damn thing which make them unstoppable)

      Hebephilia = ages 11-14 (These ages would be the age gap of preteens/children turning themselves into horny teenagers therefore they start growing pubic hair, getting tits, hormones going crazy, liking guys etc you know what I’m talking about it’s just part of the girl’s evolution body)

      Ephebophilia = ages 15-19 (Finally we arrive at what he was at the time that happened, he was or he is a Ephebophile judging from articles most men like these kind of girls although they might deny it because it’s illegal in the US commonly called Jailbait, (depending the state laws some states allow 16+ to go out with older guys) of course in the US these horny teenagers are treated like children which is being idiot because they don’t look like children at all, they don’t act like children they are practically too old for ped0phile to like yet a lot of dumbfucks in the US call everyone a ped0 because they all have the ped0 paranoia that the media fed to the sheep)

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  2. Being that government official engage in pedophilia, once the subject is brought to the minds of the public, people will be swayed and manipulated by the media to think that pedophilia is “normal.” Same thing happened to homosexuality.

    Think. Homosexuality was classified as a mental illness, until scientists succumbed to gays and removed the classification. Pedophilia is most certainly a mental illness, but as we saw with homosexuality, it does not take much for the classification to be changed.

    What was the logic for allowing homosexuality? “Love is love. You have no right to decide that two people can’t be together because they’re the same gender.” That’s the logic we see sheep defending gays.

    It will most definitely repeat with pedophilia as we move further down the abyss. “Love is love. If both people consent, then what’s the problem? You have no right to decide that two people can’t be together because of some number [age]!” And here’s the scary part – it’s already happening. With the successes of homosexuals, pedophiles will be the next ones seeking acceptance, as there is a clear link between homosexuals and pedophilia.

    When will this madness end?

    1. What also strikes me is the agenda of gender mainstream, the kids are encouraged at a very young age to decide what sex they want to have and they are told that the body doesnt decide it. Further the parental roles are washed down to a single function of breeding, the state will then take over the raising of the minds.
      The goal is to create a neuter and rootless being, easy to control and in the future even only bred in vitro. Brave Now World.

    2. No one was stopping gays to “love” one another, live together, (I’ll stop there). I feel like a lot of straight couples get married to stay in line with their religious beliefs. I don’t think gay couples are worried about religion, so the only other benefit I see for them to get married is tax benefits. In other words, when they fight for “gay rights”, aren’t they just fighting for money?

      1. Nope. They want to love who they wish, and live happy. You are born gay. You can choose to live a straight lifestyle, but it’s be fake. Ask a straight person when they chose to be straight. They didnt. Right? I know that when I’m with my fianc?, I love her more than anything. If I didn’t feel attraction to her and I felt it towardsen, I would not deny myself of true love. Gays don’t care about the money aspect. If a straight couple marries and one dies the wife or husband gets their assets, so yes money is a slight perk, but I doubt it’s everything. They will be ale to cash in I the life insurance, so they’ll have help with bills, since there is no longer two incomes. Not rough funds to continue living as they did together, and it helps with funeral costs. I think theist important part of it is to probably just being treated as equals to everyone else. Usually days leave people alone and go about their business. They aren’t blacken selling drugs and beating up kids and women. They make great neighbors because they take care of their shit! This is my opinion only I know. My fiances brother is gay ad my bestfriend is too. They are a couple of the best people I know! They are gay though! Not faggots! Big difference.

    3. @Nachfolger when will this madness end ..? By the looks of it never as you’ve seen in this documentary that *the pen isn’t mightier than the sword* the only way to get justice is to kill those who hurt others.

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  3. Mark I have been digging into this problem for awhile now and its goes really damn deep. If you dont know I suggest you look up the case of Mark Dutroux. Also check out some stories of child actors. Hollywood is not as nice a place to children as one would think.

    1. The politicians are in the pockets of the church. The church is in the bed with the politicians. And the people are in the clutches of both.

      I imagine you could through in Hollywood as a nightstand upper in between government and church!

  4. Show me on the child molester where the doll touched you!

    All jokes aside, it’s a much bigger conspiracy than even this video touches. Unfortunately, victims of child rape are being silenced at the federal level once their cases go through the courts, making this issue (even in this video), more of a problem then what this video even touches on the surface.

    Lawyers are making it worse and not the lawyers for the pedophiles; but the lawyers for the victims. What is happening is that no lawyer will touch a victims case these days unless there is a money payout. With that payout comes forced silence by order of the courts on the victims. So victims have to choose between nothing and no justice, or no justice and a payout along with forced silence. There seems to be no middle ground on justice and a voice. If this makes no sense I’ll elaborate:

    In 2002 I was a part of a settlement at the age of 28-years-old with a certain State and church within that state. Legally, I cannot state the specifics because protecting the guilty was paramount in this case. I can say I was born in Bountiful, Utah and went to a big church within the community.

    I wanted no money, I only wanted justice to those that were involved; and there were many. Government, church and even family members brainwashed by the church. However, I couldn’t get justice because I couldn’t get a lawyer to help me until there were dollar signs attached to my case and then, to my pain, it became more about my lawyers and their lawyers, and less and less about myself and three others involved. I even discussed the notion of eliminating the lawyers and dealing with law enforcement and that went nowhere at all. So, I went with the lawyers fully expecting the nation, or at least the state, to hear our story. None of that happened. The next thing we know is that we were offered a settlement on the main condition to never talk about the names, church or players involved ever again. Our lawyers convinced the other two that was best and with money shimmering in their eyes, I had no choice but to accept the deal. I was even made out to be the bad guy when I was resistant to the settlement offer. Even if I had not accepted the deal, no lawyer would have picked up my solo case for no payout. It’s funny, justice has a cost it seems; and it seems justice has no cost at the same time.

    At first I thought cool, I got a shit ton of money. But at what cost? At first I though shit: 1.1 million dollars, it was fucking worth it. That thought lasted a few hours after receiving the rape money. In the end, I ended up traveling the World for 5 years and then donated $750K (pretty much what was left), to St. Judes Childrens research hospital.

    My one small situation involved many people. It very much involved a huge church and a whole fucking State (and a few of it’s officials) in the US. And in the end, no justice, only silence was ever achieved. So it’s no wonder that that same issue involves a whole country and the fat cats and good ol’ boy clan that fills it. And in the end, the lawyers will only think of themselves and put justice on the backburner for money. Mean while, the victims are still silent, or forced into silence, by those same lawyers that were hired to help them.

    1. I’ll add more: For those wondering: I very much tried to speak out at the point I was ok speaking out in the mid-1990’s. Unfortunately, blind sheep (Something this site pushes against! Maybe why I’m drawn here), will not listen. With just a voice I was considered a anti-church young man with a mental issue. Even called a liar!

      The court only listened when more can out. And even then, they barely listened at first. The church didn’t listen at all at first and dismissed me as again, an anti-church young man with mental issues.

      Silenced both comes forced and by those not wishing to listen.

  5. This is awful! I can’t understand why anyone would say bad stuff about all gays. That is messed up! There are more straight perverts than gay or lesbian perverts. It doesn’t make the situation any better. People like these pigs, give good gays a bad name. My finances brother is gay and my bestfriend is gay. They are the coolest guys I know! Not pigs, very generous, hard working and very successful. I will never have room in my life for fruit ball gays, but these masculine guys that are like every other man, other than the fact that they were born attracted to a different sex. Who cares? Get over it. I guarantee you that everyone is friends with one gay person, even if they don’t know it.
    On another note, I have read about orphaned children, male and female being tossed into prisons, to “serve” the prisoners! Sick! No child or teen, with ther head on right, should be forced into this! However, those who choose to live the “rentboy”, lifestyle, can’t complain when people treat them poorly or discriminate.

  6. The ritual is only performed by extreme orthodox jews’. Many of the rabbis would rather do jail time than stop this odd ritual. What they do it slice off the foreskin and then take a sip of red wine[blood of cheist], and they put their mouth above the penis and release the wine into the wound. It burns and kills bacteria. They also suck the blood from the wound because it kills bacteria due to the wine. However many rabbis skip the wine step and that’s how these babies are getting herpes and dying! I think this whole ritual is barbaric and stupid. There are other ways! Churches adapt, to follow the law. Or they are supposed to! Many rabbis do not suck the blood , and on the 8th day of life, circumcise the baby and remove the blood with a glass tube like device. Stil extremely barbaric. I am so grateful that I am circumcised though! SO glad! Not Jewish though. Lol. Not religious at all. Think about this! About 70% of adults in NYC, have oral herpes. That’s an insanely high number. So it is extremely careless, to perform these rituals using oral suction. Wowo. I can’t even read this one, it’s just too crazy.

  7. Google is owned by jews.
    The jews bible say:
    Sanhedrin 55b. A Jew may marry a three year old girl (specifically, three years “and a day” old).
    Sanhedrin 54b. A Jew may have sex with a child as long as the child is less than nine years old.

    1. If a woman has a fully developed labia (obviously a full grown woman is possessing of such features), and a shaved pussy as well, I fail to see how she would come off as pre-pubescent, my friend.

      I’ve never actually seen a child pussy, per se, but I’d imagine that the two aforementioned pussies differentiate greatly πŸ™‚ If I remember correctly, my cock as a child was a shriveled shrimp of a thing and now it’s a glorious meat-pipe of poundingly perfect proficiency, a shrine to sexual flawlessness, a fuzzy ambassador of the planet Buttfuck

  8. Does anyone else feel like this article somehow got Mark in trouble? As far as I know it’s been two days with no posts since this was posted…

    But hey, it’s probably nothing.

    Anyway though, this information doesn’t even shock me. It doesn’t even bring an ounce of disquiet to my little black heart. The capacity of Americans and Jews for pure evil is astounding. Well, WAS astounding. It’s typical to see this kind of immorality now a days. I’d bet a thousand dollars that each and every president back to good ol’ Washington himself has committed an act of illegal sexual deviance.

  9. I dont have a problem with gay people…… I could care less who you decide to fuck, everyone has the right to make that decision for themselves. It’s when the other party member isnt willing or being taken advantage of that sickens me. I’m so glad I’m not religious lol

  10. I was shocked that George Bush was in to kids. I have a feeling his indoctrination in to Skull & Bones probably warped his sexuality. Barney Frank was also at these sex parties in D.C. That one doesn’t shock me, but still, the fact that child sex rings are going on all over the states cloaked under the cover of night should shock you. The government tends to do what it wants…

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