Innocence Destroyed – Documentary on How Thousands of Children Die in CPS Each Year

Innocence Destroyed - Documentary on How Thousands of Children Die in CPS Each Year

Innocence Destroyed is a documentary directed by Bill Bowen about how the US Child Protective Services miserably fails at their job and how thousands of children end up murdered while in their custody each year. Bill Bowen is former firefighter and federal law enforcement officer. He’s pretty delusional and disconnected from reality, but he makes a good point about CPS so he gets the feature.

As one would naturally expect, the job of Child Protective Services is to “protect children”. Or so it should be and most people may think that that’s exactly the case, however the truth is much, much grimmer.

The documentary starts with an account of a single mother named Tausha Cram. As one would expect from a single mothers, Tausha Cram could not wait to wrap her labia around a wigger dick and surprise… ended up pregnant. Since the spawn was a kid of a wigger and a wigger bitch with Tausha as her first name, the girl developed a thyroidal condition. Tausha left wigger cause he was “abusive” – no shit he was abusive. She chose to fuck him, future single mothers always choose the biggest winners to fuck. After leaving Washington state, Tausha settled in Oregon where she was trying to obtain medical insurance for her daughter so she could get the medicine. CPS charged her with medical neglect and took the child from her.

While I agree that taking a child from a failed woman is the right direction to take, giving it to the custody of murderers is hardly a solution. CPS sent little Adriana Cram to Mexico to live with an aunt and uncle of the wigger Tausha had previously so passionately fucked. Wigger, for the purpose of the article, is any complete loser that gets all the pussy in the world because that’s whom future single mothers fuck. A future single mother would not, under any circumstances consider a healthy relationship with a decent man. That’s why they end up being single mothers and that’s why they’re failed women.

Needless to say, little Adriana Cram died in Mexico and Tausha was told the she’d died of asthma. However an independent review of the autopsy report suggested that Adriana had been physically abused and likely tortured on a daily basis.

The documentary later presents a partial list of known cases of children who died in the custody of Child Protective Services. Their causes of deaths range from battered to death, baked to death, asphyxiated to death, starved to death, dehydrated, stuffed in a freezer, poisoned with bleach, drowned in bucket, shot to death, dismembered, slashed throat, cracked skull, stabbed, overdosed on drugs, all the way to lost or missing.

While CPS is often indirectly connected to the abuse of children by placing them in the custody of people with criminal records, they are sometimes involved in the abuse directly. A case of a Child Protective Services supervisor from Phoenix named David Wigton accused of sexually molesting a 4 year old girl and two teenage boys is presented as one of the examples.

A great metric that shows the awfulness of Child Protective Services are children themselves. If what CPs does with the children was in their best interest, the kids would not be running away from them in such huge numbers.

As Bill Bowen correctly clarifies, CPS likes to use the phrase “in the best interest of the children” yet nobody really knows what exactly they mean when they say it. Upon closer examination, it would seem that what they really mean is “in the best interest of CPS as determined by CPS“.

The solid conclusion that can be drawn from all this is – feminism destroys.

The truncated version of the documentary is presented in three parts. There is also a full feature of the film available – those keen on learning more may try to look it up.

Innocence Destroyed Part 1:

Innocence Destroyed Part 2:

Innocence Destroyed Part 3:

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42 thoughts on “Innocence Destroyed – Documentary on How Thousands of Children Die in CPS Each Year”

  1. Without wanting to sound like a communist, the reason why the vast majority, if not all, care services fail is because of capitalism.

    The notion of a service that cares is a good notion however, be it care homes for the old, for the young, for the mentality ill, they are all subject to profit and loss.

    This is where capitalism comes into play, capitalism in its present form is an extreme representation of the original idea and a wholly corruptive representation of Adam Smith’s economic stance on best practice.

    The care home then must make money and the morally bankrupt cock suckers who run these places come to their usual ideas, they pay very little wages to the staff and thus as the saying goes “you pay peanuts, you get monkeys”, in order to get staff at these levels of wages they do not probe too deep into their history.

    They also cut the level of funding to these places which of course limits the level of care, what you end up with then is not a care home but a prison, where the customer “prisoner” is left alone to rot in isolation, I would actually argue that a prisoner would be better looked after than the customers of these places.

    Whether the care home is a private or public funded company is irrelevant, they will be run in much the same way, profit before loss, profit before care and humanity.

    This is pretty much why our societies are in such a huge, gigantic, pile of stinky horse shit, because our rulers be it political leaders, business leaders, financial leaders are all in it for the money and not for you, you are only a figure on their spreadsheets and if you do not make them any money then they will remove you because you are nothing but an expense and under this extreme form of capitalism a loss is unacceptable.

    The above form of thinking is why cheap foreign labour is allowed to take our jobs and why our business leaders are allowed to pay them peanuts to undercut us. It is why our homes cost far more to buy than their actually worth and it is why the cost of living is very high despite the low quality of service provided.

    Greed, simply put, greed. This sadly is an unavoidable concept for it is a manifestation of the ego and we human beings are too emotionally childish to control its more destructive side, the end result is that we are a childish entity with a childish society and a childish outlook on life, will we ever grow up and change, maybe, but before we actually destroy ourselves, probably not.

    1. Myself being a Communist (Leninist-Marxist, though I detest Stalin as he was no Communist) I’ll agree entirely. In your comment there are so many truths that I know first hand. I get disgusted at the “Greed is good, it gives people inspiration!” catchphrase of Capitalist propaganda while so many suffer when they shouldn’t be suffering at all. It’s fucking sick.

    2. I have been afraid to make babies because of this kind of thing. I could not tolerate it. I would probably seek revenge if my child was taken by government or anyone…..I would just flat loose all my sanity. I’m non-violent by nature but I know my limits. Nothing disturbs me more than child abuse. Especially child abuse as a result of greed. I cannot tolerate people drugging their kids at ages as young as 6yr old. Because they are hyper or have ADHD. That shit is child abuse also. Ritalin is called “Kiddie Cocaine” on the streets because its cheap and you can crush it and snort it to get similar effects. It is a type of amphetamine. The world is in to much of a mess and humanity is still in the process of being born. We are not even children yet. If humanity as a species is not “matured” or “birthed” yet then that means we are still not truly self-aware. That means Mankind as a whole is having an identity crisis. So, in a world having an identity crisis a person who becomes self-aware seems like a crazy person.
      The vehicle we have (The Body) is material and temporal. The driver (The Mind) is changeable and can take any form/direction. As far as we know the mind is not material nor temporal.

      We can drive to heaven. Or to hell. Depending on the state if mind.

      Greed, as far as I can see, has suppressed what B. Fuller called “livingry”. Livingry is a high technology designed to sustain life. It is opposed to Weaponry.

      Tesla, Rife, Reich and Meyer are just a few great inventors who were feared and suppressed by the greedy who have a monopoly on energy.


  2. Wow, how the fuck can they get away with that shit? I thought there was a law against allowing family members be involved in a court case (like if they are involved and their relative is the judge/ member of the jury)..

  3. why is the reduction of fv larvae considered a bad thing? meh, they would’ve grown up to be assholes like the rest of us. I wish cps had gotten me as I would now be out of the misery of my fv existence, but then I would’ve missed best gore and the company of all you sick fuks.

    1. i agree with you @hung. the human race is in no danger of extinction at this point, therefore, procreation is destructive at best to ourselves and to the environment. if you want to stop these child-related problems, the obvious solution is to stop having children.
      having a child will not change the fact of my ultimate fate as an FV, all they seem to add is stress and money troubles, not to mention forcing you to associate with inlaws you can’t stand and other shithead parents. a dog(cat) brings the same comfort and joy that a child does without the loss of finances and independence.
      my ultimate goal is evolution of the mind, not having a bunch of things that look like me waiting to replace me when i’m dead.

  4. Being the product of a whore, I was lucky enough to endure a childhood filled with nightmares.
    Rape, beatings, starvation, abandonment, witness to suicide, murder and my mother sucking dick. All before the age of 5.
    CPS finally “rescued” me and placed me in a string of Foster homes, where I was molested, starved, had thumbtacks shoved into my tiny pussy, and forced to eat my Foster mom’s fishy snatch.
    “Rescued” again, I was placed with sketchy relatives where rape and physical abuse occurred immediately.
    CPS realized I was real fucked up by then and had me adopted by two white Christian folk who have raised me like a prisioner, and cleared out my college fund account as soon as the adoption papers were signed.
    CPS is a big fucking failure. Too many times have I seen where they took a child from.their abusive mother and placed them with their grandmother, who is just as fucking abusive, and mind you, she bred the little one’s abusive mother! Stupid fucks.
    They pay these lazy ass people to do welfare checks and many of them don’t even bother to. “I couldn’t find the house” or “I just checked a week ago”, the best is when they believe the child really fell down the stairs six times in a month.
    If we just threatened every child abuser with automatic death penalty, I’m guessing it would reduce abuse.
    Even better yet, if we threatened CPS workers with prison time for every child they fail, I’m sure they’ll work a lot harder to get their fucking jobs done and done right.

    1. @bevygwevy- Know how many times people i know and myself would call them to report sexual abuse on a child?! Soooo many times! These incompetent fucks would show up at the door and tell the mother that they’d be back in a week for an inspection and welfare check. By the time they came back, the little girls would be completely trained on what to say, threatened on what would happen if they told the truth and the cockroach infested home would reek of dollar store pine-sol! Even the bedbugs that resided in the couch sets would be on their best behavior! I watched with my own eyes as the system would fail innocent kids that eventually turned in to even more fucked up emotionless young adults!

      There most definitely needs to be harsher punishment for parents that can’t get the shit right! CPS needs to come up with better fucking standard on their procedures and protocol! Instead of aiding pedophiles, maybe they could um, i don’t know- actually investigate when they receive a call?! Lets also not forget about *majority* of the foster parents who want nothing more but the pathetic government stipend and all the free shit that comes along with it!

      You couldn’t pay me to relive the foster home experiences i had! I cried myself to sleep many times for feeling so alone and abandoned in those homes. Usually in a cold makeshift garage- turned room! Those issues that came with neglect, lack of empathy and not much actual tender care that a child needs has turned me into the confused- over thinking, girl that i am! Not much really bothers me- obviously- after all, I’m on this site. Lol. I guess I’m over it for the most part because its done and there are always kids that went through worse, but it doesn’t discount my experience and I’m sure that 25 years later it has only gotten worse. Sad.

    2. @bevygwevy- I agree with you! The system is a joke! There needs to be stricter consequences for the parents and better training and protocol/procedures for the incompetent CPS workers! Lets not forget the POS foster-home “caregivers”. I can tell you that there were many times that i reported sexual abuse of kids that was going on and these idiots would show up and tell the Mother that they’d be back in a week to do an inspection and follow-up. By the time they’d come back, the kids were drilled on what to say, threatened about going to live with complete strangers and dressed nicely. The cockroaches were tucked away, the house reeked of dollar store pine-sol and even the bed-bugs that lived in the couches were on their best behavior! You get to see the kids that were so abused turn into interesting young adults that lacked emotion and empathy for any other living thing. Its fucking sad and I’m sure its worse!

      The majority of these foster parents are only interested in the government stipend and freebies that come along with the “wards of the state”. My well-being was never considered! I lived in a cold makeshift garage- turned bedroom. All the way across the house, by myself. Left to cry myself to sleep on many occasions! There was no comfort, care or anything of the sort. Its made me who i am today! I can pretty much not be bothered by much! I also feel that being completely alone is scary. It takes me right back! I lack certain emotions because they were pretty much not developed, but i can also look deep inside myself and pull some positive from any situation. Hard to explain but it wasn’t a healthy way to grow, that’s for sure! I’m not the person that i was meant to be. All the shit i experienced changed me. I know there’s kids out there who had it waaay worse than i did, but it doesn’t make it any better. I doubt anything is better within the corrupted system now. I doubt it ever will be. Its a fucked situation for the kids but that’s life i guess! Sucks when you have to pay the price of having fucked parents.

  5. CPS IS a joke! My first experience with them as a 6 year old was horrendous! My best interests were never important to any of them. They removed me from a drug-infested home, only to throw me into a physically and mentally abusive home. I was better off where i started! There was no love, no care, just rules upon ridiculous religious rules and constant punishment! At 6, i wanted to run away! I remember how horrible it was there in vivid detail- 26 years later!

  6. I don’t want to start an argument, but why are single mothers automatically “failed women”? Do you think it’s not possible for a single mother (or even a single parent in general) to raise a child well? Genuine question, by the way.

    1. Hi AlexZlyano,

      Single mothers are not automatically failed women because individual circumstances have to come into the equation.

      Maybe the husband/boyfriend died or was abusive or maybe the relationship just did not work, this is life, these things happen.

      However the writer of this piece was trying to sum up the present social conundrum of large numbers of failed marriages and lone parenting that seems to be more prevalent than ever before and in doing so he as used sensationalism to get his point across.

      Had he not used sensationalism he would have had to keep making paraphrases all the way through and this tends to make for uncomfortable reading as well as alienating a lot of present and future Best Gore members who come here for a laugh.

      The reason he picks on women more than men when children are concerned is because in the vast majority of cases the women automatically gets the children on devolvement of the marriage/relationship, had this been the other way around no doubt we would be referring to failed fathers.

      To conclude, you should not take any written piece at face value, you should simply read it and then decide for yourself the truth for any written piece by an individual will always contain an opinion and that opinion may or may not resonate with you.

      1. @Empty soul.
        Thanks for your response and thanks for the other responses as well. Also if this ends up double posting, my apologies as this comment system gets a little confusing sometimes.
        I raised my point initially having been raised by a single mother my whole life, which may make me biased, but it also gives me a first hand experience of what it’s like to be raised well by a successful single parent. My mother is a very nice woman who never fucked around or did drugs, etc. I was already conceived by the time the abuse from my father started, so what’s done was done.
        I appreciate the use of sesationalism in the post, but obviously it can cause a little confusion with some people. Luckily this place is civilized and I won’t get cussed out for asking a genuine question and broadcasting my thoughts, like what would happen on Youtube or a similar site.
        Obviously there are plenty of “failed women” as there are “failed couples” and “failed men”, probably because the commitment of marriage is not taken seriously at all these days. The fact that women often get custody of the children when it’s not justified is probably a consequence of affirmative action.

    2. @empty-Perfectly said!

      @Alex-Not all marriages work out. Especially when you marry very young and are not the person that you’re meant to be yet. Sometimes you drift apart, sometimes there’s cheating, or there’s a death, and sometimes you realize that your own unhappiness is affecting your kids. There’s many single parents that raise quality members of society and many parents who are still together that breed garbage! It goes both ways. Its not a one size fits all interpretation. A mixture of a single mom and no-one raised me and I’m ok. Not perfect but ok. Lol. I wouldn’t let it hit a nerve. People will always surprise you and be an exception to the rule! 馃檪

      1. @Juicy.
        As I said above I think the commitment of marriage isn’t being taken seriously enough now, leading to so many “failed women” as Mark calls them. I agree with you on pretty much everything you say though.
        The usage of “failed women” to refer to single mothers probably did hit a nerve with me, but not consciously. I’m not mad and I understand the point he’s trying to make, but being raised by a single mother I feel obliged to try to defend the single parents who do a great job of raising children alone at great effort and expense!
        Thanks for your reply.

    3. simply speaking, it’s the woman’s fault for getting pregnant. you know if a man is an asshole before you suck his dick, but you fuck him anyway and then you let him cum in you. and don;t give me that “the condom broke” bullshit, of “i loved him” bullshit.
      i dont want children so i wear a rubber and i pull out even when wearing one. personal responsibilty. i also look at it like this; right nowt i am comfortable financially. but, if i suddenly threw a child into the mix i would be up shits creek…therefore, i do not put myself into the position to get a bitch pregnant. it’s all personal responsibility.
      however, women ARE more adept at raising children then men. of course its all biological but i digress….ok, yell at me now…

      1. @Obliterator.
        I can see what you’re saying about personal responsibility, but I think you might have simplified things a little.
        In terms of abusive relationships you’re mostly right, the woman should already know if the guy is an asshole, but every case is different. In the case of my parents my father only became abusive after my mother had already become pregnant.
        In other cases the woman can still really love the man who’s abusing her. The mind is a strange thing and emotions are very confusing, so abused partners feel the consequences of that. Of course that’s different for everyone and some women are able to leave at the first sign of abuse, whereas others get so attached that they try to “weather the storm”, thinking the abuse is okay and they just have to harden up.

        1. first of all, thank you for being rational and calm in your rebuttal. and second, you’re right, its not just black and white, there’s a thousand shades of fucking grey in between. i go out sometimes and see single mothers and they look so miserable, so fucking drained. they just yell at and plead with their bastards from the time they wake up until the time they go to bed. it’s a shame that there cannot be more “real” men in the world who will man-up, so to speak and take responsibility for their actions. but you still get those single mothers who feel too guilty to abort their mistake and have it, but still want to go out and about like they did before they got pregnant, evidence of that is all over the place… and that cannot happen. if you have a kid, that kid is now YOUR LIFE. you have no life anymore your life has now become devotion to your offspring.

          1. It’s great talking calmly and rationally on the internet for once, isn’t it? 馃榾
            I don’t understand the girls who choose to have children at ages as young as 16, sometimes even younger. Obviously in ancient times humans needed more offspring so continue the growth of the species, but in the modern world it’s really not necessary. I don’t understand why, if they want to still enjoy their young lives, they don’t just wait until an older age to have children. My mother gave birth to me at the age of 29, which I think is close to a perfect age to have children. She enjoyed herself in her 20s, went to concerts and parties, and had a fulfilling young adult life, meaning that when I was born she’d already had her fun and was ready to settle down.

  7. this story is cold, even for a BG reader. Sadly, even state run programs are just as bad. It has come out in little ole Tennessee USA that hundreds of kids have died in (we call it) DCS hands. The worst that came of the “leader” of the organization was she got fired. Boo-freaking-hoo. The worst part is she was fired because the story got out not because of the atrocities.

  8. CPS is one of the sickest government organization out there. They steal and kidnapp children from their parent sometimes for ridiculous charges. The parents had “racist” tendencies so we took away all their children. They don’t even go to normal court, CPS has it’s own private court and judge “FAMILY COURT”.
    CPS is ran by pedophiles and people who dont even give 2 shits about the children.
    When the revolution happens, the top 10,000 CPS workers will be hanging from lamp posts.

  9. Although the children are the ones who messed up because of the system, I believe that the parents, being single mothers/fathers or 2 parents, that the focus should be on educating the parents and showing them that they are capable of looking after their own kids. Also there should be much closer supervision of these families.

    When children are taken away from their familes, the people who end up looking after them are often worse than the original family. When circumstances dictate that a child has to be removed, they should only be placed with families who have been throughly vetted and have equally close supervision. The ultimate goal is to get those children back with their familes when the families are better able to care for them.

    Supervision should be ongoing.

  10. it is pointless to have children nowadays. they are nothing more then replications of two different strands of DNA. as human beings we have now reached a level of sentience that does not require us to continuously reproduce. the focus is now on the individual self. my consciousness does not transfer to my children therefore they have nothing to do with me when i am gone, they are just things that look like me.

  11. I would love nothing more than to run a deathcamp for pedopiles rapists and child murderers. It would be beautiful with cattle cars showing up and me standing on the ramp declaring left/right for extermination or forced labor unto death. I seriously cant sleep some nights i desire this so much. im getting a hard on just imagining it. oh one can dream lalalala

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