Bloated Floater with Puffed Up Penis Fished Out in Brazil

Bloated Floater with Puffed Up Penis Fished Out in Brazil

This Brazilian guy was supposedly trying to save a drowning kid but the God of Water swallowed him too. Maybe a fleshy treat for the Kraken but the beast didn’t like the taste of human filth? On a plus side… impressive girth!

Body bloats up as it begins to decompose and as we’ve seen from the photos of tsunami victims, drowned males also end up with puffed up penises. I wonder if this type of decomposition would puff up the labia cause that could fix underdeveloped women.

Props to drccoco for the pics:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          1. Thanks Kels! It seems weird finding several people so quickly who recognize the film, but I guess goth opera isnt so weird fore a gore site.

      1. I had hurnia surgery in 04′ and the last week its been hurting my balls so I have to see a doc tonight, if I have to have surgery again I’m going to send it in, during my first surgery I busted the greatest bone in history and they had to break it, I got lots of cute smiles from the young pretty nurses, šŸ˜‰ but mama, you didn’t answer my Q

          1. Well, I went to the doc’s and they referred me to another dic, opps, doc, I have to have an ultrasound to see if I need surgery XD

  1. So, do they take a syringe and drain it like they do for priapism, or do they put em in the special composite Brazillian coffins while stll pointing north? Be a heckuva suprise to the funeral goers if the coffin lid fell off and revealed ole morning glory.

  2. From a histologic stand point, the labia and penis are derived from the same embryonic tissue and as such should behave in a similar way.

    Simple answer: It will engorge just like the penis.

    1. or, a person could just try to get over themselves and take the aging process as an invetible part of life and just get on with it. The world is full of extremely handsome men, there is always another one to take thier place.

    1. @lisa
      Just fyi, when someone drowns in a canal, there A LOT worse than this… I remember helping pull a guy from a canal years ago(with FD), he was green like the incredibe hulk and smelled like something I can’t describe..he’d only been missing 4days, but I was told because of the high content of bacteria in water,decomp was accelerated..

      1. mmmm, yummy. Good thing I wasn’t eating when I read that. God that had to have been nasty…reminds me of when I was at my brothers funeral.He’d been at the coroners office for over a week, and his body had started to decompose, his arm was leaking formaldehyde. Ewww.

        1. When I went to see my dad at the chapel of rest one day the lady there warned me that my dad had ‘turned’. I was freaking out, ‘Turned?’ fucking ‘Turned?’ What the fuck is that? I’d seen way too many horror films for someone to tell me my dad’s corpse had ‘Turned’.

          1. I hadn’t heard that expression. The funeral home tried to hide it, by covering his arm with the inner lining of the coffin, when I was replacing it, was when I noticed it. It would have been nice if they’d have told me.

  3. “And for my third and final wish, oh magic genie of the lamp, I want you to cure my premature ejaculation.”

    Bad genie, bad, bad genie.

    Guess eons trapped in a bottle made genie a little sadistic.

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