Bloated Woman Fished Out of a River

Outer Layer of Skin Began to Peel Off Bloated Woman

Bloated Woman Fished Out of a River

I don’t have any background info whatsoever on these photos. By the looks of it, a bloated corpse of a middleaged woman was pulled out of a river. Outer layer of her skin started to peel off and her face bulged to grotesque proportion. I can imagine the stench she was giving off was beyond horrid. There also seems to be a gash on her upper abdomen – not sure if that’s a result of advanced putrefaction of whether it’s a wound that had anything to do with her death.

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29 thoughts on “Bloated Woman Fished Out of a River”

    1. Swollen water deaths are my absolute fav! Especially the ones where the fish and what not have had a feast particularily on the face. Although there is one on BG that shows a portion of the spine and ribs. Awesome!
      I do agree though that I would want to be be found like that. 馃檪

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