Corpse on a Beach in Brazil

Corpse on a Beach in Brazil

You know… Brazil. It’s not only the streets that are full of corpses. You find them randomly scattered along the beaches too. This one was discovered on Saturday March 17, 2012 in the district of Guriú/Camocim.

The photos reminded me of this priceless video from a Brazilian beach you all have probably seen. Nothing like a day on a filthy beach and a corpse gets washed ashore:

Photos of our corpse only available in low resolution:

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56 thoughts on “Corpse on a Beach in Brazil

  1. VIP ? he was a very important person at some stage? I think he looks ‘dressed up’ for a ‘carnival’, some sort of ‘gay pride’ parade?

  2. Did anyone notice that all the women matched the little girls in beast size in this video? Including the fat chicks?
    Now, Google is one misleading son of a bitch, if you type in Brazilian Woman in the image search, all these big breasted, attractive women come up…Perhaps this is why Brazilian men are so angry and quick to kill, they are being mindfucked terribly by their native bitches.

  3. is it possible that the admin of bestgore absolutely hates brazil,brazilian people and only looks on the bad sides of brazil?
    of course it is a fucked up country but so is the whole world

    • He goes where the gore is. Honduras has the highest murder rate but they must not film it as much as Brazil does. It aint no personal vendetta, All sides of Brazil are bad sides

  4. He deffinately looks like a gay guy tho, or does evryone over there wear such loud shirts? Not saying he deserved to die if he was gay just loving the outfit he was found in… Fabulous.

  5. As I am a native brazilian, i’ll tell you guys another funny fact about this vid.

    At 0:30 min you can hear: “Ela ainda ‘tá’ cagada, porra!”
    which means: “She still has shit in her panties, damn!”

    You also can notice that by noting that the girl’s pantie looks like a bag of potatoes.

    This may be a common event on northeast of Brazil and Rio de Janeiro, probably. So be alert!
    Sorry for bad english(?) =S

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