Drowning Pictures of 15 Year Old Mexican Girl

Drowning Pictures of 15 Year Old Mexican Girl

I got the information from another website which stated that the drowning victim in these pictures is a 15 year old girl from Mexico. I have no means to verify the information so I’m passing it along in the same way. Whether she’s really 15 or not is anyone guess as is the reason why she ended up drowned in a river topless, wearing a miniskirt.

Let me repeat myself clarifying what I made clear many times before: No, this is not child sex photography. On one hand, we are only speculating that this girl is 15 but first and foremost, the subject in these photos is a victim (of a crime, a successful suicide attempt or an unfortunate accident). These are not pictures of a girl, these are pictures of a corpse. The pictures were taken to document the case, the victim was not stripped (or directed to strip) for the pictures, nor was she posed to make sexual in nature.

Images of such nature are not illegal, in fact, they are standard material used in medical books and in investigation practices. If pictures like that were illegal, many medical books would be breaking the law. Use of images of corpses in undress for educational and illustrational purposes is not child pornography. Or do you think the rescuers need to go to jail for touching a body of a topless, possibly 15 year old girl?

Picture gallery with shots of an allegedly 15 year old Mexican girl dead from drowning is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. Anther good bye to something sweet.. Poor, girl.:( Looks kine of cute, “Yea your right, Lucky-louie, ?Rescue? clips I?ve seen on TV where surfers,, I think we might have bin watching the same V.T. program,, LOL…:D

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