Escape Artist Drowns in Bathtub Practicing Her Act

Escape Artist Drowns in Bathtub Practicing Her Act

Real or fake? What do you guys think? Some say it’s just another act by the infamous Paper Bag Asphyxiation porn model from Japan. Some even say it’s an Asian dude performing the act. Then there are many who believe it’s real – many speculations, no solid proof of anything. So I’m bringing it up with you S.O.B.s – watch the video and give me your take on it? Is this a video of an escape artist drowning in a bathtub in a trick gone bad or a pretty good fugazi video of a person with really hawt ass (I seriously hope it’s not a dude…)?

Fact of a matter is – she really doesn’t try all that hard to escape. If one really wanted to avoid drowning, they would twist and turn until they’ve grabbed a hold of that sink which is so insanely close to this insanely squishy bathtub. Also – who the hell would practise an escape act alone at home? Having an assistant to suspend your feet up in the air as you lay in bathtub with your hands cuffed behind your back seems much easier than attempting to do the same all on one’s own.

What are your theories? Weird Japanese fetish? Snuff? Asian twink in woman’s clothes? WTF?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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255 thoughts on “Escape Artist Drowns in Bathtub Practicing Her Act”

      1. yeah, it looks legit. nobody can really hold their breath for more then one minute, and less if you are moving around and kicking like that. it is always best to hold your breath staying still but she had to move to try to get out.

      1. This is my favorite vid 8D
        Best Trick ever
        You think shes trying to get out
        but thats a ruse the real magic trick is she makes her life disappear. encore encore do it again.Oh wait i guess thats gonna fall in to the cata-Gorey of : A 1 trick pony

    1. I’ve done 4 tours and believe me the body cramps from no oxygen watch her legs and pay attention and zoom on left side guaranteed the dumb bitch sucked water. for those who were in Vietnam special forces no damn well the zipper is dead and delt with this ya you can officially say DEAD

      1. I gotta go with real on this one, the way she moved , then panicked, then moved again seems spot on, either that or she a very good actress with a huge lung capacity, oh and I can hold my breath for 3mins when I’m still, and about 60 secs if kicking like that.

  1. If it’s fake, the person can hold his/her breathe for like 2:20 minutes long. Look like one of Jigsaw’s test! LOL It’s hard to be a real self-video because, the person need some help to tie the boots to the rope then it’s hard to handcuff yourself like that. So I think it’s either a real torture film by a sadist or a made-up movie.

    1. True there is no way someone can tie her legs and hands without a handy from some one. If your hands are tied how are you going to tie your legs or other way round. Maybe she was with someone who helped her and eventually walked out of the room just to find her drowned upon returning.

      1. Dont they appear to be handcuffs more that binding? I dunno about this, it looks like it could be real. 2 mins of holding ones breath? If he/she were a pro swimmer, or deep sea diver, or asthmatic(funny, but true) she would have larger lungs, but if this is a woman, I’d have to say this is quite possibly true. If she had in fact used cuffs and it looked to me like the camera was fixed in one position, so perhaps she wanted to see her act before going public with it, this is entirely possible.

          1. It doesnt look that difficult to tie your boots together and then reach behind your knees to cuff your hands. i did find it odd that the laces on the front of the boots appear to be tied to something in front of the boots preventing her legs from being forced backwards. you can see it at 1:27

        1. Asthmatic people in general do not have larger lungs, NB when having asthmatic attacks even have narower airways. I think you are confusing with copd. In severe copd, emfysema is most of the time prominent. Altough emfysema causes a bigger total lung capacity, it doesn’t mean you can hold breath longer. In fact there is a significant increase in fysiological dead space.

          1. I will correct that statement, I am asthmatic, and a woman, in 2006, I had x-rays done of my lungs, and they had to change slides, they asked me if I was a deep sea diver, I said no, but that as I was growing up, I had asthma, and it wasn’t diagnosed for years. This somehow caused me to gain size in my lungs, I promise you, I am telling the truth. They use mans slides to x-ray my lungs as they are oversized, and they did tell me they saw that frequently in deep sea divers and asthmatics, so perhaps some have it and some don’t, I’m merely speaking from experience here….

          2. When it comes to COPD and asthma the capacity is larger yes, but the ability to use that capacity is dramatically lowered. My mother has genetic Emphysema and is in the PRE-EMPHASEMA phase of contracting it to a full blown case. At top health (if you can call it that) she can last maybe 30 minutes walking before she cant breath. When I say that Im being very generous.

      1. saw this on another site labeled snuff video by sadist or words to that effect. im slightly leaning towards thinking fake although it was a really good fake! but big white mask on face could have been anything under there including an oxygen tube.

    2. at 1:27 her boots are also tied to something else to KEEP her in that position. she could of tried to push down with her hands/arms to sit up, but her legs kept being hoisted in the up position to keep her in that position until she drowned. i believe there would of been slack or better yet, she could of used that rope to her own advantage if it was simply tied to something, but no, i think she was hoisted and kept in that position. by the way ,tie yourself underwater like that, see how long you can ‘hold your breath’, i bet you would be surprised at how long you can withstand..

      1. cant blame people for wanting to believe this is fake. like that one video i watched awhile back, dont remember the website but that chick was being fed what looked like dog poop, and to think she was doing that of her own free will like some people thought made my eyes roll. more than likely she was forced to do it. that video was fucked up, obviously.

      2. on second view, er third view i dont know but from the start her legs/feet are kept in that position by that rope hoisted up. the camera doesnt capture it simply because it is in the upper frame but, just watch. i am not CSI but got dam, just look, SEE! This is BestGore. This appears very real.

        1. she tries in vain early on to undo her handcuffs, later on once she is really drowning she ties to slip her legs and boots from the ropes. i guess if her feet were tied so close together where she could only sort of kick like a mule this video wouldnt have been so dramatic. the illusion that her legs were ‘loosely’ tied made her think she could slip her legs from out from them. maybe people have to slow motion it, but you can tell even in regular video that she tries so many different ‘angles’ or whatever how she moves her legs and knees to slip out of the rope.

  2. im just tyring to figure out how one does this. tie there feet up and whatnot then cuff themselves? iono, pretty interesting either way, especially the desprate struggle to get air, lol. (btw, first post ever)

        1. i dunno, i like to think if i was in that situation i coulda moved around to get my legs or at least the back of my feet to grip the side of the tub and to pull my head up to get a breath. but, whatever… maybe theres more to it.

  3. Okay, why is the colour of her/his arms so much whiter than the legs?
    This is what I think – fake.
    Top half is one of those weird sex/companion dolls and the bottom half is an actual person.
    Clever but not quite real.

  4. This is strangely the first video of someone drowning or allegedly drowning on BG. Anyway, this could be as real as possible, or studio fake BS. Firstly, the victim looks like a male by what I can tell because of what I could see if their face under the water. But it look as if they were small enough (and the tub big enough) for them to maneuver out of the water and flop like a fish out of water (or in the case one stuck in water) to get out and survive. I say this because their hands look closet to the lower back than rather behind the legs which could have helped them simply roll over and get up. The fashion sense this moron chose to wear looks slightly pornographic. If I had to give a final say it would be this was some weird fetish simply gone wrong similar to an accidental death from autoerotic asphyxiation.

    1. i was also thinking that, but you should try to get up with legs bound with a rope fixed on the wall and your hands cuffed behind your back, all he/she could do was pull so hard that he/she flips all the way under water

      1. But if your fighting for your life it’s a diferent story. The human body has amazing strength when it’s life and death. I agree it’s very hard or even impossible for some but when your in this situation, your gonna do it. Because the color of her/his skin under water compare to not is obviously different, looks like she/he had a couple of ways to escape and the length she held her/his breath I’m gonna asume it’s fake. What a way to die if it’s real, my three fears of dying is being burn alive, stuck in a position where you can’t move( have broken bones as you slowly die of thirst and hunger) and of course drowning.

  5. Her hands and the upper part of the body looks lighter than the lower parts, legs to be specific…….looks like a combination of two videos with a little application of computer graphic tricks.

        1. Really you can see her face even under water?!? No foolin mister honest to god?!? Gee golly you don’t say…must have giving you the creeps huh?

          don’t belive everything on the internet jackass…no matter how good the quality of video is.

          1. look it up
            look it up
            look it up
            oh and trooper72
            I’ve been coming to this site for almost four years I’m not here for friends I’m here for gore.

          2. Pale Rider is right.

            Shut the Fuck up Vanscom. If you were here for the Gore alone. You would have stayed off of the boards.

            I was quite polite in my recommendation that offending the regulars is nae good idea.

            If you have been lurking for 4 years… You would have known that.

  6. i say real. you will notice that the body first goes limp, this is the person inhaling water, this is followed by a convulsion triggered by the body’s nervous system, then we see almost riger mortis like symptoms as the body stiffens due to the nerve centres firing off constantly as the subject aproaches brain death, brain death occurs and the body goes limp again, this is either someone drowning or someone with an intimate knowledge of physiology and a great set of acting skills

      1. Besides since when does brain death occur and rigamortis set in after only a couple minutes? Even someone has drowned and gone “limp” as you put it their are still a couple of minutes to resuscitate the person if the video would have been a bit longer Id buy in to it but since it was only 2 mins I call bullshit

        1. Im a newb, i agree wi u- rigor doesnt set in until (early doors), 20 mins-half hour after death, then the water temp will affect onset, as will the musclar tension of the individual.Gawd knows if its real, but thats what I know…..
          And hi.

        1. if you?ll actually read my comment, the body?s synapses fire off constantly causing the body to tense up and stiffen almost like rigor mortis ( ?then we see almost riger mortis like symptoms?). resuscitation after drowning is only possible when someone has died of asphyxia cause by closure of the airway during drowning,

          If water enters the airways of a conscious victim, the victim will try to cough up the water or swallow it, thus inhaling more water involuntarily. Upon water entering the airways, both conscious and unconscious victims can experience laryngospasm, that is the larynx or the vocal cords in the throat constrict and seal the air tube. This prevents water from entering the lungs. Because of this laryngospasm, water enters the stomach in the initial phase of drowning and very little water enters the lungs. Unfortunately, this can interfere with air entering the lungs, too. In most victims, the laryngospasm relaxes some time after unconsciousness and water can enter the lungs causing a ?wet drowning?. However, about 10-15% of victims maintain this seal until cardiac arrest. This is called ?dry drowning?, as no water enters the lungs.

          meaning that the actual physiological cause of death is ceberal hypoxia which causes sudden brain death

          pale rider, you may be a regular but you are not very well informed

          richuncleskeleton ships medical officer, british merchant navy

      1. You mean the one that everyone thought looked just as fake as this one does yeah I remember that post the “leg lifter girl” right? I don’t know which one was more obvious this one or that one, glad you rememberd it tho cause when I saw this bus it reminded me of the “leg lifter”

    1. if you’ll actually read my comment, the body’s synapses fire off constantly causing the body to tense up and stiffen almost like rigor mortis ( “then we see almost riger mortis like symptoms”). resuscitation after drowning is only possible when someone has died of asphyxia cause by closure of the airway during drowning,

      If water enters the airways of a conscious victim, the victim will try to cough up the water or swallow it, thus inhaling more water involuntarily. Upon water entering the airways, both conscious and unconscious victims can experience laryngospasm, that is the larynx or the vocal cords in the throat constrict and seal the air tube. This prevents water from entering the lungs. Because of this laryngospasm, water enters the stomach in the initial phase of drowning and very little water enters the lungs. Unfortunately, this can interfere with air entering the lungs, too. In most victims, the laryngospasm relaxes some time after unconsciousness and water can enter the lungs causing a “wet drowning”. However, about 10-15% of victims maintain this seal until cardiac arrest. This is called “dry drowning”, as no water enters the lungs.

      meaning that the actual physiological cause of death is ceberal hypoxia which causes sudden brain death

      pale rider, you may be a regular but you are not very well informed

      richuncleskeleton ships medical officer, british merchant navy

      1. I’m doctor too richuncle…if I say it must be true right? And if repeat and copy what I read off Google and wiki then it really must be true, I’m also a fireman, a policeman, ex special forces and CIA sniper, a Russian cosmonaut, X-games champion, mountain climber, professional ping pong player, lucha libre wrestler, a Nigerian prince, and vanscom123s father

  7. I think it is real,
    first i think it’s a boy due to wearing panties and the boney hands, or some anorexic girl
    second, this is a case for mythbusters, looking forwards to see it on discovery channel

      1. i second that, although they did a sick reinactment of the jfk shooting in which th majic bullet went through everyone just like they claimed it did. i didnt think it was possible

  8. I dunno. It looks real. I noticed that the person doesn’t move their head or face much at all, and you can make out any features on the face. The person may have their head tied or weighted down. This might be a snuff film, or a really elaborate hoax.

  9. I wish its real and one more brainless organism reduced from the list but seems fake, many open points as; if she pushes her legs forward, the rope will stiffen and her face will come out of water, it seems 2 different bodies in 1 bathtube.

  10. But “escape artist” ?? Come on …
    If this is genuine then it looks more like a murder vid to me.
    You can clearly hear the tap running, so most likely this started with an empty bathtub.

          1. In that case im going to have a feast at taco bell at the food court at the mall before i do myself in wearing the shortest pair of 70s running shorts i can find. freeballing

      1. I tried (without water and with a friend of mine there!) and I managed to tie myself alone, legs first, then i put on the handcuffs.
        Then shaking myself i managed to pull myself up quite well and also pull off my boots without hands

    1. Agree …
      He/She had two ways to prevent death :
      (1) bend your knees in direction of your chest and then move your hands all the way up to the rope. Or at least pull your head out the water.
      (2) simply pull the drain plug of the tub …
      and hope your head comes above the waterlevel quick enough.

      1. the first, i don’t think it was possible for him/her to do while her hands are cuffed behind her back, and the second, where is the plug and how to pull it out with cuffed hands behind the back..

        1. No … look closely…
          As the video starts you can see the hands are not behind his/her back, but almost all the way up to the feet. It should easily be possible to untie the knot. Or at least lift yourself up to catch breath in all the attempts doing so…

  11. As “she” sits on the edge of the tub, she can bind her feet fine. With one wrist in the handcuffs, she can slip them under her legs, connect to the other wrist and simply fall backward into the tub. The only issue I have which would destroy the video’s legitimacy is that we don’t see her entering the tub. If she set it up herself (alone in the room), there would be footage of her entering.

  12. Real or fake, The real mystery has to be the sex of this person.
    Has a woman’s legs, But that haircut looks very japanese-school boyish.
    I think its fake, The rope restraining her legs to the wall could easily be for a push upwards, Thus exposing her head slightly.
    Some Asians are sickfucks x 3.

    1. % 100, this transvestite would easily lift his face above the water and the face is blurred on purpose, it seems like 2 different bodies, upper part is in a dry room under a plexy plate, if you watch only the hands you can see they move independent from the upper body and the ass 🙂

  13. Ive seen this one before. The one I saw said that it was of a boyfriend killing his girlfriend over cheating on him. Said it was out of Canada, that would be your neck of the woods. Went on to say she had the choice of drowning or being shot and let bleed to death. From the way it sounded he was just off camera with a gun.

      1. Im sorry I cant remember cause it was sent to me by a friend. But it is real. If you look the water is continually running and you can see the jerky movement that indicates true loss of all respiratory use.

  14. I am trying to post several links here to show it’s FAKE but my comments with links don’t get through on this crappy site…

    So , Anyway it’s proven FAKE.
    And already from 2009 (wtf man?!)
    Just have to trust me without the links then.

    I found out on the first and most obvious Google query.
    (so come on.. webmaster, do some fact-checking when you receive a video)

    Or go to livele*k-dot-c*m and search for “escape artist drowns” (2009) and you’ll get this video. Then read through the comments and follow the provided web-links. Apparantly this is some japanese fetish. And this actress appears in all of the movies, so she died at least several times :o)

        1. @dutchy84

          Piss Off back to YouTube…
          crappy site?! – my sweaty twat.
          You are one of those c**ts that doesn’t bother to read, just come for the pretty pictures.
          If you had bothered to take the time to read you would know BG is going through a lot of changes.
          People like you really get my tits in a knot.

          Personally I find the site is working better than ever!

          1. Whilst Spanky is working on unknotting your tits…

            I will be sorting out your ‘sweaty twat’.

            Haha. Oh Leslee, you have a way with words.


            The site has its issues. It can be a bit of an inconvenience.

            We value your opinion in attempting to prove this video is a fake.

            But we don’t value the jibes made at the site’s and Mark’s expense.

            We Goregians are a fiercely territorial bunch. Mark guarantees us freedoms which we will not be given on any other site. So the least we can do is defend his and the site’s honour.

            So please. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. For if you find yourself exiled from this bastion of freedom. You will not find a more welcoming place elsewhere.

          2. I’m feeling so much better now… thank you gentlemen!

            Very well said @Trooper ~ I get so bent out of shape when I read people trashing Mark or this site.

    1. Proven fake? Where do you see it proven fake? I see nothing but keyboard warriors like yourself, who know nothing about the authenticity of this video scream fake on another website, like they scream fake about everything, and you call that a proof? I’m not saying the video is real, but only a complete tool would consider opinions of grandma’s basement locked fags a proof.

    2. I’m new here so it doesn’t really count but don’t call this a crappy site. I’ve been going through the posts and forums and I can see members here have so much respect for the creator and clearly, there’s a lot of time, dedication and effort on his part to entertain people like me.

  15. Ass and legs stole my attention, but I tend to think its fake, why do hot chicks want to film themselves practicing some weird trick without anyone to help if the thing goes wrong? . Anyway, I’m sure some JAPANESE perv paid a 4-key figure for this

  16. I think its fake there are people who can hold their breath way longer than 2mins with practice the average person can do a full minute to a minute and a half…
    If it is real tho and person that fucking stupid to tie themselves up, blind fold themselves, put on handcuffs, fill a bath tub and lay down in it without anyone their to help them out if something were to go wrong and that retarted person dies then they truly deserve to drown, not only because theyre too stupid to think things thru but because if they were to some how survive and come up with another brilliant (retarted) idea that involved other people then that houdini of an asshole would not only be putting themselves in danger but others as well, another thing if he/she would’ve survived chances are he/she would have bred with someone equally as retarted and stupid as them which would have led to multiple little retards for offspring that would grow up to be just as if not more retarted than their retarted parents

      1. I say he/she was putting up a struggle. As it progresses, this person begins to panic. He/she begins slowly and calmly, trying to take off the rope from the feet. Then he/she realizes that that’s not working so he/she tries taking off the handcuffs. Didn’t work. Now panic sets in and he/she freaks out and becomes aggressive (which is normal).

        I think it’s real. He/she tried his/her trick and failed.

          1. I did the run around on what you have provided with. It takes me to a page in which, cannot be found. I attempted both links in the comments on

          2. Kudos to you, you found the fucking link! Now take your crown of arrogance and shove it up your arse!!! If you were paying attention you would have read that Mark never claimed it to be real OR fake, he left it up to everyone to come to their own conclusion!

  17. If you are capable of tying yourself up this way, shouldn’t you be able to untie yourself from that position? Clearly it doesn’t seem possible to be able to tie oneself up in this manner.

    The shower is running the entire time.

    Upper body is much lighter that the lower half. The legs are extremely tan. Does this mean this person only used sunscreen or some form of sun shield only on the upper half?

    The jerking around is normal, no one body dies the same. The legs cannot drop like they should considering they are tied to the shower head (likely).

    I don’t know if it is real or fake, I would consider running through news reports from this location.


  18. It does appear on another relatively credible site, however, I don’t spam, so I will let others locate it themselves. I think, this woman have a fat vagina, or a tiny penis. (I had to throw that in there)Whatever the case, how come her face is geisha white, it’s a weird video, either way, it’s not something I’d lose much sleep over. If you’re stupid enough to try this at home without a backup plan(a.k.a. another person to assist you should you get in trouble) Then you’re stupid. Period. I see it as someone who didn’t mind the risk, and obviously didn’t value their life enough to take precautions to ensure her own safety, here comes that heart pumping yellow liquid. Do not try this at home. What a dork….. RIP, Gone but this will never let you be forgotten, so again, rip dufus..(if this is real) I want more new york subway stuff, that was cool, especially after people were talking to him for four minutes after he’d turned into a human firecracker….lol, sorry. Morbid.

  19. I say fake mainly because it is def a man. Look at the hands. Even in the still pic above you can tell those are man hands. no chick has hands like that and if it is a woman maybe she killed herself because she had man hands.

    1. Ok are none of you woman? Im not ragging just on you WD. If you have even had a girlfriend you would know we sometimes wear these things called PANTYHOSE!!! She might be wearing bloomer type things on over them. Did anyone think of that?

  20. Doesn’t look like a trick: Seems like zero purpose in the method. She not know what to do with her hands for the first 22 seconds. If the first part of the trick was to unhook the legs, then why was there no apparent method to doing it? It seems random, like she is unsure, orienting herself and does not even know exactly how her legs are tied.

    She made feeble attempt to lift her torso up using her arms (extend her arms back and bend her elbows to prop her torso up to catch a breath).

  21. Could be real because her face stays inside the water more than 2 minutes. If you don’t believe so, then try yourself inside the water more than 2 minutes and recording your video. ha!

    1. Lots of escape artist/magicians can hold their breath for way longer than 2 mins…if she was a real escape artist and not some retarted wanna be first timer she would’ve practiced holding her breath most people who practice can hold for 2mins no problem, shit even David Blane held his breath on opra for 17 minutes!

  22. something about this doesnt seem right. first why do this trick alone second why not just left the head out of the water with how her/his arms are it seems possible to do so. and last is there a mask or something covering his/her face the bottom half looks different then the top. dont know just something to me is off but we may never know.

    1. Well someone is pulling the string(ropes), literally. her head/hair could of been tied to the drain cap before the tub started to fill up with water. the water seems to be running troughout the video. its pretty interesting. personally its pretty fucked up video, but oh well.

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