Man Slips While Disembarking a Boat and Falls Into the Sea in Istanbul

Man Slips While Disembarking a Boat and Falls Into the Sea in Istanbul

Tragic accident happened on a pier in Istanbul, Turkey. Regular schedule passenger ferry docked at a sea port, mobile scaffolds were put in place to bridge the gap between the boat and the pier for passenger to cross on foot but one of them was in a hurry, didn’t pay due attention and slipped and fell into the sea. It was a rainy day so the platform was slick, but he also seems to have wanted to pass other disembarking passengers and it got him wet.

The crew and other passengers quickly tried to help, the boat was unfastened and moved away from the pier which afforded access to the drowning man who was thrown a rope to hold on to. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the strength and lost his grip. The sea took him and didn’t give him back until half an hour later.

Rescue teams were on high alert and searched for the unlucky passenger until they found him. Once they did, they immediately administered resuscitation techniques but there was nothing anyone could do. 43 year old Haydar Kayir was already dead.

It takes just a split second of not paying attention and your whole life turns upside down. There are things I don’t like about Turkey, but the sincere “will help” attitude of the Turks is undeniable. They are always fast and eager to help a person in need. Quite the opposite of China where everyone would go on about their day pretending they haven’t seen anything.

Props to Best Gore member Floriante for the video:

Here’s a video update which shows the rescue efforts and recovery of the victim:

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40 thoughts on “Man Slips While Disembarking a Boat and Falls Into the Sea in Istanbul”

    1. If the water was cold, and he took a mouthful of seawater, and he had already held on for a minute and was tired, and he couldn’t swim (or do a chin up) etc etc.
      A whole lot of small things add together to conspire against the victims of drowning.

  1. Sucks to fall down that gap. Ain’t the easiest thing to do to pull yourself back up if your clothes are sopping wet. At least he could have taken heart in the fact that the gangplanks stopped the boats sheer tonnage from squashing him and making his eyes and insides pop out at the same time

  2. “he didn’t have the strength and lost his grip”

    look closer. (from 1.25)

    the dude was murdered. the guy holding the rope let go suddenly, which knocked out the dude in the water.
    criminally negligent manslaughter, I think it’s called.

  3. I’m glad I wasn’t there to see it or I would have pissed myself laughing. if I see someone fall over or bang thier head it’s impossible for not to crack up even if they really hurt themselves. I do feel really ashamed but I just can’t help it. Just watching the vid made me laugh.

    1. I’m with you on this.. They shouldn’t have moved the boat. If they just tried to pull him out using rope, they had better chance of saving the guy’s life. I’m not a rescue expert but that’s what I think.

  4. Wet, bare-metal gangplanks with barely-there handrails.., what safety precautions! (not) If that was in the US, his family would be wise to sue the shit out of the company operating the ferry..

    Those things had to be wicked-slippery for him to shoot sideways under the railing like that. :S

  5. Looked like the side of his head hit the side of that gang plank pretty hard on the way down. He was probably a goner from that moment on, as I’m betting he got a major concussion or even worse.

    People can do some stupid things when they’re in a hurry. I’ve done a few, myself, but never quite that stupid.

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