Mexican Girl Found Drowned in River After 8 Days of Missing

Mexican Girl Found Drowned in River After 8 Days of Missing

15 year old Guadalupe Apolinar Hinojosa from Maravatío in the state of Michoacán, Mexico went missing 8 days ago. She was found in an advanced stage of decomposition floating in the Lerma River (Rio Lerma), by the place known as Los Cuervos, in the town of Tungareo.

There has been no word from the authorities on whether she drowned by accident or was helped to it. That bloated, mud covered face with chunks of hair missing is pretty creepy. The girl had her clothes on when found – likely not a victim of rape. She may actually be one of those rare deaths in Mexico not helped by somebody else into prematurity.

Years ago we had photos of different 15 year old Mexican girl drowned posted on Best Gore. There’s something to say about SOB’s who go that far back.

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99 thoughts on “Mexican Girl Found Drowned in River After 8 Days of Missing

  1. hahaha my girlfriend is like oh my gosh thats where im from and then shes like omg i know that girl and im like fuck yeah death happens to everybody haha

  2. What a shame! Do they teach swimming at schools in Mexico? It was compulsory in the UK when I was a child, guess that’s because it’s an island.

  3. I wonder how ill look when I pass. For whatever reason, I hope I end up in a better position than this young lady. Maybe like that woman from Brazil stabbed to death who ended up like a contortionist. That was a pretty sexy pose. And if I die a violent death, ill haunt this earth until I take a life with me.

    • I like the woman in the freezer, all curled up and preserved… Lady Lazuras I hope you die old, happy, naturally, and in a suitably sexy and dignified pose. :-)

    • Lady L
      Is that you in your avatar, halloween costume or just dressing up? Your the only person I’ve heard say that(besides myself). Only with me, regardless of how I die, I hope I can come back in spirit form, And torment those I disliked and that have it coming.

    • Thank you Kazzak :) I know I may sound a bit melodramatic, but I never have been able to picture myself as an elderly person. It’s not that I don’t want to, but I’ve had this feeling that somehow ill die young.
      I often hear about how many would prefer to pass in their sleep. What if you’re having a nightmare, and you never wake up from that nightmare because you died dreaming of that?!

      I would haunt those who murdered me, if I were to be murdered. Other than that, I’d prefer to rest in peace. But maybe life after death is not what we expect. It my be eternal paradise, limbo, or absolute nothingness. No one will ever know until we cease to exist. If I can Ill go and scare you just to see you shit your pants! >:)

      • @LadyLazuras Don’t worry about those ‘dying young’ thoughts, when I was younger I too felt like that. Some might state that it’s an insecurity but I prefer to consider it and a healthy reasoned acceptance of your own inevitable demise. The important thing is to not act upon these emotions, leave that to the weaker ones eh?

    • “Oh, what.”

      Sigh… See. I can’t post when I’ve been drinking, and I apparently can’t post while I’m listening to Motörhead’s Overkill album, either. Yo, “It was me”! Get some batteries for your camera! Time for me to take a swan dive!!!

      • Got your Winter hat on FD? Always liked the Messiah look in the other avatar, cos I look the same most of the time but with more grey hair. Daytime drinking on my day off, getting wankered. Can’t kill great music from the lads, put Bomber on next.

      • @FD, Ok, leaving now to get the batteries! I’d like to know, is this a bridge that spans water or land? I’m thinking I’ve probably got one chance to take the ” best gore” shot, so should I be above or below?

        • Westcountry Boy: I think I got The Doors out of my system, for now, so I had to revert my avatar back to it’s default setting – Dr.Thompson! Bomber is the album that got me into Motörhead, so your suggestion is accepted!

          It was me: I always imagine it being over water. I’ll let you use my camera; it takes video. Stand on the ground, and follow me all the way down with it. You can have my camera when we’re done. I won’t be needing it anymore, obviously. ;)

          In all seriousness, I HATE it when I make stupid mistakes in my posts! I have to be more careful, but doing that is extremely hard when you’re drinking beer, and listening to one of your favorite albums! That’s why I can’t help but make joke comments about it afterwords…

          baked: I usually only drink on Friday, and Saturday, night. Unfortunately, I got cheated out of being able to drink on Friday night, because I came down with a fever that night, and went to bed early. I didn’t have anything to do today, so last night I drank a whole 12 pack until the SUN CAME UP this morning. Hahaha. :) It’s 3:40 in the afternoon, and I just woke up about 30 minutes ago. I feel kind of proud of that. I wish I could do it more often!

    • Talking about butterface, what do you prefer FD? An attractive face with a more meat on the bones, or a hideous face and a hot body?
      I would say face for myself, I’m not too picky when it comes to body types.

      • Personally I’m into the face but that girlfriend material after all you to have to look at her everyday so when the sparks settle down why not have one less thing to hate her for, and she gotta be smart not annoying smart like you laz but more a smart ass kinda smart like me, I think bodys only come first if its just a drunken one night stand type of fling thing, other than that I don’t care what her bodys like, yeah I’m into large breast and big asses but the face is more the deal breaker for me than those other things she can be fat, skinny, short, tall whatever as long as she has a really pretty face and I mean really pretty.

        • @LadyLazuras, if you don’t mind me butting into the convo between you and Rider, I consider you a witty and intelligent woman, with a great sense of humor! My last man was extremely handsome with a great body… but no wit, no sense of humor…After some years of that, and now that I’m single again, my priorities have changed. If hes witty and makes me laugh, thats THE most important thing to me. Anything else (looks/body) would just be icing on the cake.

        • Oh, and Lady L, you are kind of annoying smart as Rider put it. You’re cool, though! Just start wearing some stereotypical 80s nerd glasses with the tape in the middle, and you will be complete! :D

        • I’m just messing with you laz, some guys do feel threatened around really intelligent women tho and I guess I might fall into that category just a little bit, now don’t get me wrong as I said before I like my girls to be smart but not so smart they make me feel stupid lol does that make sense? I did date someone who was really smart and she would constantly correct me to the point we would fight over who was right about what and as you can imagine it was very annoying. I’ve always been the smart one amongst my friends and girlfriends and I enjoy explaining things to them that they might of never heard of or really understood and I think having that taken away would make me feel out of place.

      • Lady L: The last girl I was really sexually attracted to had a beautiful face. Her nose wasn’t perfect. Not to her, but I thought it was just fine. It made her face “her’s” for me. Her body was pretty average. She was only 5′ 2″, had small boobs, and a big ass, but there was something about it all that I really liked it. I don’t give a shit about a “good body”. I like average, every day women. That’s not to say ugly, but the realistic-ness of them turns me on a hell of a lot more than any actress, or porn star… So, I guess I’m going with your “An attractive face with a more meat on the bones” option. 8-)

        • @FD & LL This culture of celebrity adoration really gets on my tits. I’ll take the ‘girl next door’ any time because she’s for real not a glamour puss advertised to raise our hopes/dreams in life. Just don’t tell my gf about the ‘g n d’ cos I like my nads where they are.

          • Hi guys I’m Mel Dave’sother half.My bitchwith axe avatar didn’t work for some reason. I love this idiot, fuck knows why and when I find that girl next door she will feel the blade. I won’t post here often cos this site gives me nightmares, Call me a pussy if you like. He’s got a major hangover and I am now cooking a very noisy dinner for the twat. PS I love the comments! When Dave tells me I crack up. Love to you all.<3 xxx

  4. No matter how beautiful a girl is you can always count on death to humble that fine ass…and by humble I mean rape…and by rape I mean fuck up…and by fuck up I mean destroy…and by destroy I mean make her really ugly.

      • You like tooting your own horn, doncha? How do you do that without feeling like a complete douche or dirty tampon? I know somedays I feel pretty, but I can’t make comments like you about myself out loud. Good quality to have, though, at times it can come off as bitchy.

        • what are you talking about Laz? all she said was that she’s be a cute zombie…hell, i think i’m a rather handsome zombie! or are you zombophobic? :)

          • I would make a Gnarly looking zombie if I do say so myself, now if only I can learn to ride my motorcycle and shoot my gun after i become a re-animated corpse catching tasty humans will be easy as cake.

          • Talkin’ about what i said up there. That is all. I would want to be an ugly ass zombie to scare the living shit out of my dinner.

  5. Can’t imagine the pain her parents went through. I hope my off spring have valuable things to live for and not meet their end in a river… unless they fell off their own yacht. Then again why would a yacht be on a river? Screw it I’m not having kids.

  6. What people searched for to land here: 12 year old tit photos…seriously? so pervert pedos find this site lookin for child porn look around for a bit, see what we’re actually all about and then they create an account just to post a long-ass comment(felicia garcia) telling us what a bunch of freaks we are? fucking sheep, now i’m in the mood for lamb chops…;)

  7. [email protected] on said:

    Wtf? Thought a mistake was made first pic didnt look like a female at all

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