Young Couple Capture Their Accidental Drowning on Camera

Young Couple Capture Their Accidental Drowning on Camera

22 year old Haitham Mohammed Daen took his newlywed wife to a pond located in the Beit Boss area south of Sanaa, capital city of Yemen to celebrate the bond and set up his cell phone camera on a rock to film themselves frolicking in the water together. But something went sour and the couple drowned.

One video shows the moment of drowning as the couple disappears into the vast waters of the lake. Second video shows the recovery of bodies. Apparently, many other people have drowned in this same body of water. Props to Best Gore member Buffsmom for the videos:

Recovery of bodies:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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226 thoughts on “Young Couple Capture Their Accidental Drowning on Camera”

        1. I think he ment to do who the fxck strtes to drown if u can stand up out of the water u can c he looks around before they start struggling . Like man crazy shit in this fucked up ass world that’s y I don’t want no kids. In this world.

          1. One thing is driving me nuts…in the video they both seem to be standing up
            no prob in the water…is my depth perception screwed up? I mean as they play?/struggle…did he lead them slowly away from the area they were able to stand in??? I totally agree with you regarding his “any witnesses”looking around…ls this a planned murder of his wife by drowning…only things went south and his ass drowns too???

      1. The guy was trying to keep himself above water by pushing her under,its your natural reaction dont matter whos next to you your body takes over self preservation. believe me happend to me i almost drownd in a pond and my girl was with me and i was pushing her under to stay up luckily a few of my friends were there to help me and i didnt even think about what i was doing your body takes over trying to save itself fu ked up

        1. So true @skullfucker – similar thing happened to me with a friend.. she went into full panic mode when we were out too far in the lake.. and kept pulling me under while trying to stay above the water. The only way I got her to stop was by punching her and pulling her by the hair to get off me or I swear the bitch would have fucking drown me.. one of the scariest experiences ever.

          1. This happened with my sister and I. We were about 10 years old and we got too far into the deep end and she kept holding me under so that she could stay afloat. I almost passed out. I ended up having to kick her in the stomach or she would have drowned me. Crazy stuff.

          2. I watched very carefully and I disagree. I believe that the girl is like a normal Muslim girl that never gets to go swimming. She is wearing so much heavy clothing and when she begins to fall under water she panicks because she never learned how to swim, much less wearing such waterlogged clothing. The girl throughout the video then struggles to get above water because she doesn’t have the basic swimming skills and she therefor grasps onto the only thing she has, her boyfriend. The rest of the video is the girl pulling the boyfriend under water as he struggles to get her to let go because he knows she is only holding him from escape.

          1. skullfucker86 is absolutely right, it knows every lifeguard (it’s actually sometimes recommended to stun the drowning person because he can drown even you during the rescue). when you are drowning, you’re not thinking about anything else than to stay up and breath. you are not heeding to anyone and that holds for every human, because it’s dependent on your self preservation and that (its nature) is pretty same for everyone.

        2. I was a lifeguard and I have seen this before. Almost watched a guy drown his own son the same way.

          The takeaway? Learn to fucking swim before you wander into anything deeper than a wading pool. You aren’t just putting yourself in danger.

      2. yes it looks that way, that he drowns himself and her. must be some ritual love thing. i like it, it shows a strong love for each other. i would do that if maybe, but now since we have internet access i will pass.

        1. In the beginning they seem to be arguing then It looks like hes pulling her into the water and you can see her resisting him. Then you see her trying to get to shore and hes pulling her back out. Then as shes drowning she panics and takes him down also.

      3. I think you are correct. I have been a lifeguard for 14years and I also tech lifeguard courses. And a distressed swimmer can call out for help and can have forward movement. And active drowning victim no longer can swim forward or call out for help because they are so determind well your body is determined to keep yout head above water so the victim wilk have his face looking straight upand his body is vertical with his arms out to the sides pushing downward trying to surface the head and he will only stay that way for a shor t amount of time until he becomes an passive drowning victim and slip under with no further movement he is all over rhe place and could have made it to standing water. It looks like he was pulling her under and she broke his hold a few timea and surfaced he probably held her down by standing on her pushing down. I think he was taping it for an alibi that it was an accident. She might have been holding his leg and pulled him down with her.

      4. I watched this a bunch and i think i figured it out. The guy had no idea how to swim and went off a drop off causing him to panic and kill his girlfriend. After his girlfriend could no longer support them both did he actually try to swim, but by then the tables had turned and the girl was clinging on to him underwater. At ~4:00 you can see his terrible attempts at swimming.

    1. seweed killed them. They where wading in the water and it wraps around your legs. notice how she kept popping up and then down and then he did. You cant pull it apart either. Very very strong. My aunts husband and his father died exactly like this.

      1. Yes I think it was a mixture of all those factors. Looks as though the drop off into more dangerous waters is very close and all it takes is that one slimy stone and you slip right down into the drop off. I got caught in a rip current in Pensacola,FL and was about 3 seconds away from passing out when suddenly my feet hit bottom and my head was above again. SCARY as shit!!

      2. Wow that’s fucked. I think he maybe wasn’t the best swimmer or couldn’t swim. He kept looking hesitant to move even deeper where the girlfriend kept going. Then all the freaking out and half the time he was right near the surface but just didn’t quite make it to get air..? Unless he kept breaking free of seaweed, which is when he got to the surface, and then kept getting caught and dragged down again.

        Either way, that’s haunting. And that last scream he did. Same thing that happened to me years ago. There was a ‘hidden’ braided wire cable, very thick, just below the surface of the water, and nearly impossible to see. This strong current just swept me right into it and it caught me by my throat, so the current kept pushing me along so i was submerged and couldn’t move any direction, while getting strangled by the cable at the same time. I just remember being able to break the surface for a split second and yelled out. Of course there were just all these drunk morons partying loudly everywhere so i thought i was fucked. But someone next to me somehow got me free.

      3. I thought it looked like they stepped off a drop off. Neither knew how to swim. You keep popping up as long as you have air in your lungs, you stop when you finally take a breath underwater and fill your lungs.

    2. They didn’t “slip” or get “sucked down”, they obviously stepped over a ledge and then were literally in over their heads. People who don’t know how to swim panic when their feet can no longer touch the ground. The guy went over first and then pulled the girl over as he tried to save himself. Watch closely, the shit doesn’t start until they get a certain distance from the shore.

    1. I think there was an underwater ledge. Water instantly went from like 3 ft deep to 10 ft or more. One wrong step and you are into deep water.

      Happened to me once as a kid before I learned to swim. Dam near drowned too. Only thing that saved me is that in my struggles is that I managed to incidentally make it back over the ledge. Sheer luck.

      1. I agree with @Highwayman, its an underwater ledge. At 1:30 they nearly fall over the ledge but managed to balance themselves. At the end they just dragged each other under the water. Horrible way to die…

  1. I guess Poseidon disapproved of their romance, It might have been safer for them to go swimming in the Bermuda Triangle.

    These things must be done differently in Yemen, Where I am from couples tend to celebrate their bond by having sexual intercourse.

    1. Yea- but if they did things the traditional way, we wouldn’t have this here bizarre video to watch! Lol

      I was also wondering wtf happened but after reading the responses, I guess everyone has good ideas.

      I’ll never understand why people who can’t swim get themselves into drowning situations. If you can’t swim- stay the fuck in a bathtub! 馃檪

  2. I’m not sure, it’s confusing but it seems they went over and edge where the water became deep and niether of them could swim. It’s sad because they look so much in love, but they really should have learned to swim.

  3. If you can’t swim stay out of the water. She had too much clothing on to be in the water and once waterlogged, probably drug her under. She might have been clutching on to him in panic or he tried to save her and they both drowned. Sad. RIP newlyweds.

  4. It looks like she couldn’t swim and panicked, grabbing hold of him and taking him down with her.

    A similar thing happened to my friend. There are peaks in bodies of water, one moment you’re on solid ground and the next a drop. My friend was show-boating and walked into a drop. He panicked and got a calf cramp, began drowning while we watched laughing. Didn’t realize the severity until almost too late. We all jumped in when we realize he wasn’t faking. He survived.

  5. I think there must of been some type of under-tow once you reach a certain deepness, but that being said why go swim where many other locals were known to have drowned there. WEIRD VID.

  6. …1) couple happily frolicking…2) man dips head and body (which may be saturated with cologne and hair gel and pheromones to attract things)..3)couple attacked / eaten alive…analysis complete

  7. What in the hell…. hmm quick sand under water?? Lol this does not make any sense someone send scientist out there to investigate lol.. and that water is filthy as hell.. i dont see how u could drown like that even if u can swim .. call me crazy but I kind want to go and see what happens after a few minutes haha but I won’t !

  8. Strange. I can’t find any plausible explanation for their drowing except that something was pulling them from the bottom of the pond? Looking at the colour of the pond it looks pretty brown so they probably were sucked in by quick sand and the more they panicked the more it got held of them. However i am not going to rule out any supernatural explanation. It’s a pretty sad video and I feeel really sorrry for them being dead on their first day of marriage. Life sucks sometimes!

    1. My thoughts exactly. They had ropes tied to their feet and the womans husband was pulling them under the water somehow to pay for their adultress sins.

      It was sexy however. Could this be Yemenese porn? I mean, such a sexy swimming burka is surprising.

      Rather see the burka lifted over her waist with her thong down to the knees and her getting it from behind by his stinger. So sexy…

  9. Some people are blaming the woman for drowning them both. As a former lifeguard I can tell you that the male is the one who got them killed. Watch carefully and you’ll see him slip in, grab her, and try to climb over her. Drowning people do it all the time. Its why his head is above the water most of the time. He was holding her under. Lifeguards are taught not to approach a panicking drowning person for this very reason.

    1. @jabloney,
      I see what your saying. I wouldn’t try to save a drowning person unless it was to through them something or it was a small child. I know it sounds mean, but I just wouldn’t trust them, they would drag me down and we would both die.

    2. I disagree, what happened is quite clear if you analyze a bit the video:
      – at 03:28 the guy is going under the water, his wife is watching him
      – he’s emerging back at 03:34 and take his wife with her, just for play, to a place she doesn’t touch the bottom ( to tell her how a protective husband he can be)
      – at 03:45, the wife is realizing she doesn’t touch the bottom, she apparently can’t swim, panick, tries to reach the bank but fails, and then in the panick she catches her husband and drowns him with her
      The wife drowned them both cause she panicked

        1. Since you’re a former lifeguird I’ve watched again ( for the 50th time), and I am even more sure that the woman drowned him. I showed this to a friend who speak arabic and he confirmed: the guy is in the water, at a place where he can’t touch the bottom ( but apparently no problem for him cause he may know swim), he asks his wife to join, and tell her “come, come, don’t worry, I’m here”, the wife ( who doesn’t know to wim at all) joins him, and she’s in total panick when she can’t touch the bottom and begins to drown. The guy tells her to keep quite, she’s even more panicking, and the more she drowns, the more she tries to catch heur husband who drowns with her. In the final moments the guy doesn’t shout “Help ! Help !”, but “Stop ! Stop!”… I take your advice in consideration for the theory of the last head emeged who’s supposed to drown the last, but what about is the woman drowns, try to catch and escalade her husband at his midheight ( under water), but so much panick (and she’ ssmaller and less strong) that she of course can’t escalade him, well in that case the last head to emerge is the one of the one who is attracted in the deep, is the drowning one… Plus, the husband seamed to know to swim, what’s why he fighted as much as he could to emerge the most possible ( with her wife attracting him in the deep by catching his leg or midheight). Your theory may be valable if the 2 drownings are equaly strong and built, but in the case of a tall guy who knows how to swim, and a small woman, it’s difficult to believe ( at last to me)

          1. Its not a theory. Its practice. One person is panicking. They grab onto the other, pull themselves up and over the other person in order to keep their heads above the water. Did you notice that for the most part its just the guys head above the lake? Thats because his arms are pressing his womans body downward in order to keep himself afloat. Children have have killed adults doing this. The size of the person doesn’t matter. Of course I’m just saying this from observation. Its not like I was there or anything.

  10. Is it me, or did the girl, and possibly even the man, seem quite tipsy? It would be interesting to see what the autopsy said.

    BTW, am I the only one imagining some Lovecraftian ancient beast lurking at the bottom of this lake?

  11. Neither could swim so when they realised they couldn’t stand up they panicked making it even worse. Also as stated previously wearing so many clothes just drags you down. Learning to swim should be as important as learning to walk.

  12. Holy fucking shit that’s just a fucked up ending for a honeymoon. Worst way to go in my opinion; screaming and panicing. My guess is either quick sand or a deep spot, but can’t be sure though.

  13. Wow, I had no idea the easiest way to rid the world of fucking towelheads was to simply throw them into the deep end of a swimming pool!!! No need for drones when a swimming pool will do the trick haha!!

      1. Well my nephew was 2 when he passed.He had wandered out of the house for less then 10 minutes and onto the property but someone had left the gate to the pool open and he fell in and drownded. My brother was 27 working in Bermuda. He was training for a triathlon and used to bike and swim alot. One night he went for a swim alone and he drowned.

  14. They made the stupidest fucking mistakes possible.
    1) they wore clothes
    – they are heavier, they have something to grab to and get drowned, That much clothes would drown even the best swimmers.
    – get that bitch naked idiot.
    2) they are both inexperienced swimmers no help in miles
    3) they didnt explore the water for holes and currents<- terrible mistake
    4) they fucking panicked both of them. While swimming, if you panic you will drown that simple. If you panic get your shit together immediatelly even if it means going below water. But panicking shit would never understand that. If they stayed calm even if inexperienced they would survive. <- They lost their lives because of this.

    1. Dude its easy to say dont panic but if youve ever been in that situation youd kno its damn near impossible not to i almost drownd and paniced and started to hyperventilate you cant control your body like i said its easy to say dont panic but you cant help but too

      1. I got caugh in a big Rip current in Puerto Plata vacations last year. I was so fucking far in the ocean and I could not come back to the beach. I’m a very very good swimer .. and I still panicked. Lucky for me .. I was able to stand out of the water to call for help and someone on the beach heard me. They called I lifeguard to grab me with a sea-doo.

        So imagone thoses two now … the ultimate panic moment until the very end.

        1. I used to body board alot. I remember once going out into the water and it being extremely rough windy etc, and while trying to catch a wave I get pushed into the crash zone so I was betting battered by these huge waves every time I would come up for air another one would hit me in the face and drag me under and due to the strong even though I was only in chest high water I couldn’t get to the beach and I was gradually being pulled out. Plus I lost my board. Luckily for me there were a few other more surfers in the water and one of them was able to help me and tow me to the beach.

  15. Wow, but to be serious, that was pretty intense. just married, life ahead of them and it ends here.

    I had a dream two days ago of a death experience. it as so real, freighting, and I real thought my life was going to end.

    I was in the back seat of a car my sister was driving on a street, she was backing the car up into a big pit a construction crew had dug (to fix pipes?), I say the pit and shouted “No, stop!”, but it was too late the entire car fell into the pit and when it hit the bottom I realized that they had just filled it with wet cement, and the car started sinking really fast into the wet cement, literally the entire car went black as the cement engulfed the car. the Windows began to crack, and I realized the liquid cement would smother me to death, as the cement was too thick to swim out of. I had my whole life and career ahead of me and this accident, happened so fast, and I really did accepted in my last moment that this was my death… than I woke up.

    This video gave me a flashback.

    1. Fuck! That’s scary @hawk!! Just to imagine that you wouldn’t be able to do anything to save yourself!

      I had a weird dream last night. I don’t usually have nightmares, but i was getting possessed in this dream turned nightmare and i was trying to fight it off. In the nightmare, it seemed like it lasted forever- i was fighting and doing my best to ward it off! I remember screaming no and it woke me up! My heart was racing and i was terrified. I looked at the clock and it was only 12:45 am. I had only been asleep about an hour and a half.. Couldn’t fall back asleep after that.

      I always wonder what dreams mean and if they’re trying to tell me something..

          1. You guys have crazy dreams like me too! I do think dreams have hidden messages. I always have dreams of people who have passed and I KNOW its really them. As for this video….Iddodon’t understand….even if you didn’t know how to swim..and you where drownding and about to die….dont you think yous kick and wave your arms and kinda figure it out?????

      1. I’ve being having a this dream for a while, I’m in some sort of a war-torn country with a group of what appear to be prisoners of war and we get lined up in front of a wall and shot. After I get shot (bullet enters my chest and exits my back) I fall forward but instead of hitting the ground I fall into a pool of what seems to be water but I can breathe it and I drift downwards in to the darkness and then wake up, usually in a cold sweat.Been having it on and off for the past year or so.

    2. Those are scary dreams.. Usually a big reflection on something going on in your personal life. If you look it up, it will probably make sense. Usually stress or a certain situation, it’s weird how it can have nothing to do with the actual dream, but it’s interpreted to your situation to a tee.

      And dreaming of someone who has passed away are REAL dreams .. the majority of the time. The thinnest veil for spirits to visit is from 3-5am. It;s also rare to get these type of dreams all the time.. unless they’re trying to relay a message.

      1. Wow. Thanx! Iam soooo into that kinda stuff. Dreams….spirits. love it. And yes….I KNOW my dreams with friends who have passed is really them.. they tell me or show me things I’ve never known or seen….then come to find out from their living relatives that what they showed me or said in my dream was true. Wish I could see them and communicate when I was awake.

    1. They can have a phobia of deep water and just become crippled when they face their phobia. Like if someone is so scared they just can’t move any muscle in their body it happened to me a few times when I had a nightmare.

  16. this was kinda eerie…i think the guy panicked – obviously as he was the one flailing around…and he basically didnt help his or her situation. I have a feeling all of her extra clothing weighed her down and she had no chance coming back from whatever pulled her under. This video creeped me out as i cant swim and one of my biggest fears is to be in that situation…yikes!

  17. That looked so fake. The guy was waste deep and you can clearly see his waiste bend when he went under the 1st time. Like he was crouching. And her acting didn’t quite impress me either. They were probably re-enacting the story that matched the recovery video.

    1. actually the whole thing is real.. the guy name is Haitham Mohammed Daen a 22 year old newly married guy as the description says.. i did bit of research and it shows that 25 people died at that dam since 2005.. it’s in a Jewish village in Yemen.. RIP horrible way to go

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