Brazil – Man Electrocuted Trying to Help an Electrocuted Friend

Brazil – Man Electrocuted Trying to Help an Electrocuted Friend

This video shows the opposite of what we’re used to seeing from Brazil – people trying to help another and losing their lives doing it. Unfortunately, an extra death could have been easily prevented in this case. Hard to say whether it’s the lack of common sense or lack of education that are to blame.

What we have here was a man trimming trees with a machete. He was slicing protruding branches but didn’t pay proper attention of the power lines. One of his swings caught a live wire and electrocuted him on the spot. His friend with help of a few neighbors tried to pull him out of the danger when said friend touched the high voltage wire hanging off the post.

You can see sparks on his skin as electric current runs through his body, sending him down to the ground. Woman in yellow shorts gets a zap trying to pull him out but gets out of there before it could electrocute her too. Others try to help the frying man with sticks but it’s not working out. Soon the body starts producing smoke – a clear sign that when the electricity takes a hold of a human, the consequences are brutal.

This happened in Manaus, the capital city of the state of Amazonas, Brazil.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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76 thoughts on “Brazil – Man Electrocuted Trying to Help an Electrocuted Friend”

  1. Third World folks are like dumb chimps. You could take a whole town out by dropping a live electrical cable: two come to try to steal the copper, and next thing you know everybody is frying, trying to rescue pa and uncle Jo.

    I give that to First World people: they’re not so dumb. In order to send them to meet their father Satan, you need car bombs. Or at the very least, good shooting skills. Like the gook in Virginia Tech. That guy was awesome.

          1. I agree, I won’t lie I did laugh at the “village va the electricity monster” but it was kinda brave in its own way.

            That guy died right? At the end it looked like he wasn’t dead, but he was on fire I can’t imagine he wasn’t.

            I feel bad for saying I would have left him there to burn if he made it

    1. but the record for the most death’s from a single shooter in a single situation goes to… Martin Bryant! 35 death’s(RIP) at Port Arthur, Tasmania, 1996(? sorry) really nothing to be proud of, he shot 2 lil’ girls, aged 4 & 6, chased one down and killed her, along with 33 others

    2. It looks to me, that the second victim may have seen the people attempting to help the fallen man, but he came from the other side of the house, then offered to help; not knowing where the wire was. That may have been his wife standing behind him, on the side of the house. If he came from behind the house, on that side, he might not have known the wire was there at all. He keeps his eyes on where he places his feet and doesn’t even notice the wire of death that’s tempting everyone to play.

      Of course, no one bothers to warn anyone that death is right next to them! The camera-man doesn’t even flinch as the second man dies; instead, he moves in for a better picture. People start screaming and trying to move the full grow man off a wire using tiny sticks. I almost thought the guy who takes his shirt off was going to walk up and pull the wire off the second victim.

      If you ever find yourself in this situation, take charge and tell everyone around that there is a live-wire hanging right there and to stay away from it, no matter what! If someone is killed by the wire, leave them there! Call the fire department or other emergency services so that they can kill the power and remove the dead person(s).

      Your job: warn others and keep them and yourself away!

      1. And You Must Be Proud. We Aren’t All So Bigoted.. But Its Deserved. No One Can Control There Government, But If You Mr. Brazil Can Receive Internet.. Why Not At Least Try An Change Your Situation? Fuck Third World Countries. All You Guys Are Good For Is Wasting Our Currency And Whining.

    3. I feel very bad for that guy. The ignorance of not knowing electricity. First the rescue of a fallen comrad with bare feet. He made the bridge sought by electricity that when it gets to the ground by your feet it never lets go. so he stayed stuck and burnt….Damn I am sure when they meet wherever they went. The first who died wont thank him…BE ALERT AROUND LIVE WIRE AND STAY AWAY FROM THEM….

  2. Ok my first question is where did the person with the video camera come from and why are they filming instead of helping. second question what the hell are you doing cutting a tree with a machete? Third you saw your friend just get taken out by the wire. Why not secure it or call for help then take care of your friend. The women in the yellow shorts touches him. Not very bright. This situation is just too too. What were they thinking? They have to know about hot wires. Even little kids know not to touch wires. Very sad. Two men vs. one wire.

        1. Perhaps panic played a part here. It must be quite a shock for the family to be just going about their own business around the house and then suddenly two guys are dying . I can imagine they react from instinct or without thinking in such a siuation. Although i find the screaming and yelling of those women in the background quite annoying…

  3. I watched this video over and over because I couldn’t believe my eyes. I think because everyone was in a panic, they were not thinking and their brains didn’t register that a lone hanging electric wire could electrocute and kill a person, or just plain didn’t know. I’m wondering whether the electric line was so low to the ground to be dangerous. The Brazilian electric company’s not too smart either. The first guy with the machete looked dead but wasn’t smoking or on fire. The guys were pulling him out with their bare hands and didn’t get zapped like the lady in yelllow shorts did by touching the second guy (who zapped himself a second time by the wire)

    BTW, I’m also wondering why this scene was being recorded in the first place! Maybe someone grabbed their cell phone to record it for entering it in Brazil’s Funniest Home Videos.

  4. @KatieMatie
    Electrocution is seldom as simple or painless as it looks there. You feel it, and if you live you’ll spend months in the burn unit getting skin grafts and screaming in pain as your burned skin is stripped with a wire brush to be replaced by skin they cut off other parts of you. I am not trying to be dramatic, just realistic. I’m all for suicide if that’s what you want to do, and will almost certainly take that last step myself sooner or later, but that’s not a method on my list. I prefer hydrogen sulfide (British spelling sulphide) because of its lethality, or plain old guns. I suck at knots though.

  5. it’s rare to see videos of people being electrocuted i feel sorry for the guy he was trying to help the other dude 😐 also amazes me all the people trying to help because most of the times people wouldn’t help at all

  6. Wasn’t stupidity, just bad luck. They all seemed to know it was a live wire, he was just caught up in moving the downed man, he did not see he was walking into the live wire.. He’s gone, just like approximately 150,000 other people that died that particular day, but at least they will be able to say about him that he a) died fairly quickly and b) died triying to help someone else. We should all be so fortunate.

  7. Typical Brazilian #1 One guy is too lazy to carry his friend’s body all the way so as soon as he’s getting ready to hand him to someone else Boom!!! the devil catches up with him and fries his lazy ass…sparks fly and his head meets metal pole on its way down..Typical Brazilian #2 Once they see some wire has caused the death of 2 of their buddies the shirts come off and the sticks and stones come out word is that said wire was taken down, stoned, hit with sticks,stabbed, shot a few times, dragged through the streets then left hanging for everyone to see….what a bunch of barbarians…lol

  8. These are retarded brains. Even the company that offers electricity services is fucked up. How can the allow slum dwellers without the knowledge of electricity to have access to high voltages

  9. From very live to dead in a second, instantaneous death just by touching the wire. Imagine your loved person helplessly burning, smoke out of him, you can’t touch him, each second past means less likelihood for him to survive, this all of a sudden…

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