Failed Copper Thief Found Month After Accidental Electrocution

All That Is Left of Failed Copper Thief Are Skull and Bones

Failed Copper Thief Found Month After Accidental Electrocution

Mexican copper thief went to fuck people up by stealing wires they rely on for delivery of electricity to their homes and paid the highest price for this selfishness. Fucker was electrocuted while all alone in a manhole and not found until a month later. By that time, much of what was left of him were bare bones.

The photos are from the city of Tapachula in the state of Chiapas, Mexico. The remains of the failed thief were found by a City Hall employee who was doing gardening work in a park next to the Boardwalk located on the 14th North Avenue, between 15th and 17th Street West. The worker was attracted to the manhole by pungent stench.

The identity of the failed thief remains a mystery as he had no Ids on person and turned into a skeleton while he was slowly rotting down there. Authorities could not even estimate his age so all they know about the thief is that we wore beige pants, red shirt and black flip flops – I knew there had to be flip flops there somewhere.

Also check out older photos of a pair of failed copper thieves.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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37 thoughts on “Failed Copper Thief Found Month After Accidental Electrocution”

  1. yeah, some fags are doing the same shit in banana republic since the price of copper skyrocketed in the mid 2000s (evil Tulio predicted it after consulting with the Supreme Jew commander of the world and made good money with stock of copper mining companies haha) . And progressive retards are very worried about this “poor desperate people” electrocuting themselves, who cares, BR wire lines are pretty extensive and probably nobody will find the bodies in the countriside before they are eaten by owls, weasels, chimangos and werewolves…

  2. Wow those are some major worms going on there. To bad the risk of death isn’t higher for those that break the law. Like the person who broke into my car. When trying to start the ignition got electrocuted. Fucker!

    1. Now you’re talking…”hot” wire your vehicle so anyone trying to start the ignition gets fried with high voltage! I’m certain there’s someone who could help with that. Or better yet create you’re own and then go into business. There might be a problem when it come’s to getting rid of the body’s but lets not get to technical right now….lol

  3. It’s usually white trash meth addicts (the kind of guys my sister dates; the whore!) that pull this shit around my parts. They must be pretty good at it, too, because they never (unfortunately) end up like the guy in these pictures. Here’s to hoping. I’d love to see me some pics of crispy fried white trash meth addict.

    1. Individually a piece of copper is worth very little however in large quantities and melted down it becomes profitable. Metals are often traded on the stock exchange and because they have physical presence and are always in demand they tend to hold their value well.

      The trader can therefore make a lot of money from metals, the traders are always looking to acquire cheap resources for which to bargain therefore they make deals with the scrap metal workers who themselves pay cash in hand to metal thieves. The cycle is thus, the thief gets small cash payouts, the scrap metal companies get wealthy and the traders get rich, all in all, its a very profitable business.

      The reason copper is stolen the most is only because it is a common metal found pretty much everywhere.

        1. @Empty soul, thank you very much for your comments 🙂 I knew about metals being traded on the stock market amd they have a physical presence, but didn’t know the backdround to their popularity. As killthefilth said, you comments are informative 🙂

          1. The boom in Eastern economies like China has resulted in huge building programmes, and demand for raw materials such as steel and copper has outstripped fresh supply. Therefore the price of recycled ‘scrap’ materials has massively increased. So now scumbags are pinching manhole covers from the roads where I live, leaving gaping holes in the road and causing some major accidents resulting in injury and death to innocent road users. So I was happy to see this Kentucky Fried Cunt had met such a miserable end.

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