High Voltage Electrocution – Instant Death (video)

High Voltage Electrocution - Instant Death (video)

This must be the most spectacular death by high voltage electrocution ever filmed on video. The guy was killed instantly and went in the most fashionable way. The fact that even after he dropped dead his limp body stayed on the roof of a train makes it so much more spectacular. On a positive note – he didn’t suffer a thing. Extremely high voltage rushed through his body in an instant burning his heart to crisp as soon as he touched the cable. Many electrocutions are painful (execution by electrocution) but this one was painless and instant. Before he realized what the hell he did, his lights were out for good with a spectacular firecracker show. I’m positive this took place in India, even though I don’t speak any Indian, however people in the video look like Indians to me. Perhaps someone will be able to confirm that.

So this guy was on the roof of a train obviously goofing off. He probably wanted to play a big jock and it kind of worked for a second when he got up and took his last walk. Performing idiotic jock walk on a train roof is in itself a good enough reason to die and as seen in video – higher power wanted it that way. Maybe he insulted the Indian God of Trains and he struck him with his mighty hand electrocuting him on the spot.

He obviously didn’t mean to touch the overhead cable. The promenade was meant to be a show off but it backfired – literally. He was like – look, a cable… I wonder what happens if I touched it. And then oops… and he spoke no more but offered the camera an unrehearsed human bulb trick.

If you look closely at the video, it seems as though his head was on fire. I swear I can see flames there. Perhaps his hair caught fire after the electrocution turned him into a fireball for a second. There also seems to be blood flowing down the train which is likely the result of an impact his head sustained after it dropped dead on the roof. But the most spectacular part is the smoke rising from his body long after electrocution. At least I think it’s coming form his body, unless his feet crisped metal roof of the train to a point that it steamed. Poor guy, he surely couldn’t have wished for a faster death. Afterall, getting burned instantly by electrocution is surely less agonizing that going through torture of getting burned slowly.

Thanks crysec for video 😉

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. I kind of thought it could have been a suicide too. Mostly because of that guy in the beginning trying to get him off the train. But then when he walked he did look like a show off. Hard to tell.

  2. As far as I know, he didn’t even have to touch it. Just getting close is enough depending on the voltage.

    And great video.

    I wish I could understand the words.

  3. It was in india ,, i can understand some indian words from the bystanders after electrical shock happened,, “panie” in india means water,, “margaya” means died.. they know that he was planing to kill himself by the cable.. Awesome video.. LOL

  4. Seriously, I think some of you need an “Internet 101” brochure from your local library. Videos work fine, no problem there. If it doesn’t work for you, you must have some stupid settings on your browser that block the video. Either start using normal browsers and learn how to use its settings so it doesn’t block video playback. I can’t believe so many people have no idea how to use internet in 2009.

      1. Some people aren’t computer savy (like me) and need a little help sometimes getting things to work. All she was asking for was some help for christs sake. I hope Jaime got things figured out. Nothing more frustrating than trying to watch some cool shit but for some reason it don’t work!! I try to help out when I can and others should do the same. I’m sure at some point all of you needed a hand in trying to figure something out.

  5. God. I screamed when the guy touched the railing!

    Yes it is in India. Probably in the plains region (near Mumbai) cause the train stop looks kinda Bihari.

  6. this video does not work, but i have seen it before from the discription of those who got it to work, and only one thing comes to mind…. he came, he saw, he got blown up lolz

  7. Coming from small-dick retards who are brain dead to a point that they can’t even figure out internet that 8 year olds have easily down, that really is a flattery. But than again, how otherwise could you compensate for undeveloped dicks? I’m surprised you found a way to post a comment. Or did you ask your little brother to help you out with it?

  8. This video is from a station in the north of india, that person didn’t commit suicide, but he was a mentally retarded person who climbed on the roof top and ppl where trying to get him down, the word “pagal” means mentally ill….

  9. I read somewhere that the guy involved had mental problems hence the people were trying to get him down from the roof. It was in India but I have no idea where about.

  10. I can’t see the video either, and no Angie don’t start with me too. It’s not my browser, it’s not my browser settings. I’m not computer illiterate. All the other videos on here work fine.

  11. Gary, something in your settings is definitely blocking the playback of the video as it does work for me without problems. I just played it again (really spectacular show, even though it’s so inappropriate to say that). What browser do you use? Try different browser and see what happens. Also watch out for any information bars, see if it briefly displays some message that a certain script was blocked or something. It must be in your browser settings. There is no other explanation.

  12. Cmom Angie, let me introduce my cock in your cute ass… I think it will be good for you and your bad mood… If you want I let you do ass-to-mouth with my cock, I have no problem with that!! And about that guy, it was suicide!

  13. Angie, I was wrong! Gah. Firefox failed me…
    Explorer, of all browsers works fine with this video.
    Thx + Sry! Lol :s

    This is a pretty good indicator of how powerful electricity is.
    I think I’ll show this to my son.
    He’ll stop prying his poptarts out of the toaster with a knife from then on, I’m sure.


  14. my take on the situation is somewhat different… first off he’s obviously mentally ill with the iq of a monkey. you can see them trying to coax him down with a coin. then he thinks well it’s pretty cool up here but i gotta take a dump so i think i’ll stroll down to the DZZZZZZZZZSSSTTTT!!!!!!

  15. When guy aproach his hand at wire, without touching it, an voltage arc is produced. The current flow across his skin and inside body. Remember that this is a 25000 volt line. A cardiorespiratory arrest is produced caused by the current; also nervous transmision is stoped by electric shock. The worst part is taked by skin, cause his high resistance, and suport the highest temperature.
    The overtemperature related to an a voltage arc like this is over 3000 centigrade, being this the reason guy is burning after shock at roof.

  16. this guy the most POWERFULL man in all of india he he he ha ha ha …. I think i’v been spending to much time on this site nothing seems to be making gag anymore much to my hubbys delight.

  17. At first, I didn’t recognize this as a suicide. I thought someone was showing off on the top of the train..kind of like “look what I can do!” But now I see it was a suicide.

  18. He must have been stealing food from the window.. as i live in this kind of country.. its common that some thieves get over train and steal food from windows..

  19. Most spectacular,morbid video. I have never seen the power of electricity unleashed in such a manner. at least his death was instantaneous. grossly amazing.

  20. This video might be of this incident:


    Chandigarh, October 23
    A 19-year-old boy died of electrocution while watching Ram Lila on a stationary train in Mauli Jagran, today.

    According to the sources Ram Pal Yadav, a resident of Sector 56, came in contact of overhead high tension electricity wires, accidentally. He went to the station to catch the Sadbhavna Express train. He probably climbed atop a stationary train to watch Ram Lila which was being performed some distance away at Mauli Jagran, when the accident occurred.

    He was rushed to General Hospital in Panchkula where he was declared brought dead. Ram Pal was a student.

    “Ramlila” is an open-air play:


    So he was sitting on top of this train just to get a better view of the play, killing time while waiting for his train. When The Man tries to get him to come down he starts fucking with them and gets all cool and blase. Not suicide. He was just reaching up to the wire to steady himself.

    Chandigarh is in northern India which fits.

    People in the crowd wouldn’t know if a stranger was mentally iii. I think they were using the word pagal “crazy” the way someone here would say, “That guy is crazy.”

  21. dayyyum why were there 2 blasts of voltage, did he grab the wire twice (i can not tell the camera shakes after the first grab)

    this is one of the cooler vids i have seen on this site.\

    found this site yesterday while browsing a forum – i can’t get enough of it! (But will not watch the dusty video! fuck kenny glenn and his rich ass family.)

    why is it that these kids who are rich do FUCKED up shit, they are spoiled all their life and have no conscience? (dep. maniacs, etc).

  22. In high voltage caternaries, the subject doesn’t even have to touch the wire. He only has to get close for the electric charge to arc through the atomsphere and fry his ass. How close depends on the voltage. The human body is basically a salt bridge to ground.

    1. The electric chair isn’t used any more. Often times the executed are basically only worth organ donation. Its considered cruel and unusual punishment to use the electric chair, never mind how their victims were murdered.

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