Man Gets Electrocuted and Falls Trying to Recover Corpse from Utility Pole

Man Gets Electrocuted and Falls Trying to Recover Corpse from Utility Pole

In India, a man was climbing a utility pole in order to recover a corpse of a man who had apparently been electrocuted up there. But as he was trying to untangle the corpse, he himself got zapped, turned limp and fell to the ground.

It’s mind boggling that nobody shut the power completely off so the man can safely recover the corpse. Instead, he went up there with the deadly current merrily flowing through the wires, while he’s forced to drag himself up the pole with his own hands cause the ladder was too short, and then had to balance himself on the small space that was available to him on top of the pole.

Props to Best Gore member @carborandom for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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145 thoughts on “Man Gets Electrocuted and Falls Trying to Recover Corpse from Utility Pole”

        1. @dre, I believe it’s called Spontaneous Indian Combustion. It doesn’t require an ignition source since the gasses inside his intestines are self explosive.
          Oh and my sleep issues are really fucked up. I’m up all night long and sleep a few hours in the afternoon (not by choice).

          1. Lost an eye, lol, lol, fuck, forget the saying “”The Power Of The Pussy”” in your case it is, well, lol ya know! ๐Ÿ˜‰ That flamming ass reminded me of myself as a kid, stealing Mom’s lighter so my brothers and i, could burn our farts, and see who could blow-out the baddest Blue Flame, lol.

    1. He fucking deserved to die his stupidity delivered him there, he had no right to live glad it was that way and didnt kill someone with his retardation, i mean who the fuck he think he is all squirming through those strings like if theyre funny business. Serves you right asshole! ๐Ÿ™‚ haha fuck you.

  1. “Breaking news from India…a utility pole has just claimed the life of it’s 9th victim. Each trying to fetch the body of it’s previous victim, witnesses say that they hear a faint laughing sound from the pole. The 10th man is rumoured to be heading up the pole shortly…we will keep you “posted” “.

  2. Im a blonde and a woman and I would even know to make sure the power is off first! I wonder if he volunteered to retrieve the body or if he was made to do it, not that it matters now!

        1. I actually can believe the smell will be awful. I burned a pot of curry sauce before and it was the worse smell ever. I burn a lot of food (awful cook) but curry was the worse and the smell stayed for ages, you wouldn’t think a food item would smell so bad.

  3. he missed that sewer gutter or whatever.. would have been hilarious if he got fried and then fell neatly into the gutter… hahaha…. btw we should be glad.. nature is weeding out the retards with the help of the pole from hell.. i mean.. how stupid do you have to be to climb an electric pole without shutting down the power. Hopefully he didn’t spread his retard genes before he died

  4. Did you see that? It looks like this guy can blow fire out of his ass! How cool is that!?! That must be one of his super powers. “He’ll save the world by sitting on the bad guy’s face and letting his ass loose!” Suck a shit buddy, suckka shit!

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