Man Gets Electrocuted and Falls Trying to Recover Corpse from Utility Pole

Man Gets Electrocuted and Falls Trying to Recover Corpse from Utility Pole

In India, a man was climbing a utility pole in order to recover a corpse of a man who had apparently been electrocuted up there. But as he was trying to untangle the corpse, he himself got zapped, turned limp and fell to the ground.

It’s mind boggling that nobody shut the power completely off so the man can safely recover the corpse. Instead, he went up there with the deadly current merrily flowing through the wires, while he’s forced to drag himself up the pole with his own hands cause the ladder was too short, and then had to balance himself on the small space that was available to him on top of the pole.

Props to Best Gore member @carborandom for the video:

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145 thoughts on “Man Gets Electrocuted and Falls Trying to Recover Corpse from Utility Pole”

  1. I love electrocution videos. It’s fascinating in the sense that electricity has no bias, it kills you if you fuck with it. On another note though, this video gave me a good laugh. For some reason, when that arc hits him, its like watching someone get pranked by their buddy with a taser. Except on a much larger scale. LOVE IT

  2. Wtf were they thinking? first off turn OFF the power, secondly put something soft beside the pole on the ground, thirdly use a freaking crane! what was he supposed to do? just throw the dead guy off the pole down onto the ground from up there?

    1. put the cables together
    2. put them inside plastic pipes
    3. bury the pipes under the ground

    voila, no one can get hurt by these cables, no trees can fall onto the cables, no cables can fall down onto the ground and you will get a great view and be able to enjoy the sky!

  3. The stupidity in this video is incomparable. this is the equivalent of watching a man leap to his death in front of a train then subsequently going in to save the dead dude WHILE (electricity still on in this case) the train is still passing through the tracks and expecting a different result

  4. Modern power lines are supposed to shut off automatically when there is a short circuit like that. But the grid in India either doesnt have short detection or the detectors failed. I bet the guy retrieving the corpse thought that he would be safe because the lights were out. But current was actually flowing from one wire, through the dead body, and out another wire. When the next guy touched it, he became part of the circuit.
    The longest chain electrocution that I know of is four people.

  5. First time I saw this I laughed so fucking hard!! BZZZT!! His ass caught on fire!

    Do people in Third World shit holes really have so little common sense as to do something like this? Even a child knows not to climb an electric pole, let alone one is some primitive dump that has zero safety built in to any part of the system.

    So yeah, there’s this cooked, stinking corpse up there who just got broiled by live wires and I’m gonna go up and get ’em down. Great idea!

    So hearing the little zap when the guys’ ass lit up I chuckled but seeing the way he spun through the air on the way down I belly laughed and watched it over and over!!

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