Uzbek Jihadists Execute Captured Afghan National Army Soldier

Uzbek Jihadists Execute Captured Afghan National Army Soldier

Uzbek Jihadists Execute Captured Afghan National Army Soldier

Islamic jihadists go all in when executing those who stand in the way of their jihad. This captured man was a soldier in the Afghan National Army, which is the army trained by the coalition forces to take care of Afghan defenses when they are gone. It doesn’t look like the jihadists quite like that.

Clearly frightened man is made to hold his Afghan National Army ID card in his mouth for the video. One of the jihadists who were all allegedly from Uzbekistan then proceeds to shoot him in the head with a handgun from behind. The overkill follows with several follow up shots from the same guy and then yet more shots from another hooded jihadists who is armed with an assault rifle (AK-47?).

Despite an obvious overkill execution, at least he was granted a speedy death, unlike so many others who were captured by the Islamic jihadists and beheaded. Not sure what exactly the Uzbeks have against the Afghan National Army, but perhaps it’s the fact that ANA fight the Taliban and they perceive Taliban as “real Muslims” so anyone who fights Taliban is an infidel and must be executed? Who knows…

Thanks to unnamed Aussie friend for the video.

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  1. I thought the Uzbeks were part of the Northern Coalition that was fighting the Taliban, thus (sort of) on the side of the ANA. I guess the Uzbek jihadists are on the same side as the jihadist Taliban and *against* the Northerners. That’s a complicated region.

    Like this new layout!

  2. By the way, that girl looks tasty roasting on that spit. Nicely plump. Sure to be well marbled!

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