20 Captured Soldiers Executed by Fake Syrian Army in Aleppo

20 Captured Soldiers Executed by Fake Syrian Army in Aleppo

20 Captured Soldiers Executed by Fake Syrian Army in Aleppo

Fake Syrian Army – killing everybody left and right. Common method of execution is a close range gunshot to the head delivered to victims with hands tied behind their backs.

This video is from Aleppo. FSA terrorists captured a group of 20 soldiers and executed them all at the curbside. It was a blood bath:

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45 thoughts on “20 Captured Soldiers Executed by Fake Syrian Army in Aleppo”

  1. Thatā€™s what I like about the Muslims, they claim their religion is one of peace and yet they always resort to killing each other, never once stopping to smell the hypocrisy.

      1. Why the fuck do they keep snackbarring “God is Great” every time some terrible atrocity takes place. Surely a more appropriate snackabar when people are slaughtered would be “God is a Cunt”.

        Fucking retards. I’m just happy that the God who doesn’t exist made me an atheist. :)

    1. WTF is Up with that Fake syrian army soldier wearing a pink polo shirt and ripped jeans? LoL They should kill him too for trying to act like he from Jersey Shore…

      1. It’s not just Islam. Most religions consider killing in the name of their beliefs or values as riteous. One song in particular comes to mind…”Onward Christian soldiers, marching off to war.”

        1. I agree, also Christianity proved what it is all about – in the past – witch hunt, executions of innocent poor people and scientists, crusaders, inquisition…. All relegions are evil, tool of power in order to control a brainless people. Those poor guys were just born in wrong world. I am sorry for them

  2. 00:23 Is that chicks ass in skinny jeans or have I been watching too much tranny porn? Oh well.

    I love how these people celebrate killing their own. Its this sense of accomplishment that I’ve only seen in chimps. They have to be among the most fooled of all the Bolshevik subjects.

  3. Everything has gone how the jews have planned.
    Goyims killing goyims for the profit of the jews.
    The jewish parasite has done it a thousand times (Christiannity, Islam, WWI, Communism, liberalism WWII, the cold war, etc) but the goyim is stupid enough to fall in the jew’s trap over and over.

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