American Civil War Pictures

American Civil War Image with Many Dead Soldiers Lying Around

The American Civil War Pictures depict an important part of the US history. Led by President Jefferson Davis, eleven southern states formed the Confederate States of America after declaring the right to secession. They were opposed by The United States of America (The “Union”) led by President Abraham Lincoln. The Union consisted of free states and some states along the border.

Abraham Lincoln’s Republican Party opposed the expansion of slavery into the United States. This act increased the desire of southern states for secession. Republican Party rejected the right of secession resulting in military conflict that initiated on April 12, 1861 after forces of Confederate States attacked Fort Sumter in South Carolina, the base of the United States military installation.

The collection of American Civil War Pictures in the gallery below briefly documents the part of the civil war suitable for this website. Few pictures of dead soldiers here and there. The images are black and white, many are torn or cracked, but that only adds to the feel of old they emit. Please note – I am not an American myself and know nothing about American Civil War. I just took some brief sum up of events I could find on the internet and made it as brief as I could. If any information is incorrect, please set the record straight and don’t blame me for not knowing. It’s not my history, but I’d like to get educated on it. Please share what you know 🙂

American Civil War Picture Gallery is below:

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13 thoughts on “American Civil War Pictures”

  1. Antietam was the bloodiest battle of the Civil War. Almost 23,000 soldiers died in that battle in a single day. Wikipedia has the statistics. The Civil war was fought to of course free the slaves but more importantly from stopping slavery from speading to other states.

  2. It was the first American war in which photography was widely used. Far more Americans died during The Civil War than in all the other wars combined. Estimates are 500,000-600,000 dead in less than five years.
    When I hear blacks, liberal jews, and whites bitching about slavery and how essentially the white man is to blame for black poverty and violence, I try to remind them about the collossal sacrifice made by white Americans over the issue of slavery.
    There are even advocates of ‘reperations’, which would be something congress would approve to divert money from white Americans to give to “African Americans” in an effort to right the wrongs of slavery and oppression.
    Slavery was an institution which undoubtedly made some people in America lots of money, but the amount of southerners who owned and profited from slavery was limited to the relative few who owned enough land to justify the use of a team of slaves to pick the cotton.
    The vast majority of Southerners in fact did not benefit from slavery, as the south had a largely agrarian economy and the average worker had to compete for wages against slaves. This actually kept the standard of living low for southern workers. So why did they fight? Well, like all wars, it was ‘A rich man’s war, poor man’s fight’.

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