Banned from TV

Banned from TV

Here’s 1 hour and 47 minutes of classic gore caught on camera, released in 1998 as Banned from TV (or Banned from Television). There’s no fluff in this shockumentary, just one awesome uncensored footage after another with to the point narration, although some of it contains incorrect information.

The movie was directed by Joe Francis – the same guy who did Girls Gone Wild. Here’s roughly what you will find in Banned from TV:

  • Armed convenience store robberies (50% of workplace deaths, according to the movie happens in convenience stores – high risk job)
  • Death while shooting a movie in Argentina (car runs over camera crew)
  • Violent ejection from car during car races in Buenos Aires (driver survives)
  • Deadly sky diving accident in Bogota, Colombia
  • Texas rangers shooting a suspect who fought them
  • Mardi Gras Tits Flashing for Beads (not graphic, but still Banned from TV)
  • Spring Break Tits Flashing (likewise – not graphic, but still Banned from TV due to nudity)
  • Extreme skiing accident in Colorado
  • Motorcyclist crushed to death by police cruiser after high speed crash
  • Deadly high speed chase with brutal spins
  • Hostage situation which is incorrectly credited to Bogota, Colombia (it happened in Venezuela, hostage taker’s name was Hector Duarte – props to Best Gore community for getting that right)
  • Bank robbery hostage situation from Mexico (also resolved with a precise albeit dangerous headshot from a police sniper)
  • Highrise fire in Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Police wrestling a disturbed man in Oklahoma City
  • Miami police kill a Cuban man with a machete
  • Epic bicycle faceplant with disturbing breathing
  • Motorcycle daredevil misses landing ramp in Nevada and plants it hard into the pavement, killing himself
  • Thai man attempts suicide by shooting himself in the neck at Bangkok stock exchange
  • Robber shooting clerk out of frustration because not enough money was in the till
  • Domestic confrontation with deadly shooting in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Traffic patrolman hit by a car during routine traffic stop
  • Big black guy attacking a patrolman and fleeing
  • Woman sets pitbull on an animal control officer
  • Horse tramples a pram with an infant in it
  • Accidents During Bareback horse racing with sharp turns
  • Man jumps off radio tower in Phoenix, Arizona
  • Firefighter rescuing a woman in Indianapolis slips form the ladder and falls
  • Motorcycle stunt rider falls to his death in Miami, Florida
  • Hot air balloon blown into power lines
  • High speed motorcycle pursuit in Los Angeles, California with a t-bone into a bus
  • High speed pursuit in Newark, New Jersey with a crash and hit of a pedestrian
  • High speed pursuit in Florida with screeching overturn
  • Night time high speed pursuit in Salt Lake City, Utah filmed with IR cameras – K9 engages the suspect after an attempt to flee on foot
  • Man threatens to kill his father in Charlotte, North Carolina, walks up on SWAT
  • Assassination of Mexican president Luis Donaldo Colosio in Tijuana
  • Clashes between rebels in Monrovia, Liberia with savage beating of an opponent
  • Man with a knife takes child hostage in Rio de Janeiro (gets shot in the face)
  • Terry Rossland sets himself on fire in Butte, Montana (survived with severe burns, but committed suicide one year later)
  • Protesters hurl firebombs at laborers in Seoul, South Korea
  • Standoff with the police growing violent in San Salvador, El Salvador (includes footage of fleeing hostage getting shot in the gut at close range)
  • Lawn mower thief chased by the police gets obliterated by crossing semi truck
  • Burglary suspect pursuit in Carlsbad, California – pant less man with shotgun gunned down
  • Running of the bulls in Madrid, Spain with the bull getting some revenge
  • Shark attack off the coast of Chile – screaming bitch gets her leg taken off
  • Elephant on a rampage in Honolulu, Hawaii (irritating cameraman) – narrator says the execution of the elephant was necessary. What a tool. Leave the animal where it belongs, in the wild and this won’t happen
  • Strip club in Palm Shores, Florida rubbing coochies on customers (no gore, but Banned on TV) – normal in Thailand
  • Cop in Las Vegas, Nevada trades leniency for sexual favors – caught on hidden camera
  • Booty Shaking in Georgia leads to public indecency charges – you’ll see 8 years old do that every day in Latin American countries
  • On stage fucking during a concert
  • Fans bring down light tower during the Deep Purple concert in Santiago, Chile
  • Cameraman mowed down by a rally car in Canberra, NSW, Australia
  • Paramedic taken out by a rally car in Daytona
  • Public execution of two convicted rapists in Grozny, Chechnya
  • Police shoot fleeing robbers in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil executing one
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico air balloon festival disaster
  • Two Russian thugs caught brutalizing a businessman for extortion money
  • Gang warfare in a pool hall in El Monte, California – twinky gook gets beaten and shot dead by twinky gooks
  • State execution of two men accused of kidnapping, raping and killing a woman in Guatemala
  • Extrajudicial lynching and burning of a man accused of rape in San Vicente, Mexico
  • Traingirl video from Downers Grove, Illinois (incorrectly narrated to be from Champaigne)

The movie speaks for itself so without further ado, here’s Banned from TV. Props to Best Gore member @hitlered for the hook up:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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157 thoughts on “Banned from TV”

      1. in the scene in the 17 minutes hostage. i think it is best too kill the person if you are more then 20 feet away, with knife or gun! because it would be very hard to reach them and you can’t take that chance with someone murdering some person in front of your face. better to kill that guy who is threatening to kill someone else.

    1. The bull doing a Ray Winstone impression after tossing the girl about was the best bit – “Who’s the fucking daddy?” haha. I seriously don’t understand the logic of winding up a 1 ton angry beast with 2 huge fucking horns……..bravado or plain old stupidity? I lean towards the latter.

      1. I think most things involving animals to perform for humans is stupid and cruel. Animals don’t know any better. And then people get shocked when that animal behaves in it’s nartural way by mauling someone. It’s bravado for humans to belive they were meant to have power over all species.

          1. True, humans can be complete idiots, and normally they die for that reason. I was glad that bull could get some payback and I was hoping for more because those people deserve to goto hell if it ever existed. Lastly, I was not prepared to watch that elephant be gunned down, I’ve never wanted to cry to anything else on this website, poor thing had no idea what was going on.

  1. Anyone remember the Traces of Death series (Traces, not Faces which was mostly fake)? There’s one video in I think ToD3 that I always remembered, I think it was the finale, where a guy is tied by his arms to two trucks, which then drive apart, ripping one arm off, dragging him down the street, then he’s finally done in with a handgun…I ALWAYS wanted to know the story behind that. Mark??

    1. i had that series,infact ive got it confused with this video i think,wasnt it all set to old grindcore/deathmetal tracks? and the footage your thinking of may have been serb/bosnia.although i too failed to find a backstory

      1. Yeah that’s the one, narrated by a guy badly dubbed trying to sound all evil and with all the old over the top VHS ‘extreme warning’ messages before it started. Haha.

        Need to go watch it again and try to find out.

  2. I remember back when I was in high school we would go to the Cult section and get all of these movies.. I was around 15 at the time. Banned in America, Banned from Television and all the Faces of Death.

    Mark, feel secure in knowing that you rate as the king of gore in my book. I’ve never seen such a diverse site with so many wonderful vids.

    Just promise me one thing. When I die and if you still have this site up and you just happen to get a hold of my death photos I want you to make fun of my dumb ass 😛

  3. I loved how most of the film made out the police “did what they had to do”or the driver “had no choice ” the persons who killed injured or maimed where never to blame . It maybe true but I’d like to know the whole story first .x
    And why was this banned ? I’ve seen all this before !!!!!! And I live In Birmingham UK . Lol xxxxx

    1. You want interesting…some dude in a McD’s here in T.O. was wackin off to internet porn on his laptop as people were trying to scarf down their big macs. When told to leave he spent another 20mins finishing off his deed before cops showed up…now that’s interesting.

      1. I was sitting on a train once and there was a guy sitting opposite to me wanking, he must have had a hole in his pocket. I didn’t notice at first because I was reading a newspaper. I looked up and he was staring at my legs mastubating. It wasn’t interesting though, just creepey.

  4. Look-up Joe Frances, he didn’t direct this!
    You can’t direct live footage!
    Its video from the Real TV shows.
    Despite its title with the word “Banned” in, it has been shown on Reality TV, as well as many European/Asian TV news channels when most of the things happened.

  5. Listen to the whining bitch in the red vehicle who was given a ticket.

    I gotta love that dead calm officer who states he better pick up his ticket or he will have another one for littering. When the suspect speeds off the officer says “bye!”.


    1. I agree, I was disturbed by the elephant being shot to death. These beautiful creatures are not meant to be in captivity and forced to perform in front of idiot people and their kids. Seriously, the poor elephant finally cracked. Then it’s the one being punished by being put to death in a cruel way. That’s the only video I had problems watching.

    2. Say it again please. I love seeing adults get their shit fucked up. 100 tattoos later, 8 intense piercings later and the elephant scene blew my fucking high….not to mention my nose burning and eyes watering. I think its called crying……

  6. hey guys, here is a link to a :LOT of shockumentaries, and the thing is it has banned from tv 2 and traces of death 1 2 3 and 4 (traces of death is like faces of death but 100 percent real) and a lot of other shockumentaries 😀

  7. i’ve seen the video with the pit bull and the animal control officer a bunch of times before, and every time i see it, i say the same thing. that dog had no interest in her. if ONE whack from that neighbor made him release her hand immediately….he was just warning her. and seriously, what an AWFUL A.C. officer. once the dog lets go of her, the FIRST thing she does is physically go after his owner??? ANY dog would go after you for that! i love my pits, and this was in no way a real “attack”.

    1. That certainly looked like a proper attack to me. That old fat old bitch threatened to turn her dog on the animal control officer. The dog was trying to bite her hands off. The only reason things didn’t get worse is that strangers from the local community all risked themselves to try to protect her. That should give you an insight to what a total menace the dog was. As for trying to throw that fat bitch in front of the dog shows she had some presence of mind in a terrifyiing situation. I don’t know how I would react in situation like that but I hope i’d throw the fat bitch to the dog as well.The dog deserved to be put down, the fat bitch should have probably been put down as well. She didn’t look responsible enought to keep a gerbil, let alone a powerful fighting dog.

  8. Somebody really needs to make an abridged parody of this. The whole time me and my brother were adding voices and laughing our asses of about how much more epic this could have been with a parody. However I suck at video editing and have very little time to do it.

  9. This was funny to me. Go to the crowd with the president. Now while all the frijole lovers are jumping and waving…..a pipe extends into the air and POW. Add the mexican hatdance to that scene in your head…wave your hands, sport your sombrero, and catch a bullet with your pituatary gland. Ole!

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