Brazilian Politician Gets Shot 20 Times – Half of His Face Blasted Off

Brazilian Politician Gets Shot 20 Times - Half of His Face Blasted Off

A politician was killed on Tuesday, October 15th of 2013, In ItaΓ­ba, Pernambuco – Brazil, with approximately 20 shots, while In his car. 7 managed to make their way into his head, completely disfiguring the poor man’s face.

The body of Thiago Faria de Godoy was found near a deserted road, possibly indicating that the victim was followed until the right moment for the execution. It Is uncertain If his killer/s were inside a moving car while shooting or stopped the vehicle In order to proceed with the murder.

According to police, this assassination was motivated by an establishment that had been pawned and auctioned at an extremely low price. The family of Thiago’s bride bought the establishment for only R$ 100,000 (around 40 thousand US dollars), and the former owner (which was very frustrated, i assume) is suspected to have hired the hitman to kill Mr. Godoy. Police confirmed that the murder was not politically associated.

Video update (TV report in Portuguese, no gore, but a few brief shots of his vehicle riddled with bullet holes) props to Best Gore member SrbijaBgd:

Gallery of photos:

Author: Portuguese Dude

From Portugal, thats all.

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  1. Nice pics and story Portuguese!!…I’m in the er now so i can’t log on easily because of the shitty reception but I’m glad i got to see this though…that face shot is a crucial picture…and the wifes picture rips at my heart..poor woman..lost all her money and now has to finally get a job..she must be crushed…….great work Portuguese!!

      1. Lolz…I’m okay Portuguese…i was supposed to come in a week ago to Get another spinal tap for a draining but I’ve been putting it off…i have to keep coming in for em until i have my surgery…they call em serial spinal taps..yay me right….fuck my life….I’m bout to fuck up some of these other patents lives if they keep d fucking staring at meeeeee….uggggh!!!…i want my damn dilauded and draining NOW!!…lolz..or some pot would be awesome too…

        1. I hate going to a hospital. I have to do routine checks once or twice a year to make sure i’m not in danger of developing colon cancer again. A hospital, at least here, is such a detrimental place… Filled with old people abandoned by their families, individuals constantly coughing and spreading germs… I want distance from all that. It depresses me.

          And yeah, you’re gonna have brain surgery :/ but it’ll all work out fine. Just remember to film it and send me the video.

          1. Lolz..i will make sure to all them to record it hun……and i fucking HATE hospitals and i forgot my fucking pot the one day that its gonna take hrs to Get back…I’m cranky as fuck too…ugh…I’m ready to go back…not really..i hate this shit soon..and not brain hun..its a vp shunt ran from the back of the head thru my ventricular to my stomach……it can’t come any slower..fuck..

          1. I hadda go top a different er on sat night scholar..but its okay hun..i got what i needed..had fun too..when i get nervous i get funny…when i get painkillers i get loopy and nurses and Drs loved me.feeling pretty good still..i don’t like the idea that I’ll have to go back in a couple weeks..but once i have the shunt I’ll be okay.. πŸ™‚

            Never fear..I’ll raise hell everywhere i go….hospitals included..and as long as i have signal or wifi I’ll raise hell here too…. <3

  2. I bet it was two flip flops wearing Da Silvas on a motorcycle, who killed this guy in a drive-by association style in the state of Pernambuco, like we have seen many times in and near Caruaru.

    When you see two guys on a motorcycle, run for your life. Especially when they wear flip flops and they are Da Silvas.

  3. White Brazilians are the driving force behind Brazil’s growth.

    Oh hey, How can you tell the difference between an American Politician and a Prostitute. A prostitute doesn’t wear a 3 piece suit, and can only fuck one person at a time, while politicians fucks over everybody at once.

    1. A prostitute trades with what’s rightfully hers and trades with those willing to engage in trade with her. That is in stark contrast to hypocrites who give away stolen money in the name of government.

          1. ^^^ really does work. We soak patients in Epsom salt sometimes. But I doubt it would help her kind of headache. πŸ™

            Hope you feel better lady. Your name is Ajay, right? I saw you say it a couple times. I’m calling you Ajay from now on because I love that name.

          2. I love soaking in the bath hun…with salts without..smelly and non smelly…sigh..only thing that works for me mike is spinal taps..they drain like 15-20ccs of fluid and I’m cool for a day or so…but then the headache comes right back..hurts like a bitch when i refill up…i literally feel it in my face and head and everything…Ooooof..i can’t wait for this damn surgery….and yes ex I’m ajay…feel free to call me what you’d like..just don’t call me late for dinner and or medication time..lolz…i had a tap last night..i feel pretty good head wise..but my back is killing me…i can’t wait to pop my perc and go to bed…

  4. Let me just say that there are portuguese speaking countries in africa “Angola,Cape Verde,Guine,Sao Tome Principe,Mozambique..they speak portuguese in Goa “India”,they speak portuguese in Timor “Indonesia” and Brasil “south america” But that doesnt make them Portuguese.

    I actually met a lot of nice brazilians in my life but damm man i think i hate them for something that its not even their fault, but some people,mostly americans do get us all mixed up in the same sack.Please dont:D

    1. I met lots of Brazilians in my school years and actually many of them were my friends. So of course we can’t generalize and say all are violent and all do this and that, thats an incorrect and unfair assertion, but Portugal did get more violent after the influx of Brazilian immigration since the beginning of the 2000’s, and this is common knowledge.

      And yup, loads of people tend to think Portuguese people and Brazilians are basically the same, but we’re not lol.

      Regarding the Portuguese speaking nations, well, out of those, only Portugal and Brazil have it has its only native language. Only a minority of Brazilians speak indigenous languagues and only 20 thousand people speak Mirandese in Miranda do Douro in Northern Portugal. All other Portuguese speaking nations have it as an official language but lots of the population don’t speak it regularly, rather, they speak their own native languages amongst themselves. But its the same deal in French and British Africa.

          1. It’s like English….you can hardly understand a heavy southern accent…than there is a heavy British accent….I know costa rican Spanish is different than Mexican bad the whole globe didn’t have just one language..

          2. Of course we understand them,we even understand spanish! But they dont undersantad us! We can speak they language on poingt! They Cannot speak ours! We have various examples of that..Cristiano Ronaldo,Jose Mourinho..they go everywheremENgland,Italy,Spain,..wityhin weeks they are speaking their language….Us in Portugal have players etc from brasil,south american,brasil spain etc and after like 2 or 3 years here they still cant speak shit of our language that is spoken in alll 5 continents of the world.,so either our language is very difficult..or they are just stuppid

  5. He was persecutor and that’s the reason why someone killed him.
    I found more on TV reportage on YT but my comment with link not appeared so, put this on YT to watch if you want more: [TV JORNAL] Estado monta for?a-tarefa para prender assassinos de promotor em Ita?ba

      1. He was a prosecutor and politician. He was killed because his bride bought a real-estate that had been pawned because the former owner was in debt, at a very low price. Its suspected the former owner of the real estate was the man who hired the hitman/men and Thiago’s wife was indeed in the car when it happened, i read a report about it.

        She escaped with no injuries tough, very lucky. The assassins were trying to kill both of them, and thought they did.

  6. it is pretty curious how dude’s vehicle is riddled with bullets and he is basically ground beef yet his wife gets out free and clear….exactly how does that work?

    perhaps she has a super power that she turns on in these instances…

    …yeah..thats it…that’s the ticket..

    …well…solved that one! next!

    1. she got out in the fucking nick of time.
      bullets shot through his window lobbed passenger window behind her. her injuries and shock that made her fall outside the car SAVED her.
      car fascia and frame shielded her ass from the the following fired rounds


          1. yeah….either that or she is super duper dandy good at dodging continuous bullets…clever girl she is!

            …of course you can see he was the target…otherwise she would have eaten some lead…

            …I guess im just not used to these crazy criminals showing so much love to the wife..

            ..usually it would be 2fer1..WAAYYEEE!!

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