Brutal Mexican Drug Cartel Execution by Gunshot to the Temple

Brutal Mexican Drug Cartel Execution by Gunshot to the Temple

Brutal Mexican Drug Cartel Execution by Gunshot to the Temple

Out of Mexico comes another incredibly brutal drug cartel execution video, though in this case, unlike in so many cases before, the captive was granted a quick and relatively painless death.

The video starts with a close up of a man with bound hands and tape over his eyes being interrogated by a man off camera. The sicario asks the victim a sequence of questions which are all promptly answered. Because he’s blindfolded, the captive doesn’t know what and when is going to happen to him. Luckily for him, all that happens is a close range gunshot to the temple from the side. While incredibly brutal, compared to most execution videos that come out of Mexico, I think the “luckily for him” statement is more than appropriate. What makes it really brutal is how the victim’s skull bursts open after it takes the shot from a high powered handgun.

Props for the video go to the Best Gore member Dave aka archamedes who described the video as follows:

A Mexican drug cartel member is caught up in this ongoing war, and is captured by his rivals, blindfolded and bound by the hands. He is then ordered to state his name and his sins. An automatic is then raised to the side of his head and he is shot at almost point blank range. If you watch carefully at the slow motion replay, you actually see his forehead burst open. I am not sure if this is an exit wound caused by the bullet ricocheting his skull or the blast pressure causing his head to burst open like a grape. But at least he had it easy unlike most.

I agree, compared to most, this man had it easy, despite graphic visual after bullet enters his temple. Video is below.


Many thanks to Best Gore member Frankenchrist for translation of the dialogue from Spanish to English. As became clear from the dialogue, in this video, a hit man for El Chapo is being interrogated by his captors who are asking him question about what he knows of El Chapo’s operations in the area:

Sicario: Your name?
El Chapo Hitman: (inaudible) Ortega
Sicario: Your name?
El Chapo Hitman: (inaudible) Nogales Ortega
Sicario: What do you dedicate yourself to?
El Chapo Hitman: Hitman for el Chapo
Sicario: Where do you live?
El Chapo Hitman: Santiago Patzcuiaro
Sicario: How much do they pay you?
El Chapo Hitman: Eight thousand pesos a month.
Sicario: Who helps you in Santiago?
El Chapo Hitman: Colonel Manuel Vasquez Borrano
Sicario: How do you know that?
El Chapo Hitman: I gave him five million
Sicario: How long ago?
El Chapo Hitman: One month ago.
Sicario: Who is (inaudible)?
El Chapo Hitman: He’s the one who pays the workers in the company.
Sicario: How many people are there?
El Chapo Hitman: Like 100 hitmen.
Sicario: Where are they?
El Chapo Hitman: They are spread out the sierra
Sicario: What did they come here for?
El Chapo Hitman: To kill and execute people
Sicario: For what?
El Chapo Hitman: To take their money and force people to work.
Sicario: Do you know the colonel?
El Chapo Hitman: Yes, I am the connection who gave him the five million.

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107 thoughts on “Brutal Mexican Drug Cartel Execution by Gunshot to the Temple”

  1. That was pretty rad.

    However I would have rather seen something a bit more goreish, Well ok a LOT more.

    I think the pinche frijolero’s need more chainsaws!

    1. Why don’t you piss off and ramp up the violence, yourself, undear Psychoinactive? Rig a camera, jump into a wood-chipper, and fuck off from the world already. Tough guy.

          1. Phatman, if you are indeed fat and eat lot of animals, do fuck off and suicide already. Cutting slack is not part of my game, but I would fucking love to cut slackers. All of them. Mexicution!

          2. Slayer you ain’t scarin a mother fuckin soul, shut the fuck up, your bitch ass couldn’t cut warm butter with a machete.

        1. I shall bicker and moan about the camera-angle, that he didn’t scream loud enough, whatever, just as long as I come across as a bad mofo I’m a happy camper. Evil!

  2. My first fucking reply as a bestgore member is in a video of a dude of my country gettin’ his face fucked up haha. World is fucked, what can we do?
    Anyway, here is the interview “traslated” (Sorry for my bad english):
    “interviewer”: Your name?
    Fucked up dude: Neitez Hernandez Ortega (I think, is hard to hear)
    Interviewer: Your name?
    Fucked up dude: Neitez Hernandez Ortega
    Interviewer: What do you do?
    Fucked up dude: Chapo’s Hitman (Chapo Guzman, a big mexican drug dealer)
    Interviewer: Where you live?
    Fucked up dude: Santiago *something* (bad audio)
    Interviewer: How much they pay you?
    Fucked up dude: 8000 pesos per month
    Interviewer: Who helps you in santiago?
    Fucked up dude: Colonel Daniel Vazquez Bolaños
    Interviewer: How you know?
    Fucked up dude: Because I delivered 5 million to the unit
    Interviewer: How long?
    Fucked up dude: A month ago
    Interviewer: Who is “Sijo”?
    Fucked up dude: Is it who pays the people, the workers on the unit
    Interviewer: How much people are there?
    Fucked up dude: Like 100 hitman
    Interviewer: Where they are?
    Fucked up dude: Scattered in the mountains of “?”
    Interviewer: Who came to do?
    Fucked up motherfucker: To kill and kidnape people
    Interviewer: For what?
    Fucked up motherfucker: To take their money… And force people to help us to work
    Interviewer: You know the colonel?
    Fucked up motherfucker: Yes, I was the conection to deliver the 5 million…
    Automatic gun: BOOOOOOM
    Fucked up motherfucker: UUUUUUH!

  3. Good news fellow gore members starting next week I will be taking a short vacation to Mexico, landing in Mexico city (D.F.) and driving to the famous “Mummies Of Guanajuato Museum”! I will indeed send photos if I am lucky enough to spot couple of corpses laying around on their lazy asses. Wish me a good non-homicidal trip(:

      1. @Brokeback Thank you so much. He said with heavy sarcasm.

        @Archameded Thank you buddy I will keep that in kind, and btw I life the avatar that’s awesome bro.

        1. Sorry @Archamedes my sincere apologies I accideny misspelled your name I’m deeply sorry i meant no disrespect hope you understand. I just wish there was a way to delete the comment.

    1. May I recommend you steer clear of motorbikes carrying 2 passengers and for gods sake don’t decide that the drugs trade looks like a lucrative business oppertunity or we all might see you very soon

  4. this is a snuff film. up until the internet age snuff films were illegal and hard to find. now we can see people die in a myriad of ways. we are regressing as a species by becoming desensitized to violence and gore. welcome to hell.

      1. very VERY true.
        Been waiting for the ‘Mouse Wisdom’ to come back.
        e-mail me dirrectly at rotten stench (ot) rocket mail (dawt) com if you want MY opinion on your so-called paradise…..I’m familiar with exactly what you’re talking about, and i would love the chance to inject some reality (that you can find in your bible) to deflate, or simply ELIMINATE this concept from your mind……in other words, the likeleness of something ‘magical’ to look forward to is, well, stupid.
        Optimistic and understandable, but still stupid…..because rest assured, we WILL fuck that up too.

  5. Working on the translation already. This one is hard because of the audio. Some things sounds like gibberish, and I need to look up some of the slang they use.

  6. This guy was killed with some dignity so they must of half liked him or felt sorry for him. They gave him a quick death and saved him the slow and torturous methods of execution the snitches get.

  7. They don’t ask anything crazy.. what’s your name, where do you live, who do you work with, where are they… the last question is asking if he knows (name) and the guy answers yes… nothing else is said anymore by either or… BANG!

    1. Hey Halie! I don’t know if you read my last last response, but I am from Brownsville Texas.

      To keep it relevant, I always like to hear what they say before their deaths. Usually, they give a slight glimpse of what they have to deal with in the cartel etc etc.

          1. Are the Mexicans going to have a translation battle? I have a half broken beer bottle to cut heads with. Don’t challenge me. 😛

      1. Ohh! Yea, I’ve been meaning to find you!! I had just forgotten your username.. I’m glad you said that.. I thought maybe we could hangout some time… grab some Starbucks and talk some gore, my treat…

          1. Find you! Let’s just say I’m about an hour from McAllen… I’ll be in the valley ’til early September.. so hit me up when you’re down.. (:

  8. Here you go guys, best I could do with this translation. Pretty accurate except for the locations and names. Some comments though, this asshole sounded like he was pretty ranked up, and he also got payed pretty shitty. Not gonna lie though, with all the stealing these guys did, they probably didn’t need much anyway.

    Executioner: Your name?

    Captured: Ricardo Mares Ortega? (could’nt undestand name properly)

    Executioner: What is your function?

    Captured: I am one of Chapos Sicarios

    Executioner: Where do you live?

    Captured: Santiago (something)

    Executioner: How much do you get payed?

    Captured: 8000 Pesos a month. (About 570 dollars)

    Executioner: Who helps you in Santiago?

    Captured: Colonel Daniel Vazques Bolagnos

    Executioner: HOw do you know him?

    Captured: I delivered 5million to him in a (location)

    Executioner: How long ago?

    Captured: About a month ago

    Executioner: Who is (says name of person, cant understand)

    Captured: He is the one who pays the workers.

    Executioner: How many people are there?

    Captured: 100 Sicarios

    Executioner: Where are you all?

    Captured:(cant undestand location)

    Executioner: What are you all doing here?

    Captured: To kill and execute people

    Executioner: For what

    Captured: To steal their money and force them to work for us

    Executioner: Do you know the colonel?

    Captured: Yes, I delivered 5 million to him (didnt understand what they meant, probably money)

    1. Dude, THNAK YOU! Once again You fucking ROCK for adding value and help to Best Gore.
      It allows us S.O.B.’s to be able to get a bit more out of this mexican’s death rather than just bla bla bla bla blBang!

    2. The name is a mistery to me too, (who cares, anyway?) something like “lizandro” monarrez ortega but I’m not sure

      he said he lives in “Santiago Papasquiaro”, a little town in the state of Durango.

      he said he delivered 5000000 pesos (or dollars??) in Nuevo Ideal, another town in durango.

      the captured said that all sicarios are “sparsed around the nuevo ideal Sierra mountains”

      Durango is hard place to live

      1. Thank you for clarifying some things Cali!

        @Rotten, no problem 😉 I will try my best with all the translations, and if I miss something, the other folks can fill in.

        1. you’re right. they have the classical mexican “hillbilly” accent of the narco people: hard to follow and understand, even for spanish speaking people

  9. I’m starting to think that narcos make their captives memorize tehir speech and it’s like “say it OK and you go easy, screw it up and you go the hard way”…this one say it ok and it was a headshot, Manuel Mendez Leyva started stuttering and forgetting things and he got the “chancho” beheading…

  10. In this video, a hit man for El Chapo is being interrogated by his captors who are asking him question about what he knows of El Chapo’s operations in the area.

    Q. Your name?
    A. (unclear) Ortega
    Q. Your name?
    A. (unclear) Nogales Ortega
    Q. What do you dedicate yourself to?
    A. Hitman for el Chapo
    Q. Where do you live?
    A. Santiago Patzcuiaro
    Q. How much do they pay you?
    A. Eight thousand pesos a month.
    Q. Who helps you in Santiago?
    A. Colonel Manuel Vasquez Borrano
    Q. How do you know that?
    Q. I gave him five million
    Q. How long ago?
    A. One month ago.
    Q. Who is (unclear)
    A. He’s the one who pays the workers in the company.
    Q. How many people are there?
    A. Like 100 hitmen.
    Q. Where are they?
    A. They are spread out the sierra
    Q. What did they come here for?
    A. To kill and execute people
    Q. For what?
    A. To take their money and force people to work.
    Do you know the colonel?
    Yes, I am the connection who gave him the five million.

  11. This is such a barbaric country! They just stood there and watched him die of acute lead poisoning. The family should write an angry letter to their congressman.

  12. crazy crazy… I actually never grow tired of watching the mexican cartel videos..These guys are crazy..They need to make a movie about them…

  13. Rather see them with their eyes open like the bead headings that would truly intimidate them that they don’t give a shit about seeing the people they killed for their rest of their life in their mind, most of these guys just do it for the money or out of fear they would be considered rats if they refuse.

  14. I think he got it quick and painless because he willingly answered the questions. I am sure if he tried to say he did not know they would have tortured him.

  15. According to my calculation:
    $1(US) = 13.1180 pesos
    1 Mexican drug cartel hitman earns 8,000 pesos/mo. = $609.84/mo.
    1 American McDonalds cashier earns 11,000 pesos/mo. = $838.54/mo.
    (these figures are approximates after taxes)

  16. hey its not his brains or head exploding its just the bandage over his eyes being violently removed by the inertia of the bullet and muzzle energy , that round weent straight thru

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