Brutal Public Execution of Young Woman in Somalia

Brutal Public Execution of Young Woman in Somalia

Somalia – the lawless country with virtually no functioning governments, just gangs warring against each other for territorial control. On top of that, Somalis are also Muslims which makes up for some of the most ruthless behavior of one human being towards another ever. There is no surprise that public executions of such brutality as seen in the picture above are common in Somalia.

Unfortunately, what the young woman from the picture has been accused of is unknown to me. All I got is this one picture. Since the picture is of decent quality and resolution, there must be more from this “public event” so I’ll be updating you as soon as I’ll laid my hands upon the rest. Even with just one picture though, you can imagine the brutality this potentially hawt body had to endure in the last minutes of her life.

The most awesome thing is the timing of the picture as it was captured right when the executioner held his dagger under right angle to reflect the sunlight, making it look like Sting sword of Frodo from the Lord of the Rings which glows when trolls are nearby. Fucking trolls.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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20 thoughts on “Brutal Public Execution of Young Woman in Somalia”

  1. Probably has something to do with Sharia Law. That’s my guess. The country has turned into somewhat of a lawless crazyland, but I’m curious to who the guys in the background are with the uniforms and blue berets. The Ministry of Observation?

  2. Mannn…. she doesn’t look to be dressed as a normal Muslim woman. I bet her husband had her killed for doing something like cooking his bread too long. It doesn’t take much over there. ANIMALS.
    Look how he appears to be stalking his prey, ready to pounce.

  3. He def doesn’t look upset to be doing this. it captures the moment just before her kills her, while shes sitting there waiting for it to happen.

    id love to see more pictures, it always amazes me how many men, woman and at times children are watching in the background. i love seeing the pictures… but i dont think my and my family would be sitting front row and center for the event 🙂

  4. maxal – if you?re new to t3h interwebz, perhaps you could pick up one of the “Internet 101 for Complete Dummies” book from your neighborhood bookstore.

    For your information, there is a post page – a page that contains text and galleries of pictures, and then there are attachment pages – pages that house each of the individual pictures with link to the full resolution file.

    You can look for your comment on the post page all you want, you can even try to use your granddad?s magnifying glass, or look under the sofa and you won’t find it here – simply because you did not make a comment on this page. You made it on a different page. Why do newbs with memory problems have to come on here to deal with their issues?

    1. A photo from the Shabelle Media group in Somalia shows a Somali teenager killing 02 May 2006 a man convicted by an Islamic court of murdering his father in what is believed to be Mogadishu’s first public execution under Sharia Islamic law in years.

      There’s your info

    1. And two caves over is Europe where the white devil, scourge to all humanity, lives. Just google holocaust, slavery, conquistadors or any where else in history where the white man,I meant devil, has set foot. Check your history and see how it was before colonialism. Europeans are the worst natural disaster since the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs.

  5. It is sickening to read the communication from all of you. This woman criminal broke the law in her country and is being held accountable for it and because she is not receiving all the special privileges that American women are drunk on, she’s a victim. Her killing is far, far more dignified and humane than how a male would be murdered, even a male child. For one, she is not completely naked like the males are before they are brutally murdered. Two, her face is covered so that she won’t even know when she is about to be killed. Three, her body wasn’t stripped naked and dragged through the streets while she is being brutalized and tortured the whole time and then finally set on fire and when she flees in horror, captured and set on fire again while every one listens to her agonizing screams. No, she was left clothed, and her face was covered to spare her the sight of witnessing her own death. Oh, yes, she was treated alot more humanely. I personally think that she should of atleast been treated the same as a male child would be treated if he had been caught committing a crime. Oh, but privilege demands that she be treated far better than even a child. That’s sick!

  6. Funny How nobody realized “she” is a teenage man who murdered his father and was the first to be trialed, sentenced to death and executed under Sharia law in Somalia. Some people did doubt the gender tho which was good but not good enough. You let the “skirt” fool you, that is a traditional dress for men like the kilt for Scottish men. Sloppy work bestgore. No Somalis corrected either, I guess there are none on bestgore except me.

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