Brutal Stabbing, Slashing and Finger Cutting Torture Ends with Execution

Brutal Stabbing, Slashing and Finger Cutting Torture Ends with Execution

New video from Syria shows a man on the brink of death laying face down in a corner of an abandoned building with his hands tied behind his back. The man has his whole body covered with blood and bruises, a testament to brutal torture he had been subjected to.

When the video starts, two captors take turns at repeatedly stabbing and slashing at the victim with a dagger. You can tell that the victim is still alive as he responds to inflicted pain by bending his knees and trying to turn. Later, the captors proceed to cut his fingers off but couldn’t find an efficient way to do it, so all they did was saw into his bone. One of the last delivered stabs appears to have severed the femoral artery as blood starts spurting in copious amount from the victim’s thigh.

According to Best Gore member DerSteppenwolf, in the beginning of the video, the guy with the knife says:

What do they want? Freedom? Here is your goddamn freedom…

Based on that, one could speculate that the captors were some vigilante punishers of terrorist mercenaries from the ranks of oppressed civilians, but there is some Allahu Akbar in the mix too so who knows, really. Terrorists have been caught several times in the past mimicking Syrians.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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115 thoughts on “Brutal Stabbing, Slashing and Finger Cutting Torture Ends with Execution”

    1. I agree lowest level of human breed, I wish only if Brasil would start a war on theese Achmeds The dead terrorists! We would have Machettes vs Flip Flops all in one video! Just imagine that war, its like hearing stereo sound for the first time 🙂 Brasil would kick ass 🙂 🙂

      1. Even the entire animal kingdom doesn’t torture any of their pray. (In awareness anyway) Therefore these people are not animals nor human. But then again, it’s nothing new considering the brutality of human kind in history. There is a devil… The only thing that doesn’t make me bitter, hate and want to revenge these poor men a 1000 times over and over is maintaining my believe in God He will put justice to these beings eventually. Nature states survival of the fittest, but why do these sick degenerate netherworld beings still exist? It’s really devastating and horrible beyond words.

      1. I will run this through my speech diagnostic equipment in my lair later tonight and it will tell me who this agent of misery is and where he can be found, i will relay the information to you wicked mama and you can decide on his fate.

    1. I couldn’t make it out either. I have to wonder why they sprayed the poor bastard with lead after stabbing him multiple times and trying to hack a finger off. Pretty sure it wasn’t an act of mercy. Probably target practice for these goons.

    1. I’m with ya! I’ll never understand what makes a human able to do this kinda stuff. I know it’s in all of us to kill and I tell myself I’d be down to pull off the street justice type of stuff but part of me wonders if I really could when it comes down to it..

      1. @hocksroach,I’m in complete agreement with you,speechless just about sums it all up.

        I have no interest in ever hurting another human-being.But,am I capable?You damn right if anybody EVER hurt one of my children I’d rip their head off and shit down the stump without hesitation.

      2. How about just killing for the fun of it? Don’t you think you could get used to it after a while?
        Maybe you could even keep a few trophies, make a necklace out of teeth or something.

        I personally would like to kill them too, simply because they spend way too much time laughing and talking, and not enough time peeling the skin back… but hey thats just me.

          1. Thank you @DSW. Gruesome video! The youngish guy smiling @1:22 looks suspiciously like a guy who was featured in a UK documentary. When I asked my partner, ‘who’s this?’ He immediately said, ‘it’s that guy from the documentary!’. Anyway, he was a Sunni FSA ‘fighter’ and at the end it said he had joined the terrorist group Al Nusra I think. Dunno if this helps, but I’m certain it’s the rebels. Thanks again for the vid! 🙂

  1. I JUST finished watching Hostel 3 and this shit kinda reminds me of the scene where the friend betrays the groom. Also, I think Mexicans couldve done this much better and quicker.

  2. The first guy whilst stabbing sounds like he’s saying gay paris,gay paris. I Cant believe fucking scum like these are trying to reach england, claim they’re in fear of their lives & live here. Scary to know many are already here that have murdered.

  3. What was the red thing off to the right was it a gasoline bottle man of it only was and they shot it by accident I know it wouldn’t be a big Boom but I can only Hope it would of killed some of them Dick heads

    1. I would have thought the gunshots toward that concrete wall would have sent a few zingers ricocheting all the fuck over that place. I really was hoping to see at least one of them snacktards get hit by a ricochet.

  4. Great; Britain, France and the US want to give the FSA more weapons. William Hague, Britain’s Foreign Minister was described as this being akin to throwing a hand grenade into a box of dynamite.

    Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that any of these sadistic b*stards will get held up for war crimes; with luck the Syrian Army will catch them in the cross hair and snuff them out of existence.

      1. As do I! Nothing like a nice pair bouncing all up in your shit. No, I am not a lesbian. I just have an incredible fascination with these mesmerizing body parts. Probably just as bad as a man when a frolicking set prances past me.

  5. The guy looked practically dead to start with. So the “torture” that is in this video was pretty pointless. Those cowardly animals will get their comeuppance. May they rot in hell.

    1. I agree. Not with the hell bit but with your suggestion that he’s already dead. The movement of his leg at one point would be because they’re stabbing his spinal cord simulatinf the nerves.

  6. wow that was great video. I hope there is more to come. I love when people videotapes their killings.
    When i was 7 year old little girl i watched my mom get tortured and raped. Not fun to watch i can tell.. maybe thats why im so fucked up 😀 I will get my revenge one day and then everyone can see what i can do. I hope those bastards who did this to my mom are afraid of me and i know they will beg and cry their eyes off 😀

  7. “here’s your goddamned freedom”. well, when you’re right, you’re right.
    when are they gonna start building cyborgs to fight these fucking wars? or is this some kind of population control? sorry, was watching some of Terminator:Salvation last night and couldn’t help but think of Syria.

    1. I’ve just seen your comment.. I mentioned it somewhere above too! I totally agree, and I recognised him straight away. I’ve just googled some pics of him and his hair line, eyebrows, eyes, teeth and lips look exactly the same. Only difference is his beard is thinner! Crazy stuff.

  8. omg poor man. I can’t even begin to imagine how he suffered. I was happy when they finally shot him. I think of all places on earth, at this very moment, probably Syria is the worst

  9. People of the terroristic nature really have nothing better to do with their time do they? With all the time spent chopping people up to make Internet videos that supposedly “get the message out” you’d think they could come up with more effective ways of getting their point across.

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