Chechen Rebels Execute Russian Soldier by Hanging in Grozny

Chechen Rebels Execute Russian Soldier by Hanging in Grozny

This is an old gore classic from the battle of Grozny, the capital city of the Chechen Republic. Grozny was heavily bombarded by the Russians which earned it a label of the most destroyed city on Earth. You can see from this short video that the extent of damage was severe.

The video shows an execution of a Russian soldier by the Chechen rebels. The soldier quietly speaks to the camera at night, and then the video skips to the jihadists cheering and laughing at him hanging. His hands were not tied behind or in front, they just let him helplessly choke to death.

The backstory has it that a group of Russian soldiers was ambushed by the Chechens and he was the only one to survive. The jihadists decided not to behead or shoot him, but instead have a bit of a laugh watching him hang.

Props to Best Gore member Small Man for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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76 thoughts on “Chechen Rebels Execute Russian Soldier by Hanging in Grozny”

  1. Wow. Us humans never cease to make me ashamed to say I’m human. They shoulda just killed him in the ambush. Save him the suspense and helplessness. It’s sad to the human race do stuff like this. It amounts to torture to me. If you say it was the russians torturing them. Looks at it this way. If the rebels went as low as the Russians in “torture” then they are also at fault. We can not move forward while dwelling in the past.

    1. Yes. hard to say but it’s not supposed to be hanged he had received. even say he was an enemy soldier who took part in the fighting and destroying the city and many lives have been lost and therefore can not be accepted status as a prisoner of war but the hanging was not the way the mujahideen in general, it’s more like follow the ways of russia. due to the mass destruction of the city as it would be accompanied by the many thousands of lives have been lost. and devastation, including civilians. that soldiers were almost certainly take part in it. especially captured in an ambush. but the hanging was not the way the mujahideen in general, it’s like Following in reply to what Russia did usual hang to scare.

      1. If you had a look at the men laughing whilst the poor soldier was hanging… You would have seen that they had beards.

        Beards are VERBOTEN in the Russian Military.

        Beards are encouraged amongst the Muslim scum.

        The explanation Mark issued with the video is correct.

        And so what if the Soldier had taken part in the bombardment of the city? He was following orders. And chances are, he is a conscript.

        He had no choice in the matter.

          1. @Trooper
            Yes, you do. Even if you are drafted. You still have a choice. You can refuse to fight a war you do not agree with. Though that choice will take you to jail. It’s still a choice. Even if you don’t do anything. You are still making a choice not to do something, you know?

          2. Other people may find it easy to refuse a draft. The idea of refusing to fight is incomprehensible to me.

            And this poor Russian soldier thought the same as well.

            Plus it is very easy for us Westerners to go to our publically-funded holiday camps. Aka. Prisons.

            Russian prisons are exactly that. Prisons.

            Chances are you will contract HIV or TB in one of those hellholes. I would chance it in Chechnya.

          1. @Trooper72 Idk man, I think I’d rather chance it in a Russian Prison. I’ve a couple of documentaries on Russian prisons. Rape (at least what I’ve read) in Russian prisons are far less common than compared to Western ones. You forgot one thing. A good majority of Chechen rebels were already experienced. Some were in the Soviet military (even in the Soviet Spetsnaz) and served in the Soviet-Afghan war. Plus they fought in tunnels/trenches and on top of tall buildings so main tank guns couldn’t reach them. Guerrilla warfare will (almost always) come out on top. Now I’m just kind of rambling off.

    2. they should torture him, he deserved it
      and it lasted nice and long
      i’d pull harder his legs down and let him twitch so I can feel it until the roach dies
      I’m human and I like good killin

        1. Clonus and Spasticity is what it’s called. what happens is the spinal cord is put under extreme stress or is dislocated or fractured causing a hyper-reflexive action. c5-c7 is where the nerves run through to the arms and control the biceps and wrist movements. He is far gone after this has begun…interesting enough many concussions if severe enough have the opposite effect and your arms will flail out and your toes will flex upwards.

    1. They’re fucking muslim scum brother Jesus, I don’t think the city was damaged enough to be fair, they should have razed it to the ground along with the rest of the country. There’s another one to add to the list Tulio, Chechnya…….and Dagestan as well while we’re at it.

      1. Chuck Norris.

        Honestly, I don’t know.. but like someone mentioned in a comment above. The people who are watching this guy hang wouldn’t let him live. They would kill him if he had somehow escaped it. It would be interesting to see though!

    1. You can’t…Imagine all your body weight being dropped and the only thing supporting it, is your neck. Immediate cut off circulation to the brain in seconds, as well as brain stem damage. That’s why you see peoples arms stiffen when they are hung. Its not like being choked by someone, all your body weight is pulling down. Brutal stuff.

      1. “Supporting” was a wrong use of vocab..point is, Your neck is being wrecked by the rope they use and all your body weight choking you out, damage to the neck immediately most of the time. Seriously just imagine having something wrapped around your neck and tied to something sturdy, and randomly kicks out a chair from under you. That sudden drop and all your body weight, i would also imagine your vision probably beings to blur and dim out immediately.

        1. Brutus –

          His hands were not bound prior to the hanging, so you would think before they actually did it, he would be grabbing at the rope in a last ditch effort. Not like it would do much good.. I also think it depends on how the person is hung as to whether death is immediate or within seconds/minutes. But I get what you’re saying!

          1. You are right, it does matter how they are hung. Yeah, I never understood any of the execution vids where they aren’t bound, just waiting and knowing they are going to die soon. I would at least put up a fight and make them shoot me.

        2. I’ve said that too. I’d fake a seizure or go bat shit crazy. I don’t think there is anything worse than just waiting to be executed. I always wonder what they’re thinking of.. especially the beheading’s which I think are the absolute worst.

  2. the things the russian army did in that craphole for the last 20 years make the US army child killers in Iraq look like the salvation army in comparison. So it’s kinda understandable that the guys were willing to play some allahuakbur while they can, as the russian ethnic cleansing is already finishing with their whole population for good.
    Pretty bad idea to try the allahuakbur game with the ruskies if you ask me.

      1. Now that would be fun to watch. Pay per view on SKY? Damn right, I won’t shell out to watch Formula 1 after the BBC sold us all out (money-grabbing fucks, fuck your tv license now you bastards) but Putins Ethnic Cleansing – fuck yeah I’d pay to watch that shit!!

        1. YOu are right on that one DeeDub.

          Nasty PC, Guardian reading WANKERS the BBC.

          I dont watch F1 anymore either matey. The last full race I watched was the 2011 Canadian Grand Prix… Where the rain delayed it for four hours.

  3. I may be out on a limb here…(no I wasn’t intending to be a smartass). But from the looks of his arm/hand movements, he was already doing a death spasm by the time the camera panned to him. Then they play with his dead body. Big barbaric babies…

  4. I’ve seen this one before, can’t remember where though, possibly LiveLeak? Anyway, the description on the other one had this guy not as a Russian soldier but as an informer or something similar, who knows eh? Maybe he was, maybe he wasn’t, one thing’s certain though……he’s fucking dead and no amount of if, what, why, when, how and who is going to change that fact.

  5. I can honestly say without any kind of nagging quilt that I detest these disgusting people and think they all need to be exterminated…even the children. All of them…every…last…one…of…them.

  6. Fucking muslim scums, they should shoot him in head, not to torture like this, poor guy…. I would easily spend the rest of my life killing that muslim shitholes – one by one and with fucking smile on my face

  7. Fucking muslim scums, they should have shot him in the head, not to torture him like this, poor guy…. I would easily spend the rest of my life killing that muslim beardy rubbish – one by one – men, women, kids – shooting them in the head with fucking smile on my face

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