Child Snatcher Shot Dead by Midwest City Cop in Oklahoma Supermarket

Child Snatcher Shot Dead by Midwest City Cop in Oklahoma Supermarket

Midwest City police released a CCTV video of a cop shooting a child snatcher dead at point blank range, but picture freezes just before the child snatcher’s head exploded. Must kick ass being a cop – you get to blow random bad guy’s heads off just because you can and watch the head explosion happen right before your eyes in real time.

The child hostage situation happened in an Oklahoma supermarket on June 17, 2013. A man identified as 37 year old Sammie Wallace snatched a two year old girl from a shopping cart and held a knife to her throat. Alicia Keating, the toddler’s mother called 911 and pleaded with the child snatcher as other shoppers crowded around.

Local police arrived quickly and tried to negotiate with Sammie Wallace who told them that he was a member of a Satanic cult and threatened to sacrifice the girl at the end of the count down from 60. Captain David Huff, one of the officers who tried to reason with Sammie Wallace decided to take drastic action and shot the child snatcher in the head, killing him on the spot. The child was unharmed.

The Oklahoma County district attorney said the shooting was justified. Sammie Wallace served time from 2000 to 2011 in a Texas prison on drug and assault charges and reportedly had a long history of mental illness.

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      1. Very hard to predict what someone, especially someone with mental illness, will do. But, it is harder trying to ‘predict’ what a sane person will do. I shot a man in the head, twice, killing him on 10/16/12 after he shot and killed his ex-girlfriend and their three year old son and then shot and wounded three other people. Impossible to predict what any person will do, I know what people are capable of doing, it isn’t pretty.

    1. Yes, finally we are getting gore from the future!!! I personally am planning a trip to Oklahoma in mid July so maybe I can be there to film it in better quality and get some great aftermath pics for us. Anyone else want to go on a road trip???

  1. They said on tv that the man, counted down from 60, by 10’s. he seemed like an absolute shitty kidnapper! At one point he picked up the 2yo, and the other little girl just watched? Parents should be teaching their kids to scream and tell if someone they don’t know touches them. This mother needed to teach her kids to scream as loud as possible! The kidnapper casually handed the mother his cell phone. Do we know what the kidnapper wanted? What was the motive? Or point? Just mental illness taking over? If he was that mentally ill, he should be monitored and not allowed to go out in public! I just think the family, didnt want people to know their son was a wack-job, so they blamed it in mental illness! Great job I the cops quick actions! BOOM! A while back a perverted childmolester was caught on camera snatching up a little girl and forcing himself in her in the middle of the store! I think that was Walmart too! These me need to be castrated and locked up, so they can become bitches for these puss hungry prisoners! What goes around comes around! This mother was extremely brave! Good job! Hopefully her husband will protect their kids as well. I have a major soft spot in my heart for single mothers! My mother raised me and my sisters all alone, after my deadbeat father abused us all over and over from the time I was 6 until u got into middle school. After years of not talking to me, my father tried suing my mother for $5,000,000 and me for $3,000,000. Fucking scumbag! He needed to get a job and support us, like a real man should! I’d willingly support my father now, if he would have been a decent man. Now because I am financially set at 26 and don’t have to work again, he wants to be in our lives! These men need to be gassed! Anyone who could harm an innocent child, is a waste of skin!


    1. “I just think the family, didnt want people to know their son was a “wack-job”, so they blamed it in “mental illness!”

      Really?…..Has the definition of Wack-job recently changed?…..

  2. Nigger : I?m from a satanic Cult “The Nig Nogs of Cthulthu”, and I?m gonna buttfuck and kill this this little white gnome for a sacrifice for our luciferian master MLK!
    Cop : Didnt know, you were one of us, well did you already pass our initiation rite?
    Nigger : Nah, what is it?
    Cop : Guess what, Nigger!

      1. So Girtab controls his slaves through their dreams and grabs with his claws into their souls guided by Azathoth from the depths of the ultimate chaos?
        I?m not that familiar with the Great Old, but I found a interesting fact about Yog-Sothoth. The Arabs referred also to him as the zodiac sign “The Lion”, which is called in arabic “Al Calb Al Asad”. He is described as the gate of the void, through that the “outsiders” must pass first.
        Might be a little bit far-fetched, but I cant help me to compare this to the actual situation in the Middle East.

  3. another reason the mentally ill should be executed. along with the assholes that shit them out instead of aborting them.

    anyone would have pulled the trigger. it’s a pity a faggot cop had all the fun.

  4. yea defiantly justified here. with an innocent child at stake, you can’t afford to take chances. You’ve all seen the decapitation video’s. One quick slash at the child’s throat, and its over.
    the cop made the right choice.

  5. Hmm.. was gonna amend my previous post but … so I saw the news…for what that’s worth. The dude was schizophrenic… that has touch my life. Adult brother was ill…ranting about being gods warrior….6’4″… my sister was trapped in her room n called me. Told her to crawl out the window…drove over n calmed him. He took his life 3 days later with a note… afraid he’d kill mom or dad..I found him in the garage.. caddy running…. R.I.P. Patrick… 1 instead of 4….

    1. I feel ya. Schizophrenia is a horrible illness. Too bad this guy didn’t get the treatment he needed *before* this happened. Same thing happened here where I live. A guy wacked out at work, grabbed a knife, and the police put him down. Sad all around.

  6. I’m gonna take a slightly different take on this than most commenters, and say this actually a rather sad case, due to the man’s documented mental illness. Judging from the description it’s likely he was suffering from schizophrenia and in the midst of a psychotic episode and had no real understanding of what he was doing. While the officer was justified in shooting him due to the threat the man posed to the girl, it’s rather sad he wasn’t able to find the help he needed and it had to come to this. With the mass closings of psychiatric hospitals during the last few decades, many of the mentally ill in the USA have been forced into a neverending carousel of prison, homelessless and halfway houses and in the most severe cases they can pose a threat to both themselves as well as the public at large. Seems like this guy was one of those unfortunate souls as well.

  7. I think this was an appropriate time to take drastic measures (gun shot to the head) because it wouldn’t of been in reason for a man with mental illnesses to not sacrifice the girl just because a cop was telling him not to.
    It was either the man with mental illnesses or the 2 year old child.

  8. Ron White said it best.
    There was this one crime I read about that was so heinous, I didn’t have any words for it. This guy had killed a girl, her mother, and her grandmother. I mean, I am so pissed off reading this, steam’s coming out of my ears. This guy was put on trial and was found guilty and sentenced to death by a jury of his peers. Then, about a week before the execution, a group of people stood up on his behalf, ON HIS BEHALF, to say,

    “We can’t kill him. He’s too crazy to know we’re killing him!”…So what are we arguing about? If he doesn’t know the difference and it makes me sleep better at night…

  9. honestly expected him to be Muslim. waiting for shit to kick off here in the states. be ready people, The End comes and no one is aware and prepared. the head nigger in charge is taking our guns and we cant expect the police force to protect us all. it will be the armed forces. we shall submit then, bow down!
    Hail Odin!

  10. stolzhammer, serious question, do you think the armed forces will obey a command to fire on U.S. citizens? I’ve wondered what I would do, if I were in the military and given that order.

    1. Depends on the situation, it has happend in the past a long time ago if I’m not mistaken. I think the real question is will the government ever give that command to fire on its own citizens in this day and age. That kinda shit might fly in 3rd world hell holes but in America? People would be up in arms.

    2. It was me, If things ever got that bad you should expect that to happen. I would say most would not, some may. Honestly if the country was that far gone, most would probably abandon post.

    3. If it ever came to that, the powers that be wouldn’t just say “okay, we’re taking over and gonna kill everyone who resists us”. They would wrap themselves in the flag, say they needed to preserve freedom, and that anyone who opposed them was a terrorist. They’d probably plant evidence and stage false flags to the point where when the military got to the point of shooting civilians, they would think they were trying to defend the country against terrorists, rather than serving as the right arm of oppression.

      Watch the movie Valkyrie, that illustrates it better than I can, especially this quote; “I’ve just been on the phone with Hitler himself. We *are* the coup, you idiot! We’ve been duped!”

  11. Dude chose death by po po. He scared the shit out of Miss Suburban but he chose a 60 sec countdown with an officer armed and ready.

    Granted… baby boo boo might not want to Ever Fucking Go to the grocery store again. EVAH.

    but dude was at his end and found a way for society to do the deed for him instead of him pulling the trigger himself.

    cant fault him too much. he was my entertainment for a moment, tho it should have been a little more Bad Ending actually seen.

    1. Better then having her throat slit but some faggot who says at the end of a 60 second countdown he is gonna sacrifice her for Satan? Hmm. If only this was in brazil and the man was over whelmed and they took him outside and beat him all over his body with sticks and then when every single bone in his body is broken smash his head in as violently and as strongly as you can swing.

  12. This video made my day and put a smile on my face. Anyone who tries to rape or kill a child deserves a brutal, gory, blood spattering death. For once a cop did the right thing. He should get a medal or a promotion. I just hope the poor little girl isn’t traumatized and didn’t get any brain matter on her. Pain in the ass to clean up. 😉

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