Chinese Execution Ground

Chinese Execution Ground

This video is just a slideshow of photos from a Chinese execution ground. Some good ones there, especially what I thought was a naked bushy chick getting hosed down but turned out to be a guy. Photos were taken by a medical school student and sneakily posted on a Chinese website.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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37 thoughts on “Chinese Execution Ground”

  1. When they say you are to be executed, they mean now. In the USA a criminal can be on death row for many years. The court appeals system drags it on.
    But then there have been many wrongly convicted innocent men executed.
    So what is the right answer?
    You cannot just go: OOPS ! Sorry, my bad, you can come back to life now?

    1. thats not execution thats more like ima light you on fire and watch you burn slowly. gotta be one of the worse ways to go, burning that is, until all the air around you is gone from the fire and you pass out

  2. my mom’s classmate needed a liver because of chronic hepatitis,

    where did he get it? china where in china? a friggin
    military hospital, the liver came from a young convict,

    man, my mom’s classmate was matched to a log book of full of medical details of convicts

    the next time any of you boys and girls need a transplant, you go to china if you have the moolah

  3. big deal. Same shit happens in America. Th only difference and irony is that America is more secretive about it for not letting their pics getting online. In America, executions happen too but Americans are more discrete about they way of killing. You thinks Americans are so clean that they have to criticize other countries? Well, think again!

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