Cold Blooded Execution of Young Boy by ISIL

Cold Blooded Execution of Young Boy by ISIL

Quality of this video is somewhat compromised plus I don’t have any reliable background info, but it is what it is.

Apparently, the victim in the video was executed by members of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (الدولة الاسلامية في العراق والشام‎) also known as ISIL – the flag suggests that it’s indeed the case. The victim looks to me like a boy, maybe in his early to mid teens, though I could be off on this one. He was executed with a gunshot to the head and dumped head first into a hole before the killers popped a few more rounds into him. What cowardice to murder such young men, too young to fully understand what is going on.


Best Gore member russ0 contacted us with the following info:

I am the original owner of this file but don’t worry I am not here to complain about taking it down. I am simply providing further information on this video.

The video came from the same insurgent that was detained by my unit in Iraq in the summer of 2008. Technically speaking, these guys are NOT ISIL as that did not exist back then. They were a small AQI cell operating in our AO of Western Iraq. The reasoning behind all of the executions was to kill off Shiite Muslims as they were viewed as apostates according to the Sunni insurgent.

As far as how I came upon these videos: I was a video forensic examiner in both Iraq and Afghanistan. I decided to keep the particular videos from this case to show friends how utterly brutal the people were that we were fighting. I recently decided to upload them for the hell of it.

Props to russ0 and Best Gore member Cold World who originally provided the video:

191 thoughts on “Cold Blooded Execution of Young Boy by ISIL”

    1. Agreed. And with no 72 Virgins to teach him how to be a man..just makes it worse. Don’t know what he did to get a bullet in the head, but based on the size of that hole, that pup ain’t going to be alone too long. I still can’t understand how anyone could kill a matter what he did…that super includes the Mexican Cartels….kill kids, lose your karma

  1. That`s what happens when you DON’T want to be a suicide bomber, obviously he wanted to take a different path in live and this is the price he paid on a lighter side it looked like he was doing pilates after they kicked him in the hole…

    1. im sure your just joking but I have to disagree

      This death is most likely to do with the hostility between the different sects in the country ie the sunnis and shias.

      At least they don’t let you suffer one shot to the head is not mercy. Making sure someone is dead is better than leaving them in the dirt especially a child.

      You can tell this practice upholds the religion as even though it is murder they still read a prayer before it is done and most times you never see the torture of the individual.

    1. @ it was me…..for the most part, I agree with to see a pup get murdered…but based on the hole dug, flag waving…fuck, I don’t know…maybe his parents were forced to watch, maybe he was a jawa in training ..who knows. Only the pos with the 45 and the jawa who ordered the child killing know for sure

    2. true, but maybe if we are lucky they will kill off enough of them to seriously retard the spread of their infection. The contagion known as religion is a major cause of shit-rivet behavior and has been for thousands of years.

          1. NO!!! in Wadiya you will be, how you say, a BUTT BOY. you will service our Mujahadeen holy fighters when there are no available goats. this is permitted. bring lube or it will be painful for you.

          2. Ummm…..Aladeen, you better be overstocked on goats, cause this guy pitches balls….never caught one…I find your planned hospitality unacceptable. Therefore, by decree, i will be deverting my trip to Brasil. Plenty of anal sleeeves to sample there

        1. Is that you bud! I am also in my 40,s You sounded not right that night and i was truly concerned. Glad you are ok bud, i wondered what happened with you. Now that i know,, i feel better. 🙂

      1. That is sad bud! No child should be beaten. I have also been through hell relating to the same shit starting at a very young age. They say time heal. Yea!, maybe!!! But time does not help forget!

          1. Me and you will have a chat one day, if you like. Stick around we all like ya here !!! & keep your head up brother, as it will all work out . 🙂

      1. @42ridick, I totally agree with you. Unfortunately many people who live in Islamic run countries have no choice where they live, once they are there, then they are trapped. I just hope that those that practice hard core Islam do not end up spreading like flies to non Islamic countries, because we will not tolerate such hatred towards those fv’s that do not have the same belief system.

  2. what can one say 🙁

    how very different things would have been had assad worked with the syrian populace when they were still moderates. stimulating jobs and funds in their respective communities. instead he alientated them like his daddy Bashir il assad.

    and assad should know that whenever islamic moderation is asphyxiated, it breathe again as a new animal..called the “islamic extremist”

        1. Each to their own but I couldn’t respect myself If I didn’t comment back and say something.

          Ill worry about it because it bothers me and you just keep fantasizing about that woman’s ass. I just hope you never have a situation like that to deal with

    1. True, not a child but a young adult who made a choice. He must pay the price for that choice. At least he achieved some fame in this existence. Why do you assume he was a virgin? Like you point out, he had pubic hair. I bet his killers devirginized his ass, at least.

  3. We shouldn’t be too upset with muslims declaring war jihad against all us, the non-muslim world. They intend to kill not only all of us, they have no problem at all killing their own children!

    Tell me honestly, can you imagine Christians wholesale killing like this? I sure can’t.

  4. Blindfold on and a well placed bullet in the back of the head? Not beheaded like a chicken by the sound of inane shouting? Good thing to see that the snackbarists are at least growing some standards.

  5. Savages. And to carry out such patent evil in the name of some god is beyond reckoning.

    Our (military) efforts in Afgahny and Iraq were well spent. Animals such as these need to know that if they mess with us, all hell rains down. The nation-building crap we engaged in… worthless. They will simply tear down, stone by stone, all the public works projects, hospitals, etc. we have built.

    These animalia are not the Germans and not the Japanese. Nation-building after WWII resulted in a more stable world. These slugs understand violence and it’s application. Let’s stick to that in dealing with them

    1. Nation building after WWII? Learn to read!!! What nation destroyed Iran’s democracy after WWII? Ignorance is a bad choice. Turn off the TV go to the library. Deal if facts not taking points of the right wing media.

    1. Reality is children die everyday.
      Where I live some guy shot up a park with people and families in it…he shot a fucking 3 year old along with two other people.
      It sucks but thats the world we live in, its good that we have sites like BG to bring this darkness into light, so that maybe one day this will all be documented on how ruthless human beings can be.

  6. This world Is the insane asylum of the universe. Children have always been casualties of war. Inexcusable. To see a child singled out and intentionally have his life ended is tragic. Suffer the children…

    So sad. My only wish is that everyone should see these atrocities. Could put an end to war as nothing else has.

    1. not all though, it’s not like one should identify all christians by the actions of those few who gunned down physicians or blew up clinics because they provided abortion services. no matter how many “allahu akbars” they cry, the atrocities are ultimately driven by a political agenda and have no doubt about it

  7. Thanks to russ0 for the background information on this video. Also, to Cold War for originally posting. I wish this type of documentation could be be released by the mainstream media to the general public. That would demonstrate the reality which the news seems to be in the business of censoring. Your contributions are greatly appreciated.

  8. On one hand I’m happy I finally was able to properly upload a video…on the other hand this video makes me sick to my fucking stomach. These Sunni Savage Barbarians are the scummiest fucking pieces of shit on this planet and should be exterminated.

    Another question I have is how they had the ISIL flag in 08 when that group never existed back then? Kind of a mind fuck

  9. We can’t judge the executioners until we know what the boy did. If he’s over 10 and committed a bad crime or was fighting on the other side, too bad, but he deserved it. I wish after the first shot they would have just buried him while he feet were still kicking. Why do people get so upset about some random boy? It’s not like there is a shortage of teen boys in the world. One more or less doesn’t matter.

  10. “The reasoning behind all of the executions was to kill off Shiite Muslims as they were viewed as apostates according to the Sunni insurgent.”

    Ah yes, the benevolence of religion. Because what else can make an otherwise average person shoot a little kid in the head at point-blank range?

    1. I agree that religion is a sickness and a crutch for the weak, but I think we would still kill without it. We are just killer animals in the end like our cousin chimps. If we could cure religion, we for sure would have a better world.

  11. The first round was off center, passing through the little cutie’s right temple — taking out some sensory skills and reducing inhibition. The second round looks like it got the kid in the right side of the forehead. I would climb in there and kiss his ass, since he is offering.

    1. Funny and educational post. He does look like he is offering his ass. I wonder if the shooter and his friends took it before dumping him like garbage in a hole. He paid a man’s price for what he did. He looks like he was and now is forever about 12. He sure died like a man. He had to know he was being executed, but he showed little fear. I hope he didn’t die a virgin, no one should.

      1. Yes tied blindfolded he had this doubt in his little head that its going to end badly all his, you’re right it ends up as garbage must always tired rot down ass in the air and exploded face. By cons it did not have this doubt that would be written about him after it burst.

  12. That boy is 12, 15 tops!!
    I still cannot believe the lies people tell themselves to sleep at night.
    “He was a traitor/infidel/gentile” blah blah blah. War is disgusting and worse knowing this is where my taxes are going. It lets the psychopaths run free. I really find it hard to believe all these people are true believers of whatever ass-whipe of prophet they invented.

    1. “These People”? what country kills more children than America? Millions and millions in the last sixty years. What about their skinny jew ass whip prophet hanging on the cross they worship. It is the same all over. People kill people when they can find an excuse to do it.

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