Couple Accused of Adultery Gets Stoned to Death in Afghanistan

Couple Accused of Adultery Gets Stoned to Death in Afghanistan

A couple accused of adultery was stoned to death in the district of Dashte Archi in the Taliban controlled Kunduz province in Afghanistan in August 2010. The stoning was filmed on a cell phone camera and initially received limited distribution, having been seized by NATO terrorists but soon it leaked and now can be found all over the place.

25 year old woman named Siddqa is stoned first. She’s standing waist deep in a hole in the ground with blue burka covering her head and body. Large death cheer team is assembled around the hole and as two mullahs pass the death sentence, the villagers start to throw rocks.

At some points it would seem that the woman is trying to crawl out of the hole but is quickly beaten back in by the stones. Eventually, a boulder hits her square in the head, soaking burka in blood as Siddqa collapses inside the hole. Incredibly, the bounder did not kill her so to finish her off, a Taliban fighter shoots her with his rifle.

Her alleged lover, a man named Khayyam is then brought in with hands tied behind his back, wearing all white clothes. He gets his eyes blindfolded and crouches toward the ground. The attack on him is ferocious. A rain of dozens of stoned is thrown violently, as if the villagers hated him more than the woman.

Taliban spokesperson said that the couple was stoned in accordance with Sharia Law, as taught by Prophet Muhammad.

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107 thoughts on “Couple Accused of Adultery Gets Stoned to Death in Afghanistan

  1. I feel I have seen this video before and I just thought that the guy either rapped someone or was going to marry a woman of a different culture

  2. if you commit adultery under Taliban rule,in the words of bob Dylan…everybody must get stoned!!! p.s had to laugh at ol’mate with the cheesy grin clanging his death rocks together like he was at a mardi gras.

      • Amen to that I am so damn happy we live in a country that you can be who you wane be. like I said before they should nuke those pieces of shit, and the whole taliban idiots with it AllaShitbar babarian fuckers that are chained down by Sharialaw countries are a cancer to the world we are better of without it

  3. nothing like a bit of goat fucking when your high on opium poppys while bopping along to a muslum prayer song being blasted over a loud speaker to kick your Saturday night off!!!

  4. damn those bearded talibans are masculine and hot, would love to touch those beards while being gang raped, it would have been a great entertainment for them and the adultery couple would still be fucking alive, those dancing boys are kinda lucky

  5. There’s a good movie I saw last year called “The Stoning of Soraya M”, it’s pretty sick but a true story told by a journalist in a small village in Iran.

  6. I’m thinking of the Monty Python’s ‘The life of Brian’.
    The stoning scene where it was all women wearing beards and John Cleese keeps saying, ‘are you sure there are no women here’?

  7. Your ALL WRONG ! She had the cheek to contribute to a conversation about car engines in front of her Husband and the local Chief so she had to pay . He on the other hand got caught openly whistling on a Tuesday .Every Muslim of Sharia Denomination knows that you can only whistle on a Friday before Prayers and at no other time unless it’s a Public Holiday and you have have been screaming gibberish “before ” you whistle….probably.

  8. I think they need to get stoned before being stoned so they won’t feel the pain of being stoned – ok does that make sense to anyone lol?

  9. Ah yes, come to Afghanistan and party with the Taliban like it’s 1399. Pity they don’t stone the Taliban men who fuck goats and little boys. It would do away with the majority of men in that shit hole country.

  10. I’d love to sneak up behind the crowd and lob a few grenades into them, failing that l, id get a flamethrower and body armour like the guy in Beverly hills cop, do a few lines of coke and get some Duran Duran blaring through some loudspeakers. Raise a few unibrows around the town id say…

  11. When an execution by stoning occurs, what are the actual mechanics aside from the main event?

    Are stoners required to bring their own stones, or are they provided by the authorities?

    May a stoner “reload” or is he (or she) limited to a predetermined number of stones?

    Who is responsible for digging the stoning hole? The stonee or the authorities?

    Do the stoners have to stand a certain distance from the stonee, or may they simply “fire at will”?

    Are the stones of a prescribed size and texture, or is a stoner permitted to use any stone of his choosing?

    Not very creative, however; we could teach them a thing or two.

  12. I am all for them being barbaric. Surely this shockes their concienses. My hope is that eventually the future generations will look at other free cultures like ours and civilize themselves.

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