Decomposing Floater with Hands Tied Emerges from a Lake

Decomposing Floater with Hands Tied Emerges from a Lake

On Sunday November 25, 2012 decomposing corpse of an unidentified man with his hands tied emerged from a lake in Fazenda Santa Tereza, near Riacho do Peixe (Fish Creek) in rural Agrestina, state of Pernambuco, Brazil. Experts who examined the corpse determined that the man was murdered with 3 shots to the head before being thrown in the lake.

Experts also speculated that the rope murderers used to tie victim’s hands with had a stone attached to it to keep the victim at the bottom of the dam, but the stone came loose, allowing the victim to emerge as a floater.

The killing probably took place 3 days prior to the discovery but by that time, the body has already started to decompose. Whether in a lake or in a sea, in Brazil you always risk a chance to bumping into a corpse when going for a swim.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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21 thoughts on “Decomposing Floater with Hands Tied Emerges from a Lake”

    1. decomposition is a beautiful process, my dear, you turn a wide array of colors when left in the open or especially underwater…to keep it simple and to negate outside factors the bacteria inside your intestines eat your body from the inside out it starts usually with the abdominal cavity turning green and spreading from there

    2. Necrotized tissue turns black in areas where the blood has heavily pooled and coagulated. If you’ll notice, there is quite a distinct line of demarcation betwixt the body’s black flesh and white-bread skin tone. Most likely, his body was face-down for quite some time following death, because the majority of the black discoloration follows a horizon-of-sorts.

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