Drug Dealer Assassinated in Honduras

Drug Dealer Assassinated in Honduras

Drug Dealer Assassinated in Honduras

Corpse of a man with hands tied behind his back and gunshot wounds in the head and neck, approximately 26 years of age was found in a neighborhood called Millenium South in the capital city of Honduras – Tegucigalpa. He was identified as Walter Jimmison Lopez Martinez and is said to have been a drug dealer.

My Honduran gore connection, Best Gore member Vladimir aka Zarqawi says that this type of assassination is often politically motivated in Honduras and frequently involves members of the police force.

Thanks for the video, Vladimir:

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32 thoughts on “Drug Dealer Assassinated in Honduras”

    1. If it really was the police, it’s a shitty thing to die at the hands of corruption. If it was rival dealers, it’s probably a relief that they only shot him (as opposed to what the narcos of Mexico would have done).

    2. It must be absolutely horrifying…
      Think about it, you’re sitting there with the agonizing realization that you are without a doubt about to die and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. I bet it is in that moment that you regret all of your wrong doings and wish you had done something different with your life.
      I think that in most cases, sitting there waiting to die is much worse than the killing itself.

      1. A large majority of the time people about to be executed seem to have some sort of hope that they’re attackers won’t actually kill them… Me personally, if I’m gonna die anyways I will sure as fuck try to run,, head butt a motherfucker… Anything but Lay down and die… Not trying to sound tough or anything but for fucks sake people… At least try to fight or flight.

      2. i know when i took a round to the back of my dome, all i could think about was fading out. life slowed way the fuck down and there was no thinking or thought process. nature of instinct takes over. death or fading as i like to call it never came and then i started to think about other shit like my wife and kids and shit.

    1. No pieces, and his head is purple. There is also no blood around all those wounds. If I had to guess he was strangled and stabbed up post mortem in spite. Whoever killed him really disliked him , or was showing of for a group.

  1. If you want to know there are many ways. Like people who were underwater till they are unconscious then resuscitated, or cases where commercial planes plunge suddenly for a few I’m before the pilots get control

  2. This reminds me of the Monty Python movie Search for the holy grail ! Where there pulling a cart thru the town pickin up dead bodies from the black plague and shouting bring out your dead and this guy brings out and old man who is still alive! I cant take him hes still alive! Well can you help me out here and he wacks him in the head with a club!

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