Electric Chair Execution Video Filmed in Midwestern US Prison

Electric Chair Execution Video Filmed in Midwestern US Prison

This is a video of an actual execution by an electric chair filmed in a prison in midwestern USA. The video was filmed by an underground, freelance filmmaker in violation of US federal and state laws. The cameraman made a deal with a warden who wanted to have the execution filmed himself, but couldn’t get it OK’ed via the official channels. The footage was featured in a 1980 documentary This is America Part 2, which was a sequence to popular 1977 shockumentary This is America.

Death by electric chair electrocution certainly doesn’t look like a painless feast. It’s probably one of the most agonizing ways to die for a criminal on a death row. If given a choice between the electric chair and a noose, I think the noose would be a preference. Even if you added guillotine or an execution by sword as still practiced in Saudi Arabia to the pool of choices, I still see the electric chair as the least favorable. Modern means of execution by lethal injection certainly seem as a huge step forward as far as elimination of undue suffering for the condemned.

When they zap the condemned for the second time, you can see smoke rising out of his head. The condemned also pissed himself during electrocution, which I’d say is not unexpected. Though as explained in the video earlier, the execution is carried out after the last meal so the condemned’s bowels are empty hence there is no release of fecal matter during electrocution. Still the stench must be horrid. They probably started putting cotton swabs in victims’ noses after noticing that blood came gushing out of nostrils during previous electrocutions.

Props to Nicole for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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        1. Thanks for the vid Nicole 😀
          Super interesting, not particularly gore, but an epic look into old-school-death by electric chair.
          Meanwhile im thinking, wouldnt it actually have been more humane to guillotine style decapitate them?
          Personally, i think i’d prefer and instant end to being zapped like that..
          I guess that’s why we euthanize them now..

          1. @Lascerated- I don’t know if I want a quick death or not, I want to be able to experience what DEATH is and feels like. I am not saying I want to be de gloved or anything, don’t want to be in TOO much pain but still be able to experience death itself. Hopefully that made sense?

            I think these humans who do harm onto others whom are INNOCENT, giving them torture of rape, dismemberment while still alive, slitting throats, etc should get the same punishment.

            I understand most of everyone wanting a quick death, but some people… Some people need to DIE a thousand different ways and then DIE some more!

            @Pin- FD was just having a joke, if YOU WERE HERE long enough you would know THAT!

            You really made my pussy pinch @pin.

          2. @Lascerated – oh and you are welcome lol I thank Mark mostly as he does the work. I just get the fun job of going through some gore/deaths >=]

            Oh and I have not been here that long, I am new, too. I think I am pushing a month now?

            Point was that @pin should know better regardless. lol

          3. To all of my Allies: Thank you for the kind words. Holy shit! GEM came out swingin’ for me! Since I don’t see her as often anymore, I have to give her a special thanks for that.

            I feel proud now. Like I need to throw a banquet for all of my Best Gore friends. I imagine it being like a viking war party after a successful raid. Or a Hell’s Angels meet up. Yep. You guys rock.

          4. @ Nicole:
            I got just the guy for you. His name is Vlaid The Impaler. He’d have you in the kind of pain you might like to feel for about two days before your air would get cut off.

    1. It is a myth… No pain is felt during a correctly performed Execution in the Electric Chair.

      Like Hanging… Unconsciousness and Brain Death is immediate and Death follows shortly after.

      In fact. The most painful method of execution (still used today) is believed to be the Lethal Injection.

        1. It is all theory of course…

          Medical experience has shown that when a significant amount of Ampage/ Wattage/ Voltage is passed through a living Human’s brain… (say in an industrial or home accident)… The usual result is instant unconsciousness… And a death of Cardiac arrest shortly after.

          It stands to reason that a contraption built to concentrate a MASSIVE amount of energy onto the Human Brain will have the same (if amplified) effect.

          Hanging, on the other hand… When performed correctly results in the instantaneous fracture of the 3rd and 4th Vertebrae. Once again. Medical experience tells us that this results in instant incapacitation. Add the effects of strangulation from the rope… You have one deader than dead motherfucker.

          Lethal Injection is the least effective and most ‘inhumane’ method of despatching Scum…

          If you have ever had an anaesthetic… You are anticipating the effects… You get scared… And if you know that this is going to be succeeded by a Letha
          Chemical… You may develop a Psychosomatic (imaginary pain) reaction to the anaesthetic (most criminals suffer this side effect).

      1. Especially when they botch the injection. I heard a doctor describe it like liquid fire (guess that would be lava, no?) coursing through your body when they miss the vein, couple that with convulsions and severe muscle spasms and it is extremely painful. Although if someone’s on death row and it’s beyond the shadow of a doubt they’re guilty, can’t say as I’d feel too sorry for them. Don’t want to be put to death, don’t do evil sh!t.

      1. Exactly Hannible.

        It always makes me laugh when people take such a stand… When they clearly haven’t been a victim from one of these Scumbags.


        What is more barbaric? Being cooped up in the same cell for the rest of your life… Or being given an early way out?

        If it was me… I would rather be dead then spend the rest of my life in prison.

        1. A disembowelment is actually not as disturbing to me as electrocution. Tiki- who are you to tell me I’m in the wrong place?? Electrocution is absolutely grisly- you shit and piss yourself, yor eyes bulge out of their sockets, you gush blood from your mouth, ears, and nose, and your flesh starts burning and smoking! Maybe you just don’t know what the hell youre talking about and are more interested in seeming like you do.

      2. i always say that. my dad blew my mom’s brains out. they landed about 6 feet from her head. what did he get? free. he lives about 4 miles from me. i could go on and on about it. grrr…. this is not the place to that.

          1. Sagemoon, before you giggle so hard you piss your unitard, do you even know what pollyanna means? I don’t see how being against execution by electrocution makes me unrealistically optimistic…do you?

      1. Oh my. Yeah i wont even ask about the third.
        My uncle once pee’d out in the country on a farm. Didnt realize the fence next to him was charged as he sprayed his yellow fury toward it. Hahaha zapped his naughty spot real good.

    1. Man. This just a fucked up way to go. I mean whats better? Dying by electrocution or by been beheaded by a fucking prick that can’t even cut a butterfly up? yea. Ill go with option C. too huh? lol

    2. I got zapped too.. well I picked up an extension cord that was faulty and felt this strong vibration go up my arm and numb it. I freaked out and threw it.. .maybe not the same thing but it was making crisp sounds and was some scary shit!

      1. Damn! Thats gnarly! At least you were able to throw it. Depending on the voltage, people usually cant control their muscles when theyve grabbed something charged:O
        All i gotta say though is that im just glad ive never pissed on an electric fence.

  1. It’s still too quick of a way to die for what most of these fuckers deserve. Castrated by fishing hooks! That’s what I always say! Passed through a wood chipper, sounds good for kid killer don’t it? You shouldn’t worry about the cruel death of the poor murderer. They didn’t worry about the way they killed their victims and made sure they were peaceful deaths did they? Bring back burning at the stake, Stoning, crucifying, and all the worst ones. It will sure make a would-be murderer think twice before just randomly killing an innocent person wouldn’t it?

    1. @Big J- I, too, agree that this is getting off way too EASY!!!!

      America’s holding cells of all types are practically DAY CARE! A typical waltz through the park.

      It seriously fry’s my brain just thinking of how soft America really is…

      Pun pun pUN pun PUNNNN
      (tums commercial jingle)

      1. It’s not to hates on peopld that have none violent crimes like drug possession. When it comes to violent crimes I think when should have an artificial island we take the crimanals to in international waters that have cells just crams them in and let them starve to death.

      1. That was going to be my next point FD. Could you imagine if they showed executions on PPV and sold them for $59.99 like they do UFC fights? The money they would make should cover some of the funds they waste on keeping these fuckers alive on death row for 2 decades

        1. The Condemned took life away for free, so society should definitely profit off of their deaths. PPV sounds good. Let’s make a fucking spectacle out of their deaths. Bring back some of the classic executions that a lot of us young generations have never gotten to see, like Draw & Quartering, and the guillotine. Burning at the stake is still my favorite method, though.

          1. See these are the thoughts I have that kept me out of all the good schools! But I will gurantee that PPV executions is a multi-million dollar idea. We really are not very far off from having a real “The Running Man” broadcast every Saturday night

    2. Dude I agree with the death penalty 100% but we dont have to lower ourselves down to there level. China has the best way just shoot them in the head.You should google man screams while burning ,, thats horrible! Or that poor bastard on here chopped up alive! We dont need to go down to that level do we? just kill the motherfucker! By the way just lurvvvvvvvvvvvvvv the outfit! lol

    3. Kid killers passing through a wood chipper sounds good but maybe we could just lower them in feet first and take off just a little bit above the knee, handcuff the fuckers hands behind their backs and then just drop them in the dirt to bleed out, I’d pay to watch that shit.

  2. Why the shit does a prisoner have to be healthy to be executed? So if I eat shit while on death row and become a fat fuck and unhealthy, will they keep me on death row forever? Why not just shoot him in the head and call it a day?

  3. Fuck that, I would have bitten my own tongue in half or tore into the veins on my wrists with my own teeth before I allowed something like this to occur. I don’t think I’d be able to enjoy my last meal knowing that in a couple of minutes I would be deep fried like a piece of juicy chicken.

    This video also reminded me of that scene in the Green Mile when one of the prison guards intentionally executed one of the prisoners in the electric chair without soaking the sponge and the prisoner caught on fire.

    Nice video Nicole, always looking forward to the stuff you send in!

    1. @NHG, sorry for that shortcut on your UN. Yes, I was thinking about the same thing, the green mile. The only book Stephen King wrote in a series. Read the books first. Awesome series, great movie.

  4. No wonder why America’s energy consumption is so high! Death Row is a waste of human resources. It would be more efficient if they were sent to Afghanistan to sweep for mines, or Chile to work them.

  5. good one @ nicole , this is the first time i saw a real electric chair execution. i have seen the faces of death one in the early 90,s & thought that one was real back then . this looks more realistic to me.. oh an by the way i like your new one finger salute avatar…cute !

  6. I saw one of these way back when, but blood came out of the eyes,even though they’d put a blindfold on the dude. O well, to get on death row, you’d have had to have done something pretty awful, so no pity for that prick from me. I think execution is one of the few barbaric ways to kill someone, but when it’s deserved, it should be implemented instead of lethal injection.

          1. I don’t mean here on bg, I mean here in life but I would like to get deeper into that subject, but Iv’e been, once again drinkin’ too much, if there is such a thing.

  7. Bring on the Wild Wild West Old School execution. Let me shoot this foo with a Raging Bull 500 Revolver in the chest. Ill admit. never seen a Electrocution video live and shit. freaky but good shit.

  8. Simpsons did it! Simpsons did it!! lmao jk.. But really, I watched this process of execution on the first volume of Faces of Death. They taped paddings to the condemned’s eyes so they wouldn’t pop out, but you could still see the blood gushing from his eye sockets, as his eyes finally went *KA-BLEWIE!*

  9. Looks almost real, but you never know with those Hollywood editing and special effects.. never seen a real electrocution before, I would think its a hard thing to tape, let alone witness, with all the bureaucratic bullshit in the USA..nice find ..keep it up.

  10. I get a tad annoyed when people make incorrect assertions that certain methods of Capital Punsihment are ‘Painful’.

    Let me clarify:

    Hanging, Electric Chair, Firing Squad, Beheading… When all performed correctly… All result in IMMEDIATE unconcsiousness and Death results shortly after that.

    It is scientific FACT that these Subhuman scum feel NO PAIN when sent to their demise.

    They didn’t offer their victims the same quick and easy deaths… So why the fuck should you care? I don’t.

  11. That video is just as shitty as every “evidence of bigfoot” video ever posted on the Internet. Shitty lighting, shitty equipment, shitty camerawork. That, combined with all the editing/b-roll included in this shitfest, makes it hard to accept this video as fact. The filming style reminds me of a horror film, not a documentary.


  12. Its the fear that counts, not the way they die, if I were to be executed by the “famous Saudi beheader”, I would not be much concerned, I knew it would last less than a second with 1 shot, but if I were to be fried @ electric chair, I would have much more fear,…just trying some empathy.
    Thanks for the contribution Nicole, some are here for good video contribution, some for good comments, some for filling the page like me 🙂

  13. My favorite method would be the guillotine. Except for the nasty Frankenstein stitches on the neck, you can still have an open casket ceremony. Electric chair victims, eyes blow out and they smell like BBQ. Wonderful thing in Texas, we only use one injection instead of the three, and no more last meal requests. I think that’s a little harsh though, I would allow them to pick a last meal if it was up to me. They usually don’t eat it though.

  14. In India, the paki bitch who carried out the mumbai 26/11 attacks and was caught alive, Ajmal Kasab has been given death sentence but for it to be carried out, the President needs to approve it. Unfortunately, our pussy Indian prez doesnt want blood on her hands and thus the little bastard gets to chill in the prison on taxpayers money. Similar case with the guy who coordinatedt the attack on Indian parliament Muhammad afzal, was awarded death sentence 8 fucking years back, he still lives. Indian leadership is in hands of pussies

  15. Great video but I don’t think its real…reminds me to much of faces if death, its got a whole real mixed in with fake vibe…and why would a warden risk his job and the job of the prison guards involve in the execution by letting some doc making dude film it and the release it to the public, aside from it being highly illegal and the lawyer or family of the person being executed let alone the person himself not raising hell about it, for someone who was suppose to be documenting a real life first ever flimed execution he sure leave out a lot of important information on how the execution is carried out it self, like how a second electrode is connected to the left foots ankle so that the current runs thru the entire body top to bottom and how the ankle and foot is suppose to be shaved and the victims shoes removed for this sole purpose also the most important part of an execution on how the entire head is to be shaved so that way the victims head doesn’t catch on fire and a wet natural sponge is applied right under the heads electrodes so the electricity flows freely from the head to the foot its was great video but I can’t belive the film maker would forget to mention these important factors, this video isn’t suppose to excist and if it did I’m sure a lot of people would have heard about it and a big scandal would’ve also broke out, their are some execution videos but those belong to the state carrying out the execution, their have also been a couple occasions when they televise an execution to a private audience such as in the execution of Timothy McVeigh since their were so many victims their wouldn’t be enough room to accommodate all the families at the place where they were carrying out McVeighs execution so they invited them to a certain location where they’d be able to view the execution on cctv. Anyways I was able to get a hold of some authentic pictures from a botched execution in Florida that went wrong when they used a synthetic sponge instead of a natural one causing the victim to die an agonizing death it really doesn’t show much gore other than the nose bleed the victim got from the face strap being on so tight, so tight in fact it was suffocating the victim and the people witnessing the execution could tell that he was suffering, the state of Florida launched an investigation immediately into what happend the execution had turned into a crime scene, I’ll definitely submit these pics along with the whole story to mark, but like I said before their isn’t much gore but they are 100% authentic and show a close up of a man that died in an electric chair.

  16. I’m sorry, but am I supposed to feel sorry for this prick? He’s obviously done SOMETHING to land him where he is! If he’s been sentenced to death, let him FEEL it! I think it’s bloody disgusting that we’re so freakin’ concerned about the ‘poor prisoner’! Think that the asshole that raped and killed that poor little girl here deserves to merely ‘drift away painlessly’?

  17. I think this is staged for television. One example of why I think so is that shot of him pissing his pants and then it jumps to the piss on the floor. If it was real they would pan around everywhere in one long shot, not with all this fancy camera work and editing bullshit.

    1. Very unlikely its real, if it was we would’ve heard about it long ago…great vid tho be a lot more realistic and believable if they hadn’t forgotten to mention some of the most important and basic parts to an execution.

      1. I agree that it doesn’t seem real. Also the commentry is out, didn’t they say this is a black & white video, but it was actually color? I’m thinking the audio was from one thing and the vido was from something else. Just may take 🙂

  18. uggh …i dont know if this is real or fake but i still get creeped out by the idea that this person knows they are going to be executed….all of these executions wig me out that way….it seriously haunts me…i get such a sick feeling from then anxiety……..then again im out of anxiety pills so that might have something to do with it also..haha!

    1. I was just going to ask if this is fake or not.

      I’ve been electrcuted in the past a few times, and the one thing it does is makes your hands try to clench. This looks like he’s getting bored with the whole thing and starts playing air-piano..

  19. Well at least i can say that even though my life has been shitty heae last few weeks and has almost pushed me past the edge of insanity, the end result for me is a huge new clean, fresh n tidy how i want it exactly, not roasting horribly to a crisp in sme chair as people watch on for their amusement… Although it is pretty amusing to watch all the smoke and piss and violent trembling of the body…

  20. This is fake just like Faces of Death electric chair scene, if its not fake it would be very very easy to find out the date, execution, and name of prisoner hense that is why there is absolutely no mention of the date, prisoner, prison etc….yawn.

  21. In american prisons, If you are on deathrow. you cannot harm yourself in anyway. They will bring you back to perfect health before they kill you. Also if this was real, the head and face would have been shaved completely to help conductivity. His feet or one foot would have been on a wet mat or in a shallow tub of water also.
    Not that this isnt a great find @ nicole, love your posts.
    But i am thinking this isnt real….

    1. As for the arguement of whether they deserve the worst death possible. That could go either way. lots of people have died or are on deathrow that are innocent of said crimes for being there.
      As for dying, it doesnt matter to me. i would watch it anyway…. lol

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